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i'm tiling my shower and i know i have to put up cement backboard, but do i need a vapor barrier behind it?do i cut the backerboard so the bottom of it touches the top of the tub or leave a little space between them? do i need to tape in between the boards? any help would be appreciated.
u can put up a tar paper vapor barrier behind of the cement board if u want...anything is helpful so water does not get to the wood framing, but not really needed ....the cement board should not touch the top of the tub ( stay above the tubs lip) u do not want any wicking action....the finish tile should be an 1/8 of an inch or so off the top of the tub.....caulk between tub and tile. before u tile the corners and joints of the cement board should be meshed taped and covered with thinset. if u hage the board over the lip of the tub the your tile will not line up or you'll have a thick grout line towards the bottom corners because going over the lip will cause the bottom to flar out about an 1/8 of an inch or more.let the tile overlap the lip
Will Titebond II (weatherproof) work? I have a 1928 home and am trying to duplicate one of the original exterior window sills to go on a new window. I need to glue a couple of 5/4 pieces together to get the right thickness and I want it to last. The originals have redwood but it's old growth I believe and more stable than what I can find now in redwood or DF. Correct me if I'm wrong there. Plus I have only two attaching points to work with on either side of the window so I chose the fiber cement product for it's stability. Nothing on James Hardie's site says what can be used to glue it with though.ThanksThanksChris
I would use gorilla glue which is 100 percent waterproof. or you could use polyurethane caulk which is very tough.
I have a 5x20 room off my basement which sits under my front porch. All four walls of the room are cement block all the way up to the ceiling which is the cement slab from the porch above. There is a wood ceiling in the room that has gotten wet from leaks above. Is it safe to remove the wood joists and plywood in that room, fix the leaks and replace it? This doesn't support any weight from the slab above, does it? I assume that it was probably used as the bottom of the form when the slab was poured. Also, when I replace the ceiling, can I attach the ledger board using concrete sleeve anchors? Can these be fastened into the block wall? I'm not sure if they are hollow or have been filled with gravel or concrete. I plan on using the ledger board to fasten joist hanger to and frame back up my ceiling for insulation and wiring. The current ledger is attached with masonry nails. Any thoughts?
Your ceiling may very well be no more than the bottom forms for the slab, but you really need to make sure. Attempting to seal the concrete slab from the underside isn't advisable. Concrete draws moisture, so you will always have a seepage problem after you're finished. I'd suggest sealing the slab on the surface and make sure it quit weeping before proceeding with the remainder of your project. Not all concrete blocks are filled. To secure your ledger board I'd suggest using a lag bolt with a lead spread type toggle. Drill into the block and insert to lead, which will hold the lag bolt. Hope this has been some help. Good Luck
Home decoration decoration in the cement pressure board hanging wire network doing what?
To prevent the uneven settlement of the foundation caused by wall cracks, resulting in wall cracking.
How to install the outer wall plywood
In addition to the main decorative panels, in order to increase the decorative effect, the other is equipped with some necessary accessories, such as the angle column, outside the corner column, starting bar, J-type, connecting strip and so on. In order to ensure the best decorative effect, the correct installation is also very important. Here we will decorate the basic installation steps and precautions for your PVC.
how do i install stone veneer over cement board?
Use thin set and stick them right to the c-board. If they are bigger pieces you should screw wire mesh to the cement board for a good bond then tuck point joints After it sets or use a bakers bag.
On the difference between the cement pressure plate, the fiber cement board, the Etter board
Gypsum board is gypsum as the main material, adding fiber, adhesive, modifier, by mixing to suppress, dry from. With fire, noise, heat, light, high strength, low shrinkage and other characteristics, the general use to the finishes, such as partitions, partitions, ceiling, veneer, but poor water resistance, not suitable for wet environments. ? Cement pressure plate is based on natural fibers and cement as raw material, by the pulp, forming, cutting, pressing
Toilet decoration with light steel keel gypsum board vertical wall. What can be done with a hanging brick?
To hang brick, you can use light steel keel partition, but to use cement board cover, can not use gypsum board