Top Selling 2G High Brightness 30w 3600lm car h7 auto lighting system

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Factory price 5 inch 40W auto lighting system led spot light 
1.Stainless steel bracket 
2.high intensity LED 

1. Wide operating voltage range: it can apply to different types of vehicles .


2. Long life: more than ordinary advanced LED light bulbs, more than 30000 hours life .


3. Aluminum casing, shock-proof waterproof better.


4. Light perception: a softer light to prevent glare.


5. Waterproof and anti-corrosion: it can in the rain or harsh environments.


6. Lumen is 90-120LUMEN / W, much higher than ordinary halogen 20-30LUMEN / W.


7. One year limited warranty.


8. LED work lights are widely applied to enhance lighting, eg.Vessels,Bus,Off-road vehicles,Trucks,Fire Engines,Forklifts,Mining,Trains,Tanks,etc


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Q:A 2000 year model is serviced by two auto technicians. The abs warning light has been activated for the anti l?
abs system is the ani locking brakes. and if the tech's that worked on it did any wheel work to it and unplugged it it will go on.. my suggestion is to take it back to the person that worked on it and tell them that it wasn't on when you brought it is and make them fix it on their dime..
Q:What is the composition of the car lights
Common internal lights with dome light, reading lights, luggage lights, door lights, stepping lights, instrument lights, work lights, dashboard lights, and so on.
Q:I have a 2000 s10 blazer /4.3/4door, when I try to put it in 4wheel drive the light just flashes, same in auto?
When you push the button and it flashes then goes back to where it was,it means that it won't complete the shift. Most times,you can hear the motor move meaning the system is trying to make the shift. Most times its the Encoder Motor Sensor that needs replaced. I'm pretty sure year 2000 up to 2003 you could replace the sensor only. The sensor is not telling the Transfer Case Control Module(TCCM) that it is to the position requested,so it goes back to the last known position. Just unbolt the Encoder Motor from the Transfer Case,the sensor is under the plastic spacer where the shaft sticks out.
Q:What is the reason why car bulbs are often bad
It is recommended to check the battery voltage, and then the amount of battery after the battery voltage, and then to the throttle, and then about the voltage, such as the difference between the more than 14V, is the voltage is high, causing easy to burn bulbs.
Q:How can the car headlamps be lit.
Hello, bright words can only change the bulb or modify the other strength, the general car lights can only adjust the height of the radiation, thank you
Q:how can you disconnect the security system in alero auto?
This is part of the on board computer system. You are looking at a dealer issue to repair. Cannot be disabled and the car still run.
Q:Motorcycle lights and car lights are not the same
The use of components should be the same, but the size of the shape is not the same
Q:Car headlamps, open source licensing okay
Open source of the fine, the main car to do the car halogen headlamps and fog lights, and now also do xenon lights and LED small lights, halogen headlamps are used in the quartz material pipe, temperature and explosion-proof performance, 1988 Since the beginning of the year to do headlights, products sold at home and abroad, and several other domestic product quality are ranked first in the domestic line, with the quality of such as Buddha lighting, three workers, Baoji North, Zhenyu (military), gold, , Clay, Wright, and so are the domestic first-line brand, have reached the European standard and exports to Europe and the United States (some manufacturers have been partially closed down), in recent years the plant has introduced the H4 import automatic production line, the quality is getting better
Q:Car headlamps, light bulbs comparison, which is better ah, anxious
Xenon lamp is better than LED, led better than halogen
Q:Why do you have three c signs
3C is called China National Compulsory Product Certification, which includes the original product safety certification, import safety and quality licensing system and electromagnetic compatibility certification, the three were from the safety of electricity, stability, electromagnetic compatibility and radio interference made a comprehensive The provisions of the standard, the overall certification and international standards. It will replace the original CCEE certification to become a new generation of certification standards, power products must be certified by 3C to market.

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