Low cost high quality Chinese prefabricated shipping containers 20ft and 40ft

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Prefab Container house
1. Easy installation & disassemble
2.Customized Design
3.Good water-proof
4. Low cost


1. Easy to install and disassemble
2.High quality, low price
3.Heat preserving, thermal insulation
4.shipping container house home

Steel Frame Sandwich Panel Prefab Container House for Office/Shop/Home/Storage/Hotel  

Learn more about our container house home products, please note the below:

steel structure frame

light steel structure or shipment container

roof and wall material

EPS sandwich panel. fiberglass sandwich panel , rock wool sandwich panel

sandwich panel thickness

between 50-100mm

material of door

sandwich panel door or security door

material of window

plastic steel window or aluminum allow edge window


1.six 20ft discountable container house can be loaded into one 40ft shipment container 2.one modified container house can be loaded into one shipment container


1.Easy to assemble and disassemble for several times without damage

2.Cost saving and transportation convenient

3.Anti-rust and normally more than 10 years using life

4. Quick installation, easy disassembly and moving.

the difference of discountable container house and modified container house

For size, it is also flexible, smaller or bigger than standard container more or less.

Assembled and welding type both are good, but assembled type could save more transportation fees.

Our Principle :Good quality ,Good service ,beautiful design


1) Easy to assemble and disassemble with simple and common tools.

2) Heat and sound insulation, water and fire proofing.

3) Could stand firmly over 10 years.

4) Light weight, convenient for shipment and transportation.

5) The components of the house can be used repeatedly

6) Beautiful appearance, various colors and shapes for outer and inner roof panel and wall panel.

7) Various designs available customized designs acceptable.

8) Wide range of application could be used as offices, command posts, sentry boxes, dormitories, shops, Kiosks and so on.

9) If you need, we can provide the service of installation by extra

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Q:40F what does the container mean?
Referring to a container of 40 feet, F is the abbreviation of foot (foot)The length of the 40F container is 12192 millimeters
Q:What does "20RF" container mean?
40RH is 40 feet in length and /9.6 feet tall. So size is the biggest difference.Because all freezers, so generally are not used for heavy goods, is probably the most 22 tons one.
Q:How do I calculate the shipping container check codes?
Check rule of container check code:Container number consists of 4 company codes and 7 bit numbers (such as CBHU3202732), in which the seventh digit is the check code. First, convert the company code to numbers, remove 11 and its multiples, add 11 by the remainder, and the remainder as check bits. A=10, B=12, C=13, D=14, E=15, F=16, G=17, H=18, I=19, J=20,, K=21, L=23, M=24N=25, O=26, P=27, Q=28, R=29, S=30, T=31, U=32, V=34, W=35,, X=36, Y=37, Z=38
Q:What is a container?Container, English name container
Container, English name container. Refers to a large strength, stiffness and specifications for the use of large cargo containers. Transhipment of goods by container can be carried out directly in the warehouse of the consignor and shipped to the warehouse of the consignee, and the goods shall not be taken out of the container and replaced when the vehicle or vessel is replaced on the way. Therefore, the container is a great invention.
Q:40GP container. What are the sizes of the following three sizes?
Because each container production process is different, about all have less than 1cm difference.Your first set of data is definitely wrong
Q:What is the height, width and height of a high cabinet?
11.8 meters X2.13 meters X2.72 meters. Distribution is generally 22 tons gross weight, volume of 68 cubic meters
Q:What does a container load 25?
A container holds 25 tons of cargo.Container, English name container. Refers to a large strength, stiffness and specifications for the use of large cargo containers
Q:Container calculation method The size of my product is 37*37*27cm. per carton. How many boxes can I hold for a 40HQ cabinet?Please also advise the calculation method!
1. international standard containerInternational standard container constructed and used in accordance with international standards established by the international standards organization (ISO) 104th technical committee.The standardization of containers has undergone a process of development. The international organization for Standardization Technical Committee ISO/TC104 since its establishment in 1961, several times add modify and increase or decrease of international container standards, the current international standard for the first series a total of 13, the width of the same length (2438mm), four (12192mm, 9125mm, 6058mm, 2991mm), height four (2896mm 2438mm, 2591mm, and 2438mm).
Q:The container number represented by the 6 digit number, size and category respectively by the 3 digit represents judgment and answer
A number of basic concepts and standards: the ISO6346 (1995) standard.The standard container number by 11 bit encoding, consists of three parts:
Q:40 feet container open top box how much weight
The 20 foot open top cabinets: product 5.89x2.32x2.31 meters, picking 20 tons gross weight, volume 31.5 cubic meters.The 40 foot open top cabinets: product 12.01x2.33x2.15 meters, picking 30.4 tons gross weight, Volume 65 cubic meters.The 20 foot flat bottomed container: product of 5.85x2.23x2.15 meters, picking 23 tons gross weight, Volume 28 cubic meters.The 40 foot flat bottomed container: product of 12.05x2.12x1.96 meters, picking 36 tons gross weight, Volume 50 cubic meters.

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