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Product Description:

CMAX IBC liner is a newly developed package for non-hazardous liquid storage and transportation with intermediate outer box such as collapsible paper box, collapsible steel box, plastic box, etc.

uCapacity: 200L-1400L

uTypes: top loading&top discharging

             top loading& bottom discharging

             bottom loading& bottom discharging

uConstruction: food grade film and 2" inlet/outlet

uMaterial: multi-layer co-extruded polyethylene membrane, EVOH anti-oxidant  barrier membrane, nylon composite membrane  aluminum-plastic  anti-oxidant composite membrane, etc

uStyle: pillow or cube                                                  

uBenefits: sanitary environment, automatic production line

                 —provide suitable material for different cargoes

                 —provide suitable fitments for different loading and  discharging mode

                 —customized liners according to different outer boxes


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Q:What is the net weight of 20 feet container?
Container volume and other information:20 foot container: product is 5.85 meters X2.35 meters, distribution is generally 17.5 tons gross weight, weight 2.2 tons, the volume of 28-31 cubic meters.40 feet in the cabinet: volume of 11.85 m X2.35 m X2.38 m, distribution is generally 22 tons gross weight, weight 3.9 tons, volume of 58-60 cubic meters.
Q:How many cigarettes can a container hold?
The amount of cigarettes a container can hold depends on the size of the container you selected and the independent package size of the cigarette.Cigarettes are light, according to the volume charge, there will be no container overweight, so you can fill the container.
Q:Customs declaration, container number, *1 (2) behind is 1 40 feet container mean
*2 (4)1 20 feet called standard containers, 2 containers of 40 feet is equivalent to 4 TEUs*3 (6)3 a 40 foot container, equal to 6 TEUs
Q:Container yard CY and container freight station CFS
That's what you mean, you understand. It is in accordance with the stowage stowage of containers for each weight, size, arrangement of the name which the goods packed in a container.
Q:What is a twenty inch container?
Product is 5.69 meters X2.13 meters X2.18 meters, distribution is generally 17.5 tons gross weight, the volume of 24-26 cubic meters.
Q:How many hours are the overtime hours after the container arrives at the factory?. What's the extra time charge?
Usually 4 hours. Timeout 100 per hour or so. Concrete and negotiable.
Q:Container question: how much is the height limit of 40 feet tall box?
40'HQ the weight limit of the container itself is 26 tons, which means gross weight.But different routes, different ship companies have different weight limitation standard, such as going to the United States, 40'HQ is the weight limit of 19.958 tons, if is Hong Kong, some shipping companies do not accept overweight, some shipping companies can accept overweight guarantee, such as guarantees the owner of the sea accept overweight, weight limit for 40'HQ 22.5 tons; go to Canada, the weight limit is 40 HQ in standard 25 tons.
Q:Is this a description of the container type? Please be able to help explain
40`GP is a container with 40 feet of dry containers40`RF is a container with a 40 ft refrigerated cabinet
Q:Container length, width and height
This is a standard, different specifications, sizes are also differentContainer size basic situation list:20 feet in the cabinet: size 5.69 m X2.13 m X2.18 M / picking gross weight is generally 17.5 tons / cubic volume 24-2640 feet in the cabinet: size 11.8 m X2.13 m X2.18 M / picking gross weight is generally 22 tons / Volume 54 cubic meters40 high cabinets: size 11.8 m X2.13 m X2.72 M / picking gross weight is generally 22 tons / volume 68 cubic meters
Q:What's the inside size of a container truck?
11, 20 ft container: outer size is 6.1M * 2.44M * 2.59M (20ft * 8ft * 8ft6in), that is, height 2.59M;12, 40 ft container: outer size is 12.2M * 2.44M * 2.59M (40ft * 8ft * 8ft6in), that is, height 2.59M;13, 40 feet container: external size is 12.2M * 2.44M * 2.9M (40ft * 8ft * 9ft6in), that is, height is 2.9M.

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