Luxury holiday prefabricated shipping container house

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Prefab Container Home:
1. excellent design
2. can be customized
3. ISO9001:2008
4. long availability

Prefab Container Home

We mainly manufacture prefab house, container house, light steel villa, steel structure building, and sentry boxsince 2005.

Prefab Container Homes

USAGE: mobile living house, mobile office, mobile toilet, dormitory, school etc

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Q:Container 1, x, 40', HC, and 1 x 40' DV. What's the difference between these two boxes?
1x40HC is 40 feet tall container, higher than 40GP. Said 40DV is 40 feet of dry cargo container, the normal said is 40GP, suggest later also use GP to mark, or understand the trouble. The difference is that the 40HC is higher than the 40DV, and the rest of the length and width remain the same.
Q:You need a detailed container size and a second-hand price. Thank you all
40ft dimensions: length * width * height = 12192 x 2438 x 2896 (mm), and some of the past short box height of 2591, length and width; 40ft box size: length * width = 11998 * 2330 = high, chest high - 241.The second-hand price is not clear. Ask someone else.
Q:What are the disadvantages of the container?
FCL transfer process:1. The shipper shall configure the container in his factory or warehouse.2, the shipper in their own factory or warehouse packing sites, boxes, boxes.3, through inland transportation, container goods will be transported to container terminals.4, according to the yard plan, in the temporary storage of container cargo, waiting for shipment.5 loading containers on board according to the loading plan.6, by sea transport, the container freight to the port of discharge.7. Unload container cargo from the ship according to the unloading plan.8, according to the yard plan, storage of container goods in the yard, waiting for the consignee to pick up the goods.9. Through inland transportation, carry container goods to the receiving yard, artificial factory or warehouse.10, the consignee in their own factories and warehouses dig boxes, dig boxes.
Q:How many models are there in the high cabinets of containers? What are the other models
20 foot container (20 feet container): the product is 5.69 meters X2.13 meters X2.18 meters, distribution is generally 17.5 tons gross weight, the volume of 24-26 cubic meters.
Q:What is an air container?
When rapid pressure loss occurs in the engine room, the inner pressure of the tank should be adapted to the cabin pressure, requiring the tank to have a ventilation area of at least 5 cm2 / cubic meter;Avoid sharp corners, edges and rough surfaces on the inner and outer surfaces of the case;The box body is provided with grooves for fork, fork into the mouth and the support seat should be able to withstand the load to the base, but the base under the pressure of not more than 9 thousand and 550 kpa;In a proper position outside the tank body is provided to the human moving box handle, each handle shall withstand 4449 cattle in any direction tension.At present, there are four kinds of commonly used aviation containers: AKE container, AMF container, AAU container and AMA container.
Q:20 foot container internal dimensions
International commonly used dry container (DRYCONTAINER):The outer dimensions are 20x8x8 ft 6 inches, referred to as 20 foot containers.40x8x8 feet 6 inches, referred to as 40 feet container.And more recent use of 40x8x9 feet 6 inches, referred to as 40 feet high cabinet.20 feet of cabinets: product is 5.69x2.13x2.18 meters, distribution is generally 17.5 tons gross weight, the volume of 24-26 cubic meters.
Q:Legal issues: land leasing, container housing
But if individuals want to rent or buy a container room as an apartment, first of all must obtain the right to use a piece of land, and the planning approval of the relevant departments, otherwise it is illegal construction. Obtaining land use rights in person and planning approval is almost impossible task at present. Because people live in government container is not allowed, want to live in such a dwelling can only hide in remote rural areas, or committed under the overpass, and even some in the construction site next to. Manager Chen told reporters, "occasionally to rent containers of individuals, but also the kind of small roadside grocery stores, small shops, almost no use for their own.".
Q:How many tons can the container hold?How many kinds of containers are there? How much are they individually packed?
20 foot container: product of 5.69 m X2.13 m X2.18 m, distribution is generally 17.5 tons gross weight, volume of 24-26 cubic meters.40 foot container: product of 11.8 m X2.13 m X2.18 m, distribution is generally 22 tons gross weight, volume of 54 cubic meters.The 40 foot high cabinets: product is 11.8 meters X2.13 meters X2.72 meters. Distribution is generally 22 tons gross weight, volume of 68 cubic meters.The 45 foot high cabinets: Product: 13.58 m X2.34 m X2.71 m, distribution is generally 29 tons gross weight, volume of 86 cubic meters.
Q:What is container throughput?
Note that the port throughput is usually measured in tons, which is different from the port throughput. Port throughput refers to the total volume, including bulk, liquid cargo, container throughput, etc..
Q:In accordance with the provisions of the container must have several specified container number?
Add a corner or a door corner column, there is a sign there...

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