china 20ft and 40ft shipping containers, family luxury holiday house

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1.Resist sink
2.Fire prevention
3.Damp proof
4.100% free asbestos
5.Special sizes available upon requests

Our company which was established in 1993, is creating the high-quality building and decorative materials constantly through technological innovation, have changed the habits that used the materials in the commercial and residential space. The goals of these changes are to make people get the much higher-quality, healthier building space.

For becoming the leader in the field of environmental protection decorative panels,our company makes a long-term commercial strategy in the industry of modified magnesia cement board. Through the technical research and development, we have 24 patents, including 12 invention patents, and have passed ISO-9001, ISO-14001 certification system.Our company business mainly concentrate in partition system, suspension system, senior decorated system, and the thermal insulation system.

Since 1994 so far, the sale business of our company products are all of the world. Export business has occupied more than 80% of the sales volume of the company.

Our company INSISTS on the idea which is to create calues for customers, sincerely look forward to cooperating with you.

And in order to do the best service for foreign customers, improve the quality of the service, offer more merchandise and commercial opportunities. We founded our company to provide better professional services.

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Shipping container home floor plans

Shipping container home floor plans

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Q:Are the containers carrying 40 and 20 feet maximum load the same?
Various shipping companies and countries also have restrictions, such as: Korean goods plus containers can not exceed 25 tons, the United States 20 feet GP generally within 17.32 tons, 40 feet GP in 19.5 tons. Now the land is limited
Q:Container yard CY and container freight station CFS
After truncation port time, then unified embarks (at this time must have clearance). That is to say, the container yard is uniform clearance before the board together, in the container goods yard waiting for clearance, so that the shipping companies, customs and other management.
Q:How do you distinguish the container from the container?
Another way is to look at the container's nameplate with the name and address of the box owner.
Q:Do I need a container inspection to buy containers?
When buying containers, they usually come with a certificate of inspection. Otherwise, how do you confirm the container?. If you are engaged in SOC transportation for import and export containers, you must prove the relevant cases
Q:The bill of lading number and container number
Is the container number constant?As long as the suitcase has not been resold and has been in a shipping company (or container company), the number will not change.
Q:Container 20FEET, 40FEET, respectively, what a large box, thank you!
A 20 foot container: content plot 5.85 meters X2.23 meters X2.15 meters, picking 23 tons gross weight, Volume 28 cubic meters.A 40 foot container: content plot 12.05 meters X2.12 meters X1.96 meters, picking 36 tons gross weight, Volume 50 cubic meters.2 external dimensions are 20 feet, X8 feet, X8 feet, 6 inches, referred to as "20 feet container";40 feet, X8 feet, X8 feet, 6 inches, referred to as "40 feet container"; and 40 feet X8 feet, X9 feet 6 inches used in recent years, referred to as "40 feet high cabinet".20 foot container: product of 5.69 m X2.13 m X2.18 m, distribution is generally 17.5 tons gross weight, volume of 24-26 cubic meters.40 foot container: product of 11.8 m X2.13 m X2.18 m, distribution is generally 22 tons gross weight, volume of 54 cubic meters.The 40 foot high cabinets: product is 11.8 meters X2.13 meters X2.72 meters. Distribution is generally 22 tons gross weight, volume of 68 cubic meters.The 45 foot high cabinets: Product: 13.58 m X2.34 m X2.71 m, distribution is generally 29 tons gross weight, volume of 86 cubic meters.
Q:Who knows the size of the reefer container?
There are many kinds of containers for transporting goods, ranging from small folding containers for household goods to 40 feet of standard containers, as well as air containers. The size and type of international freight containers which are common in marine transportation are only introduced here.
Q:What is the weight of a 20 container?
40 foot cabinet: the contents are 11.85 meters, X2.35 meters, X2.38 metersDistribution is generally 22 tons gross weight, weight 3.9 tonsThe volume is 58-60 cubic meters40 foot cabinet: the contents are 11.85 meters, X2.35 meters, X2.68 metersDistribution is generally 22 tons gross weight, weight 4.1 tonsThe volume is 65-68 cubic meters
Q:Container type What are the codes for container terminals, such as 20DC, 40DC, 20HC, 40HC, 45HC, and 40RH, complete and as complete as possible, thank you
40RH:40 ft ultra high freezing container (REEFER, CONTAINER);40GT:40 ft DRESS HANGER CONTAINER;40OT:40 feet (OPEN TOP CONTAINER) open top container;Anything else you need to know, send me a message.
Q:20GP what's the inside size of the container?
Long: 5.9MWidth: 2.35MGao: 2.39MBox door: width 2.34M, height 2.28MThe box door at the time of calculation is less slightly smaller, a column and a good behavior.

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