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which bio media is better? ceramic bio media or sponge media? i know that the sponge will also offer mechanical filtration but that is not an issue, just wondering which is better based solely on bio filtration. and which brand would be best to use. no special tank requirements just a question that popped up lol. any comments or advice would be greatly appreciated
The ceramic media is a better biologic material because it doesn't clog easily which increases the reliability of water flow and biologic activity. But the combined effect of mechanical and biologic filtration makes sponges better in some cases. It really depends on the filter design. If a filter can have both, that's usually best. Note: there's a variety of other media, plastic mostly
what is the difference between ceramic and tourmaline?
type is not good to me just as long as it is right handed and the right curve
I have the KQC, which is a professional flat iron. Youtube gurus like rosebud143 say how drug store irons are made of metal and are really bad for your hair. But I‘ve seen the boxes of revlon, conair, and remington flat irons and a lot of them say they are made out of tourmaline and ceramic and i‘ve seen some that say infared technology and such. So what really is the difference? Is it how they‘re designed or what?
The difference is quality. Ceramic and tourmaline irons are better for the hair because they produce ionic heat, which heats the hair from the inside out, unlike stainless steel which heats hair from the outside. Infrared heat also heats the hair from the inside out. Ionic and infrared heat are much better for the hair. The problem with non-professional irons is that the heating plates (the part of the iron that gets hot) are only coated with a very thin layer of ceramic, which wears off after a while. Professional irons have a thicker ceramic or tourmaline coating. So a drug-store ceramic iron may work great for a while, but they're not built to last as long as professional irons.
Today, my mother bought three colored ceramic bowls. I heard that colored ceramics would be poisoned. Is that so? (PS: find out what glaze colors are not available on the Internet. How can I tell whether they are glazed or not? The surface of our home bowl is smooth, does not seem like the glaze) also use ceramic items to pay attention to what
3, art ceramics purchaseChina's furnishings art ceramics, pottery and porcelain are divided into two categories. The main origin of Tao: known as the teapot and pot pottery - Jiangsu Yixing; Guangdong Shiwan pottery figure and animal shape is good; and in the production of pottery production in Henan Luoyang; Shanxi Hunyuan black glazed pottery; pottery production carved Sichuan Rongchang. The main origin of porcelain: in the production of blue and white, delicate, pastel colored glaze, the four traditional porcelains of Jiangxi porcelain Jingdezhen; known for its colorful Youxia decorative art porcelain in Hunan and Liling; the production and innovation of glaze porcelain carving art Shandong Zibo and ivory porcelain glaze production; Hebei Handan; the production of white porcelain Fujian Dehua; Zhejiang Longquan celadon production and production; color glaze porcelain flower of Guangdong Chaozhou; production imitation art porcelain Zhejiang Xiaoshan kiln etc..Furnishings art porcelain as a commodity, the price is not the higher the better, it needs to be seriously identified. For example, under glaze and the blue and white porcelain, to see whether the skilled painting work, clear whether Yingrun color, transparent, note the people aesthetic bogus Youxia, genuine; Youxia style decorative meticulous attention, must be hand drawn, not printing, decals, and colors to light.Again is to see the overall effect, whether Zhou Zheng, there is no deformation, glazed surface is smooth, and whether the color of the same. Finally, the choice of furnishings, art ceramics, in the light of the day where the light is often out of error. The porcelain can be gently percussion, listen to whether the sound loud and clear, the presence of cracks in the ceramic is hoarse.
I have heard about air ionizers that produce harmful ozone in the air and I was wondering if electric ceramic fan heaters produce ozone?
Any electric appliance that has more than a couple of volts potential difference in it, makes some ozone. So yes, a ceramic heater will make a few thousand ozone molecules. not enough to detect without specialized equipment, and not enough to worry about even if you have asthma. Probably more made by the fan in that heater, and more still by the wiring in your house. Still only barely detectable.
Where can I purchase ceramics, as in piggy banks, vases, boxes, etc, in bulk. I am starting an at-home business selling hand painted items but I am having difficulty finding places to buy large quantities-at lower prices preferably. Any suggestions would be helpful. Thank you!
This Site Might Help You. RE: Bulk ceramics supply? Where can I purchase ceramics, as in piggy banks, vases, boxes, etc, in bulk. I am starting an at-home business selling hand painted items but I am having difficulty finding places to buy large quantities-at lower prices preferably. Any suggestions would be helpful. Thank you!
Hi, I‘m 26 and I have the ceramic braces on top, I don‘t have any braces on my bottom teeth. For some reason, I noticed that the ceramic braces are changing color on me. They are starting to turn yellow!! Which is making my teeth look yellow. I brush all the time everytime I eat. (At least 5 times a day) My bottom teeth look alot whiter then my top teeth. Is there anything I can do? I get my first visit to get them tightened in 2 weeks. Can they change the ceramic braces to make them white again? How does that work??
Salt.You can use pelleted lime but since it's in the garden I wouldn't recommend it.
When dealing with antique figurines whats the difference between porcelain and ceramic? Or how do I tell if something is porcelain or ceramic?Please Thank You!
Ceramic is the superb thank you to pass. i'm an quite proud proprietor of a ceramic Chi flat iron and that i like it. I even have thick wavy hair. The Chi works extraordinary. slightly costly yet extremely properly worth it. I even have had mine over a year already and it extremely works as super because it did the 1st day i offered it.