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Product Description:

1. Lates fashionable design with different capacity and color.

2.Lead & Cadmium data can meet  FDA & CA 65 standards.
3. Fast sample and delivery.

4. Microwave & dishwasher safe.

5. Hand printed decoration is very popular in USA  & Euro & Asia.
6. You could put different designs or your own designs on your products.

7. OEM and ODM are welcomed.

8. It's fit for daily use at home ,hotel or else you want.

9.With our own factories,we can assure the highest product quality and provide competitive 

price for all customers.




8.5" salad plate,10.5"dinner plate


Ceramic (Porcelain)




With  hand print


A, AB, ABC, different standard according to customers’ request.


1380 degree

Water absorption



Individual packaging (brown box, white box, color box, gift box)





Sample lead time

7 days for usual shape and size.

15 days for new shape and size

Delivery time


Additional Informaiton

Dishwasher& Microwave Safe.heat resistance


(1) Our products are provided with excellent quality, beautiful facade, delicate design artwork, safe packaging, competitive price and delivery on time.
(2) We offer Free gift / color box design, Packaging design, Cartons are able to pass the DROP test.
(3) We can make new designs according to client’s requirements such as new shape, material, color,size, printing and so on.
(4) OEM/ODM available.
(5) Contact 24 hours.
(6) Display design.

(7) Inspection and inspection reports.


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Q:How many kinds of specifications size restaurant Chinese food dish
New Chinese food, western food is prefer to use different dishes, also is not unified norms, plate strong personality. So, the exact size is not important, but can small, depending on your operating characteristics of the dishes. Wish you success!
Q:hello everybody Stainless steel plates with caustic soda boiling Behind a lot of sewage disinfection Disinfection before looking at what method can eliminate good? Help me solve the have understand Thanks everybody here
Printing. That is not the sewage. Because caustic soda and a few of the elements in the stainless steel reaction, damage to the surface of the plate, the stainless steel surface pores formed is not visible to the naked eye, not smooth surface will naturally have a trace, how do you use fire caustic wash the dishes?
Q:I want to ask, KFC dinner plate mat paper is what material, what kind of printing way? Ordinary printing factory can print the plate of pad of paper?
Regardless of the use of the napkin, tissue or the dinner table its printing is adopted the flexo printing four-color and five-color printing after folding forming method Flexo ink printing method You said the common printing is a little too sweeping the there are many kinds of printing If the key is to watch others?
Q:Unit should collect enough for a lot of a lot of stainless steel plate, but four words on the plate, concave and convex word which cost big and laser engraving, general price is much better, please reply to know friends, chengdu have laser engraving
Chengdu has these two machine, processing fee also similar, see you how many processing plate. If less than 10, each plate about processing fee for 8 to 10 yuan. 500, each 0.7 0.8 yuan. 1000, 0.5 yuan per only. Remember, the toll fee is not the same everywhere, only for reference. Note: the above said electrolytic etching machine, it is really the kind of small carving machine used for engraving, don't think that is a sign made signs of that kind of machine.
Q:Three vegetables a soup plate forming method? What is the process?
As long as the mold production soon no problem.Die down.
Q:Hand-painted plates should be what kind of paint? Finished drawing how to don't let it dry rub off
1, with glaze, draw fire, never fade. 2, acrylic paint, but generally not high, as far as possible not food contact.
Q:Why would rust stainless steel plate
No, no, no, stainless steel, is also a degree of concept, it is better than ordinary steel rust prevention capability
Q:Has been soaked with water. Used to blow hair as heating and used a dish with wire wipe the two methods are useless.
Use lighter to burn for a while Then it is easy to off Clean cloth The plate will not have any influence Glass ceramics applies
Q:RT the ~ silver ~ ~ like a pot like stainless steel ~ just want to know what's the name of it Additional points
Seems to be "round west plate cover meals", haven't find more information, sorry ~
Q:Stainless steel tableware what brand is good
Look at the quality of the steel plate (stainless steel) American standard 304, 316 (gb) of stainless steel is best, commonly used is the normal use of hollow stainless steel 430201, relatively thin, like chopsticks, bowl. Really want to compare brand, some companies in guangdong, possible is better, detail processing quality was similar.

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