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   Ceramic, Porcelain, Fine Bone China, Crockery


   5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 14, 16 inch available


   Not available


   Depending the size of the plates dishes


   Super White, Pure White, Plain White


   100pcs per one style


   A & AB grade

Sample Leading Time:

   15 Working Days

 Customized Sample Charge:

   100-200 usd

Production Leading Time:

   30 days Approx. Detail depended on the order quantity


   Paypal, Western Union, T/T, L/C


Model Name

resturant dinnerware-bone china-ceramic-porcelain-dinner set-place setting


see above


White/ Logo/ Your decal design can be printed on it.


Ceramic, Porcelain, Crockery, Stoneware


Medo Supply / OEM/ ODM






Chaozhou, Guangdong, China

In every sector

Hotel, Restaurant, Home, Banquet hall, Buffet, Cafes & Bar, Leisure venues, Casinos& Stadia, Public sector ( Education, Health, Government establishments ) Care home& centers.


1.High quality standard. Suitable for high class hotel & restaurant

2.Low water absorption, Temperature extremes

3.Glaze durable, Edge chip resistance

4.Firing at high temperatures, the more dense matrix sintering, glaze of goof quality clay.

5.Dishwasher and Microwave safe

6..Lead-free, Eco-friendly, Unique


1: Factory directly, Premium porcelain, Competitive price, Fast delivery, Diverse designs.

2.Unique ceramic plates design with high quality and competitive price, hand-painted, decal or color glazed.

3.Shapes, sizes, decal design and colors can be tailor-made.

4.Perfect quality control.

5. Moulding: we can open the new plates mould according to customer's original sample and technical drawings.


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Q:How fast cleaning of stainless steel plate?
Hot water!!!!!!!!!! Add some detergent. Done soon! Must be hot!
Q:Stainless steel plate after disinfection and water
I usually after boiling water boil disinfection inversion swing the water first, again on the table to let it kill the steam inside of what nature,
Q:Plates are blanked out of what? Do what to do
A lot of time with respect to OK, mould drawing is best to have deep drawing oil
Q:Washing out why stainless steel plates will have black watermark
This is due to the improper use of detergents, which leads to the stainless steel plate surface oxidation. The advantages of stainless steel plate: 1, does not fear the fire is not afraid of hot. Generally the kitchen without cooking, little not when it is heated in the fire. Belongs to metal products, in use process, don't worry about the problem of fire, unless the fire temperature above the melting point of metal, but rarely in the average family with such a high temperature fire. 2, good cleaning, just a simple wet dishcloth touchs detergent scrub can be made of stainless steel mesa if brightness is new. 3, don't test also the absolute environmental protection, because not with epoxy resin synthesis of stainless steel, also does not have the natural granite radiation; 4, it will never change color, the mesa with many other products for a long time will change color getting old, and the advantage of the stainless steel is always is new; And other wooden cabinets need to change, can cause secondary pollution, and completely avoid the stainless steel ambry, also can have a recovery value.
Q:The plate after disinfection scale
Make the temperature up to 100 ℃, disinfection for 5-10 minutes; With pot boil water to produce a large number of steam disinfection tableware, the effect is very good also, won't make tableware hang thermonatrite, one also is very good disinfection method.
Q:Wash the porcelain plate is suddenly split down the middle is what?
If you believe in, it indicated that tathagata collapse him, writing on the wall. If you don't believe, it is out of order, accidentally touch bad, go to old change new, the home has an occasion. Look at yourself
Q:What is the paper paper dicos
General paper, paper is safe, but that's print. On the main ink so remind you don't direct contact with food, how many some bad. In fact it's nothing.
Q:Western food plate, put above the circle of the cover plate name?
Call the plate cover, PC, stainless steel, etc., used for food preservation, there are round, rectangular, or oval, fillet are transparent, can show dishes.
Q:Metal plates like sprayed with a layer of paint, can be used
Can be, and it is good, you say the paint is enamel, called a tableware with enamel tableware, is the spray glaze again after more than 900 high temperature sintering. General price is more expensive than that of stainless steel.
Q:How many grams of the plate a grid around? Is the stainless steel plates, can put three dishes.
This uncertainty, see what you bought, and the grid size is not the same

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