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Porcelain tea cup saucer, custom printed tea cup and saucer






Porcelain tea cup saucer, custom printed tea cup and saucer

1)    Dishwasher safe 

2)    Refrigerator and freezer safe

3)    Microwave safe to 350°C

4)    Avoid extreme temperature changes

5)    Food-safe and scratch resistant glaze

OEM Service



Porcelain tea cup saucer, custom printed tea cup and saucer



As client’s request


FOB Shenzhen

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Base on size, printing decal, order quantity and packing


T/T, 30% deposit, balance against relevant faxed document


Usually 10-14 days

Lead time

Usually 35-45 days


MaterialCeramic, hotel porcelain ware, Durable Porcelain in SUPER WHITE or SUPER CREAM
Ceramic TypeDaily use Porcelain ware
CertificationFDA,ISO 9001:2000,CE/EU
OriginChaozhou,Guang Dong ,China
BrandYuan Chang
GradeAB Grade
Model NumberYYC-CS130709
Model Namecup&saucer porcelain ware
ColorSUPER WHITE or SUPER CREAM or other color
PriceSpecific Discussion   
UseHotel, Restaurant and Home
Advantages1. Dishwasher safe
2. Reinforced Durable Porcelain  
3. Withstanding high temperature and freezing 
4. Lead-free
5. Best quality with competitive price
6.Low water absorption
7.Meets American and European standards

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Q:Often drink tea lead to iron deficiency, with stainless steel cup of tea? Can iron? What is the bad reaction?
It is best not to use the stainless steel cup and vacuum cup, it will damage the flavor of tea, what kind of tea has the right cup, such as green tea, tieguanyin with purple sand cup with a glass.
Q:Sixth grade evaluation handbook teacups and teapot to read the answer
(2) release round listen, smile, said: "the old monk, although not understand painters, but also afraid of some famous products. Since benefactor painting not as inferior as those masters, kindly benefactor to the old monk left a picture of calligraphy," the young spirit, ask: "what?" Release round said: "the old monk's biggest hobby is love tea, especially like the modelling elegant simplicity of the tea set. Donor can you draw a cup for me and a teapot?" Young people listen to, confidently said: "it is not easy?" Then rolled out of rice paper, a few pen, letter hand draw a tilting kettle and a modelling elegant tea cups. The spout of the kettle is slowly out of a tea, into the cup.
Q:Tea in the cup of the tea stain with what to wash?
Many people like to drink tea, but tea scale on the mug is difficult to remove, grow a layer of tea set inside the dirt, contain cadmium, lead, iron, arsenic, mercury and other metals. They are drinking tea into the body, and the eggs in food White matter, fat and vitamin nutrition compound, such as generation of refractory precipitation, hinder the absorption of nutrition. These oxide into the body at the same time, still can cause nervous, digestive, urinary dysfunction of the hematopoietic system disease and, in particular the arsenic, the cadmium can cause cancer, cause fetal abnormalities, a health hazard. Tea drinking is a habit, often should timely cleaning utensils inside the dirt. In order to let you no longer for this big nerve-racking, introduce several ways of in addition to the dirt below: (1) to remove metal tea tea on every scale, using the metal tea, can become black because of the dirt, such as medium cleaner also wash not to drop, usable vinegar soak, or can be easily detergent after soaking with bleach.
Q:How to remove the cup on the tea picked?
To buy a tea set the magic brush (not expensive, 1 yuan, 1.5 yuan, etc.), the magic brush wet (not too wet, otherwise easy to rotten) will the cup is a good idea to gently. If the tea is serious, add some toothpaste, and then used the magic's a little hard, can get rid of tea. I bought two, in every three months, give it a try
Q:The size of the hotel useful disposable cups? Is tea and a cup of a body
Have a lot of market You come to baoding promotion.No, if any, does not necessarily is a one-off
Q:If ceramic cup is particularly easy to scale with tea and coffee?
Not the glass quality problems, but all of the ceramic cup dirt that are left behind and is not a problem because the ceramic firing again after due to soil sediment produce cracks will retain vinegar, or other acid wash the line that will not have what problem
Q:Pour tea cup and are recommended respectively, excuse me for tea and tea two container of tea.
Tureen bubble tea and teapot bubble tea tastes differ. For pu 'er tea, the temperature is very important, pot heat preservation performance is good, especially recommended to enhance the quality of tea. As for how much difference, need to feel! Not familiar with pu people generally don't feel.
Q:Why do kungfu tea with small cup?
Because there are a lot of free time to spend, so we have to use tea to kill time, can make a cup or a pot of tea time too short, so we have to come up with such a fun ways of spending.
Q:Elegant cups and kamjove kung fu tea cup which is better?
What popular which seller! Money will have to choose to make.
Q:Be urgent! Tea cups, tea what is the difference between light and bowl??
Cup is tea utensils, water from the teapot and poured into the cups, to the guest after tasting tea. Cup points into two kinds: a small sip, used mainly for oolong tea product is also called sample tea cup, is used with fragrance-smelling cup; Big cup also can be directly for the tea and tea utensils, it is mainly used for advanced tender tea drinking.

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