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I am doing a resource in class about the benefit of bamboo scaffolding and I can't find anything where in the us that it is used?
I suspect that it doesn't meet the requirements of OSHA.
What is the previous version of the scaffold fastener (JGJ166-2008) for construction? That is, the implementation of the current version of JGJ166-2008 will soon be replaced by 2009.7.1 version.
Jgj166-2008 is the first safe and technical specification for the construction of steel tubular scaffold
What is the significance of the three scaffold scenes in the Scarlet Letter?
For the best answers,They represent different types of judgment and redemption.
above the ground by pulling on a rope weighting 6lb/ft. Set up the integral of how much work is required ( only the integrand)? Let x denote the height above ground.What is the total work?
tie 3 concrete blocks to the end of the rope and let that bucket fly up = let gravity do the work
I have already got a cartilage piercing, and I was considering getting a scaffold bar. I don't mind pain, but soon as it was in an unusual place, I was just a little bit curious.
It's pretty much the same thing. People like to say its really painful, but really its just getting two cartilage piercings in a row. The sting only lasts a second, its not bad at all. you may have a headache afterwards, but thats the worst of it. mainly people say its really bad because its likely they went to a crappy piercing place and didnt really care who pierced them. if you do research and get someone with lots of experience, you should be fine. like my piercer has been doing them for about 15 yrs and does thousands a year. inexperienced ones are the worst. also whats helpful is if you ask the piercer to do one piercing at a time with separate needles, cause some like to do both with the same needle, piercing the second one without pulling the needle out of the first one, which would make it very uncomfortable.
I have my tragus pierced and I have a cartilage piercing. I was wondering if the pain is comparable to these. Is it worse? Less? And do most places pierce with the clamps or do they just put it through?
a million. there is a few soreness in touch. in basic terms relies upon on the way you cope with it. 2. there is new advice that even after years of having the piercing it may nonetheless grow to be contaminated =/ 3. It has an inclination emigrate because of the fact of ear growth (your ears under no circumstances incredibly end becoming). 4. Dont over clean it. 5. Its performed with a medium gauge needle. 6. i understand interior the States that many piercing places won't touch every physique below sixteen regardless of parental consent. there is likewise a many greater that may not touch a minor (every physique below 18). So i might call around and spot.
I've had my scaffold piercing for nearly a year now, and on the bottom hole i have a sore red lump on the outside (back of) my ear not in the fold but the back? if you get me?? But its SO sore and its quite red, and i was wondering whether i should pop it? do whatever to it? I've had it for a while now and it does flare up red and painful but then it stops hurting, but it getting on my nerves now and i dunno what to do with it??Thanks :)xx
Sea salt soaks are your best friend. Try them, twice a day on your lump, it usually goes away after a week with this. If it doesn't, then I would go to the piercer and ask them about it, tell them to have a look, maybe they know something more. But try the soaks first.
manufacturers recommendation for assembling Web-Tex 8' Scaffolding
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