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Have someone that is wanting to use my pasture to put their horses in. No upkeep of horses on my part but don't know how much to tell them that would be a fair price. Live in Louisiana.
Well I would have to say that the blanket in front of the fire is going to lead us to the bubble bath. B/c we are gonna need some real good cleaning when we are done in front of the fire!!!!!
I have a 2001 explorer sport-trac and the locking mechanisms throughout the vehicle are falling apart. The driver door is my main concern; power lock no longer pops up, the physical keylock doesn't pop the lock any longer and finally the outside handle snapped off on one side and no longer opens the door from the outside. I have to crawl from the back or passenger side to open. How should I fix this? Replace individual parts or can I take the whole mechanism off and replace from the junkyard? I've never worked on the locks before.
It is really just like a cross between a can of hair spray and an air cylinder, filled with CO2 or powder. The reference shows some pictures that can not be reporduced in this forum.
I want to film a short film with only one camcorder, but how do I film from different angles and still have the audio match up as if I were using 2 or 3 cameras? Heres and example:
What kind of lock? What is it on?
I'm mainly concerned about carbon monoxide poisoning and risk of fire.
either a bearing has locked up or the transmission has a broke gear or part in the transmission The broken parts in the transmission that has got in the gears and lock it up.. most likely you need to replace the transmission. It is possible to fix but could cost more that a replacement transmission . does the transmission have a leak and maybe has leaked all the oil out of it so that can cause a issue like you have.
I have two area rugs. I have 4 pets that love to lay on them. I have a fairly new vacuum, although it is not vacuuming up the hair that is embedded in the carpet from heavy traffic. Any suggestions, besides buy a new vacuum or get rid of the pets?
He'll be mad you stole his thunder! XoD
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If I have guessed your problem right, I had a similar one when I replaced the bathroom door knob. I had to use a hammer and a punch to break it free. Sometimes, you just have to use brute force. Just be careful not to damage your door. Don't worry about the knob, as you will be, I'm sure, installing a new one. Oh make sure, you have all the screws removed as well.
for my video production class we have to make any video we want but it has to be outside. i want to do like a scary movie kinda thing but i cant think of an idea. i have 2 boys in my video that i have to use and i can use my teacher if i want. Anyy ideas for a movie trailer??
if the door is properly locked it cant. if the wind is strong enough then it could break you door but cant open it.
He s become a peepingtom within his family by putting a camera under the door to take pictures and videos of family memebers. we ve tooken his phone away the first time one year ago amd now he uses his 3DS camera for this time which we also convinscated it. A regular punish wont work since he doesn t do anything but go to school and plays Xbox. We now are keeping him off all technology but it doesn t bother him. What can we do to fix the problem, not to mention he s gay so he only has peeped on male members of the family. if you have any idea of what we could do to him to make sure he never do this again im open ears please help.
You know to be honest Ziggy, I really have never checked that one out. 2 Min's. later- Yup on the corner of my block and a dog was using it. ;-)