Competetive price crescent lock,sliding window crescent lock

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Product Description:

1-Crescent Lock for Sliding Window & Door.

2-First Quality Zinc/Aluminum Alloy Materials.

3-Tested to 100,000 Cycles.

4-Colors available in black, white, silver,gold or customed.

5-Right or left handed available.

6-Stainless steel lock keepers included and can be customed.

crescent lock,sliding window crescent lock.

We are professional manufacturer of Window and door Accessories:

Friction Stay Hinge,window handle,door handle,Lock,Hinge,Window and door Roller,Window and doorCorner,and so on.

Rich experience in OEM program, which is supported by powerful R&D department . Own design is welcome.

We also can provide measurement planning ,guide the installation and other related services.

If you are interested in our goods,feel free to contact with us,we must try our best to meet your demand.

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