pvc cresent window lock

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Product Description:


pvc Crescent window lock:
2.Surface treatment: Powder-coated
3.Suit for most of sliding profiles


pvc Crescent window Lock Details:

·        Material: Zinc or Plastic

·        Surface treatment: Powder-coated and spray paint. Many color available

·        European standard

·        Suitable for most kind of Construction profiles

·        Rich experience in OEM program, which is supported by powerful R&D department.Own design is welcome.

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pry up the wood strip in the middle of the door jamb a little, right around the same height as the handle, then you can do the old credit card trick where you depress the part of the lock sticking in the hole on the side of the door,
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Your smoke detectors may just be dirty.
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The auto-lock feature is a joint effort from numerous systems, and there is not one sensor responsible for it. I guess ill give you the long version so you understand the entire system: The BCM, body control module (heart of the interior), recieves a vehicle speed from the pcm (powertrain control module), which recieves ITs signal from the vehicle speed sensor in the rear or transmission. So the BCM knows what speed to look for, to send a ground signal to the power locks relay, locking the doors. Some manufacturers give you the option to disable this feature (GM for example). Check the owners manual first to see if auto-locking can be turned on or off. If not, manually disabling this system is possible, but I couldn't tell you without reading the schematics for the BCM and power locks circuits. There is probably a wire that can be snipped or moved, but that could affect other systems too, and a circuit schematic is the only way to know for sure.
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Aico Ei1529RC Remote Test Hush Switch, Specifically designed for use with the Aico Ei161R, Ei164R or Ei166R alarms , also find out what kind of detectors they are and consider using different types of sensors , might eliminate the false alarms
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Master makes all kinds of locks. Usually for a bike lock you set the combination and press the lever.
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