Competetive price good design cresent locks

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Product Description:

1. Description of cresent locks

NameCompetetive price good design cresent locks
Materialzinc alloy
Packing1pcs/pollybag,2pcs/inner box,100pcs/carton,or upon your request
DeliveryTerm:By air/By sea/By Train

a.suitable for all kinds of window

b.competitive price with our best service

c.verious of style and unique desinge

2.Features of crescent lock

Durable,Strength, Practicability, High safety coefficient

Easy to install
Good price

Stainless steel 304 manufacturing can ensure long service life, resistant to corrosion

Steel/PVC  block can make connecting rod with smooth and more smooth gliding
High quality and low price, To choose us, you won't regret it

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