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I think I am almost there. I don't answer my phone, the door, don't eat, and fall asleep at my computer, to be awaken in 15 minutes to start playing all over again. Spend all available savings on buying video games. It's been going on like this for almost 2 years.Do they have a such organization of video games anonymous?
I would suggest you do a chkdsk first before anything else, the descriptions point to something on the profile/corruptions, once you done the chkdsk, try to create a new user and see if you get the same hanging problem.
If a school fire alarm goes off more than 6 times, I heard you can leave the school. It sounds half legitimate and half phony. It seems real as my schools fire alarm had a faulty sensor and it went off about 12-15 times in one day, and we did have to evacuate 3 times, but that 3 times takes a large chunk of class time out of the picture. What do you think Yahoo Answers? Do you think that this seems real or fake?
the other answers tell u what u need to know, and yes there is a whole house dehumidifier depending on what you want to spend, they can duct into your house similar to the way your a/c does, if u have 2 units you probly want 2 dehumidifiers if an hvac guy determines this is the actual problem, sounds like you have other issues to me that are causing the humidity but someone has to literally be inside the house to see it to make a decision on that
For example, you're walking in the middle of the streets and it was extremely crowded. You were just walking and all of a sudden some idiot walking pass you coughed really hard on your face, and then within hours later you caught a flu and your body starts to ache A lot of people are known to have the swine flu and many other diseases that you may not have know of so the thought of going to crowded places could be quite scary as you may never know how many sick people you are walking pass
Thr blade (a small one) can be used as a tension clutch (and with a paper clip you have all you new I pick a normal lock).
Would putting speed bumps on NASCAR tracks make it a safer sport?
Do you have the funds to get a locksmith to open the door for you? So - the garage is locked? Doesn't the code work when it is locked? - I don't understand that part. When I was locked out the only alternative I had was to call a locksmith to come and open the door for me. Since then I have a very well hidden location to keep a spare key because you just never know when you might be locked out again. You aren't a retard, it can happen to anyone. What's with your parents leaving you to fend for yourselves anyway? How old are you? Locksmith is the only alternative you have. If you break a window it will cost a lot more to have it repaired. Okay, 16 is old enough for sure - good luck!
After reading some articles like mesotheliomanews /medical/medical-faqs/, I know that many building materials include asbestos, but I’ve also heard that other household items use asbestos as well. Are there other items or products I should be watching out for?
Lightening rods prevent disasters. Seismographs record them. I sound a warning.
Why would Lightning strike a lightning rod instead of a house first?
Double tap the home button then scroll left and click the rotation lock (the picture you described)
Despite the fact that they have several parking spots free, and not to mention several grass areas empty, they keep parking in front of the only fire hydrant that could save many building (and lives?) Is it okay to leave a note on there car politely asking them not to park there as it is against the law? And if they refuse, what number would I call?
Get serious. The management company is no more responsible than are you, for HITTING the boulder. Learn to watch where you are going. The obstacle was marked for safety, and you ignored the markings.
I've been searching the Internet for two years trying to find the answer to this one. I live just outside the city limits, so I know the city won't look into it. But my county (I live in USA) does not have any link on their offices site that even comes close to something like this. I have gone to the Federal Highway site; no luck there. I am at a loss as to what to do. The limit is 25 and I would bet my salary for life that folks go over 55 down this road. There are speed limit signs clear as day, kids riding bikes all over the place, people walking their dogs, hidden driveways and road intersections.the potential for serious accidents is quite high. The road is straight and that encourages speeding. We seriously need speed humps or something. Please serious answers only, someone is going to get hurt if they don't at least come investigate this. I just don't know who to ask.
Yes. And it's well worth it to the thief. An $800 bike has good to very good components. For instance, a used Shimano Ultegra rear derailleur (typical) would sell on craigslist for over $75. An incompentent thief with a set of allen wrenches and a chain tool can have it off in less than a minute. A skillfull one can strip the bike in less than five and can sell/fence the parts for a real profit. Typically: Good (not pro) quality seat: $25-$150 Good quality seat post: $25-$75 Good quality FR Derailleurs: $100-$200 Good quality Rear wheel: $75-$200 (and a lot more) Good quality Front wheel: $25-$150 (and a lot more) Good quality stem and handlebar: $25-$75 Good quality brakeset: $100-$175 Good quality crank: $250-$375 Good quality petals: $25-$75 That's $600 to well over a $1000. Like a chop shop, the parts are worth more than the whole. I once heard that all bikes weigh 40 pounds: a 20 pound bike needs a 20 pound lock, a 30 pound bike needs a 10 pound lock and a forty pound bike doesn't need a lock. I would add that anyone who leaves a bike weighing less than 20 pounds locked up is too stupid to deserve it in the first place.