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Product Description:

*Product Name: door handle

*Model: SLH-002SS

*Material:SS316, SS304

*Spec (mm):Variety dimension



A) polished stainless steel

B) satin stainless steel

C) polished stainless steel +satin stainless

D) as customer’s requests


*Serviceable range: villa, home, hotel, office, apartment, public facilities and other facilities

*Export experience: more than 8 regions and nations

*Package: polyfoam bag / pair with inner small box finally in carton

*Payment terms: D/P, T/T and western union

*Delivery time: About 30 days after receiving deposit

*MOQ: Small order is available

*Finish: Satin, Polish

*Usage: Door

*door handle SS304, SS316, SS201


*Mainly used in villa, home, hotel, office, apartment, chamber, public facilities and other buildings with high requirement in quality.

*Material: adopt high grade stainless steel (SS316;SS304;SS201)

*Application:Suitable for Glass door / timber&wooden door / steel door.

*Installation: configuration briefness and easy to install, the creative design vividly foretelling the shape of the new trend.



A) Variety types for selection

B) Competitive price (China mainland manufacturer)

C) Good quality (ten years experienced technical )

D) Excellent service (years of export experience)

E) Prompt delivery

F) Different designs are available according to customer requests.

G) OEM, ODM orders are acceptable




A) Polished stainless steel (PSS)

B) Satin stainless steel (SSS)

C) Titanium plated (TI)

D) Polished stainless steel + Satin stainless steel (PSS+SSS)

E) Other finishes: PVD, Gold plated, Chrome plated.



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Q:How does the mountain bike turn the handle from the other?
On the demolition, you have to do two things: 1. Loosen the handle: turn the left and right ends, near the end of the stand (that is, inside), usually a circle, around the circle to find, there is a hex The screw, usually 3 mm to 4 mm between. Can not find, put the handle of the handle a little lift up, certainly have .2. To solve the turn to pull out the horizontal, the speed line is not long enough: Off, put the vertical and the bike is connected to the pole .----------- demolition time, do not pull hard, to comply with the pull. The speed line and the brake line as far as possible not to fold This is negligible .------- Installation order: 1. If you put the vertical and the installation is not covered, is set into the need to put the first set into the horizontal 2 . Install the handle 3 Install the brake lever 4 Hold the stand to the bicycle 5 Keep the vertical and the horizontal between the fixed .-------- Adjust the angle of thinking: According to ergonomics, the angle of the brake handle is: sitting Riding on the bike, holding the handlebar, the hand and arm is a line.Therefore, usually the brake to the front 20 to 30 degrees below (according to personal height, front, cushion different, no standard, as long as a Line can be)
Q:I see there is a security door lock, that is, the handle can be moved outside, this lock is reliable? Do not know what the principle of this lock?
You said to move up the door is locked, so after the need to use the key to open the door is the door of the company, I feel this door is not very good
Q:Car handle on the R, L, FR, RR is how to express it! The meaning of left and right!
Auto rearview mirror with electric adjustment knob
Q:Bicycle handle on the transmission
Variable, left hand is the front of the dental plate, the right hand is behind the flywheel
Q:Plastic window handle loose how to tune ah
Do not be so troublesome. The It was fitted with a 4mm screw instead of a 5mm screw
Q:Is the window locked and locked?
Re-change the best, or safe point is good, if not easy to change, then tie a strap inside!
Q:Hand on the mouth of the whistle there are several, how to blow? The The
We are called "tiger whistle" on the fourth grade when the school will blow! First tongue is very important to know your tongue can not be from both sides to the middle volume, as far as I know, you can roll 80% Can not roll almost blown! Followed by a variety of fingers blowing method, I will be three, one is the right hand with the thumb and index finger, the second is the right hand little finger, the third is symmetrical with the fingers! I mind that beginners use the third method, or the first method to take the first method: to wash your hands, otherwise it will affect your volume, fingers pinch, put on the tongue, as far as possible to the tongue near the root (Some people do not need, but most people still want to, because of the prevention of air leakage), the last is blowing, to boast blowing, can not be too hard to hold the fingers, Do a lot of practice!
Q:On the step Yang anti-theft door of the problem: for the door is not matching the lock did not change the lock cylinder will not affect the security of the security door?
No problem, the role of the handle is auxiliary cylinder, as long as the lock core unchanged, there is no problem
Q:Supor electric pressure cooker on the handle of the handle does not move, resulting in the lid off is not up.
1 look to put the lid under the tank with or without foreign body;
Q:The handle of the car hand window so removed ah?
In the handle of the shaft has a card spring, you put the decorative plate (door skin) should be pressed to see the force, the buckle can be picked out to shake the handle down.
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