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Wedding gift bathroom supplies seven-piece / European-style bathroom supplies suite resin bathroom kit is OKorder Mall?
Correct. Yes.
Doors and windows of a set of hardware what composition, it is best to have pictures
Doors and windows | window rails, curtain rods | latches | nails | other doors and windows hardware | handle | hinge | door closers | doors and windows hooks | ,Hinge
Bathroom sanitary ware is good stainless steel or good copper
Stainless steel is good
How much is the bathroom equipment? Including: toilet, wash basin, faucet, bath kit, mirror, carton, soap box, towel bar, tray, floor drain, Yuba, etc.
Landlord, you write is really good. The only thing I can do is to put this post on top of this matter
Hardware tools set which brand is good
Some of the better, World of Stanley, the general domestic brands generally have the eagle of India, power lion, Taiwan British Mai. Almost the quality of these brands, I have to sell. Can be contacted.
Bathroom to buy hardware tools are lost, want to buy a set of bathroom pendant suite of tools, see labor insurance products, the quality of how?
Quality is completely no problem, you can rest assured to buy, very durable. Cost-effective, worth buying, strong recommendation, the family said I bought good
Bathroom hardware kit is what material is better
Space aluminum is better. This material is very light, and not rust, nine animal husbandry there is a space aluminum bathroom hardware package, the market response is quite good.
Shower faucet and other hardware is good with copper or stainless steel is good? What is the difference between the two?
Stainless steel is better, the market of high-grade hardware bathroom products are stainless steel. Low-end are basically zinc alloy die-casting + plating. The difference is actually very simple, that is, anti-rust ability, stainless steel rust resistance is better than copper. Even if you really want the appearance of copper color, a lot of electroplating spray technology can be done, and the main body is still stainless steel. Finally, the copper expensive.