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The guy's secretary walked around one day filling out the little tags on all the extinguishers. California. Public building. City-run.
The problem with snooping through someone elses text messages, phone, emails, etc. is that you may find out about something about them you wish you will have never known. I dated this girl who left her diary where I could find it one day and read just one little portion of it and that changed forever how I felt about her. There were some family secrets she had dealt with and buried only in her diary about being sexually abused by her older brother when she was very young. I had no right to know that infomation unless she was willing to share it with me. Take it from me; sometimes you learn things you wish you had never learned. I would pretend like I never saw his phone if I were you. You need to keep your mouth shut. He may be keeping his mouth closed about somethings about you right now, but you just don't know it. That's what brothers do for each other. You protect them in secret if you have too without ever revealing the worse things you know about each other. It's called brotherly love. You should also pretend to know his password, then say it out loud so he will know he neds to change it. That will keep you from letting your curiosity get the best of you.
I've replaced the lugs lug nuts on my '92 Rodeo (bought it new, now has 208,000+ miles) 4 times now (first 2 times from the dealer, 3rd from NAPA and the last time from RockAuto Parts and getting ready to do it again. I'm running the factory 15x6 steel rims and air wrenches have not been used on it for over 10 years now. The lugs nuts keep getting striped no matter what I do (from what I've readed on line this seems to be a common problem on Isuzu SUVs), could the rims be the problem? If the rims are the problem what ofter steels rims (years, makes and models other than Isuzu and Honda) will fit?
Well I know the 205 and 249 np are full time, but I thought the 203np is part time. but either way if you put locking hubs on you will need to make sure the transer case is part time or you will burn up the case
Jeans, leather glove and such.yeah, I'll wear helmet, But I've never worn jeans before.I'm a vegetarian and I'm against wearing animals, will I have to?I really want to ride a motorcycle, preferably Ninja 250, Or a yamaha TZR 50.Probably a 50cc one though.Is it against the law if I don't wear the safety equipment?[Will wear helmet]
sounds like you may have a broken linkage inside the door if the lock indicator goes up but the door does not unlock.
Im doing an assignment on flat pack fittings, and im finding it real hard to find any information on itanyone got help? ideas ? were to start? even tell me about the most used fittings? thanks !!
Its very easy for thieves to steal gas from most all cars and trucks that are parked.These clowns use a siphon hose and transfer the fuel into gas cans they bring with them.With the price of fuel this problem is going to get worse.The one way to stop this is to go to a auto parts store and buy a locking gas cap.I myself had fuel taken from my car two weeks ago.The locking gas cap stops these clowns cold.With out the key the cap just spins and cant be removed.Its worth the money to use a locking cap.Best of luck.
Assume that you need to prepare 500ml of a 0.25 mol/L solution of sodium hydroxide, NaOH, using a stock solution of 1.0mol/L NaOH. Please provide the following info:a) make a list of all of the material and equipment you would require.b) describe, using numbered steps, how you would prepare this solution. please include any calculations that you would perform.,
Without an autoclave and completely sterile environment nothing of yours is going to be sterile and a sewing pin or safety pin is not going to be big enough to create a proper hole, it is likely going to reject out. You're risking MRSA which is a life threatening infection when you pierce yourself, nothing is going to be sterile. It's your body, yes, but are you really willing to risk death or serious illness to have a piercing? It's really not worth it and I am sorry but you're stupid if you think it is. Please go to a reputable professional piercer and then possibly the ER the minute something goes wrong.
I have been using my stove, Propane..not Gas, sorry, to heat mobile home. My Question is, is it safe?
You can actually use both at the same time. My brother does fire sprinklers and they use teflon tape then a coating of pipe dope on top of the tape. never leaks!!!
I have used cutters before, underarmour and nike. I recently had underarmour ones because my school is sponsered by them and they werent the stickiest but I like the way the form to your hand. Nikes are just alright I think. And cutters have an amazing am out of grip and stickyness but they are very stiff. So I was wondering what the best gloves are the best, and how are adidas gloves? I have pretty good hands without gloves I just like using gloves more so dont say use your bare hands
They say his wife broke out the windows of his Escalade with a golf club after the wreck to rescue him. Mm hm
True or False: Speed bumps are really just hit and run victims that were paved over?
You'll probably be okay. If you feel ill in any way get to the doctors/ER as soon as you can.