soft fleece door mat

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Product Description:


RoHS,REACH certifications
luxurious comfort and high water absorbent
Different color,different size

1)Model Number



Coral fleece+meory foam+coral fleece


40*60cm,50*80cm,60*90cm and any other sizes as your required

4)memory foam thickness


5)OEM size


6)Backing Material



as photos


Anti-slip, water absorbability,strong cleaning ability,washable, no shrink

no fade etc.


Bathroom, bedroom, parlor, toilet, decoration, movie house, outdoor etc.


500sqm/design, no matter the size


100pcs /box

12)Payment Terms

T/T, L/C



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Q:After stepping on strong sticky rat board, get on the carpet is how to remove the shoe, viscose carpet without damage to the carpet?
All the glue on the rat board is strong glue. If you have strong glue, you can consider using some alcohol or gasoline for cleaning. First, try wiping the gasoline with a rag, then try it. Take care not to smoke during the process. Do not use fire. Gasoline is dangerous. After cleaning, rinse off with water, and the smell of petrol will be fine. Try with other organic solvents, too.
Q:What color of the carpet looks good with gray fabric sofa?
Camel or floral velvet carpet.
Q:What rugs do i need for my new horse?
I would get a cotton sheet for those days that you and I need a jacket, turnout sheet for those days its a bit cooler and maybe damp- don't want to kill your cotton sheet so its worth having a seperate turnout sheet. Then I would get a medium turnout. I personally don't bother with stable blankets as at the end of the day who really wants to be switching a million blankets a day! For the really cold day/nights it maybe necessary to lay up... its really nice that you have a heavy with a neck... theres nothing worse then having a clipped or fine coated horse that has to have their neck exposed.
Q:Musty smell in antique rug--help?
you'll have to have a deep wash. if they're not touching it, they're not good at what they do, unless the rug is in shambles.
Q:VIP....Stained Carpet..need help!!!!?
how old are the stains? if there old try bleach
Q:How can I remove candle wax from carpeting?
Place paper towel over the wax that needs to be removed, then, run a medium-heated iron over the wax and it will be picked up by the paper towel. You'll need to do this quite a few times to get all of it up, but after you do, it'll look good as new :)
Q:how to get koolaid out of carpet?
Red dye from kool aid is one of the hardest stains to clean. Your best bet would be trying to find a professional carpet cleaner to remove the stain, but since the carpet is such a light color I'm sure they won't be able to guarantee any type of results.
Q:is gerber carpet good if you have cats?
I think you mean Berber carpet. Why don't you simply go to a carpeting warehouse place and see if they have remnants and get them to bind the edges and then lay it down on the good carpet as a large area rug? I did that one place I lived and it worked out quite well. I also went to a place like Bed Bath and Beyond and looked for large area rugs that they have for kids going into dorm rooms and bought two rugs and laid them over my carpet. They were good for several years and when they got bad I rolled them up and threw them away and unrolled some new ones. I think they ran about $30 per rug.
Q:How to carpet! To specific operation!
(1) the ground should be cleaned first, without stones, wood chips and other debris.(2) the carpet glue, laying must be neat, I use adhesive tape glued interface. Such as using double-sided adhesive tape, it is simple, economical, practical and effective. Both sides of the adhesive tape are covered with glue, and the plastic film is used to cover the adhesive layer. When the utility model is used, the film is peeled off and pasted on the glued object.(3) pay attention to the carpet and the wall, line, angle and so on, should be attached tightly, and must not leave the seam and edge up and so on.(4) carpet interface to listen to the design should be coherent, consistent color, joints should be hidden and not exposed.
Q:Should I buy a refurbished rug doctor?
Rug Doctor Costco

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