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A lineoleum that we had was ruined by rubber backed rugs, it turned yellow under the rugs and where the swiffer was used.
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I have a new beige carpet that is about 1 year old. I have some stains from a dog. I used Woolite Heavy Traffic and vacuum but it really did not work. The carpet looks darker than the rest of the carpet. What can I use to make the carpet clean again?
try rinsing after cleaning. Use clear water. The soap left a residue so the carpet got dirtier faster.
if all high- class carpet is wool. some patterns. The hotel is suitable for wall-to wall carpet, acrylic is cheaper, but the price of wool is more expensive.
I am in need of a carpet rake. I have friese carpeting. It is about an inch long and and very very thick. I have a lot of matting in the high traffic areas and I think a carpet rake would help. I looked online though and the ones I found all seem to have tines that are very close together. I don't think it would get down far enough to pull anything up. Has anyone had much experience with these rakes or know another trick to get the carpet to lift. My carpet is only a year old and the high traffic areas look like my mother in laws 20
The carpet rake, also known as a carpet groomer, is a valuable carpet cleaning tool. When a carpet is wet, it brings the nap up for even drying. Professional carpet cleaners use rakes as wide as 18 inches to agitate carpets prior to cleaning as well as to work-in fabric protector and anti-static treatment chemicals during post cleaning wrap-up. Home owners favor the 12-inch-wide models. They fit easily in pantries and are less cumbersome to use. According to Groom Industries Inc., a Salt Lake City manufacturer of carpet rakes, raking a carpet prior to maintenance vacuuming will loosen embedded dirt for a more efficient cleaning, while post vacuum raking gives carpets that like new look.=)
Okay, so I'm being cheap! However, I saw these really cute pink shag area rugs on sale at Target this week. I need it to be larger than the 5 x 8, so I was thinking of somehow binding the two so I would have a 10 x 16. Does anyone know if this is possible? I don't want to use anything too gooey to join them because the rug will be going over hardwood floors. Let's hear some creative practical solutions that will work please!
You could probably sew them together with rug yarn that you can get in a craft store. Depending on what the backing of the rugs are made of, this might be difficult OR, they have iron on tape that is made just for rugs. I've never seen it in the stores but I've never really looked for it either. I did see them use it on a show on HGTV. You lay the rugs face down with the joining edges against each other on the floor, place the tape evenly along the edges you want to connect, and press with a hot iron. When the joined rugs cool, turn the piece over and comb back and forth with your fingers to hide any of the new seam that night be showing.
my boyfriend tipped over his Hookah and burnt tons of tiny holes in his carpet, some just surface burns and some are somewhat deep, and theyre over about a 2 foot span, and all smaller than a dime. What is a non-costly way to fix the problem?We are going to try to trim some of the surface burns. The carpet is older than my boyfriend (so its 18+ years old) and they have no scraps.
when I lived in an apartment, I burned a hole from an ashtray in the carpet as big as a baseball, my neighbor and I took the carpet from the baseboards where they are hidden and filled the hole in with the scraps (carpet fuzz) and glue that lasted till I moved out 2 years later I don't know what happened after that, it was not noticeable.
I have two toddlers, and needless to say my carpets get a little dirty very easily. Can anyone recommend a good carpet cleaning machine that actually gets the job done. I had one about 2 years ago ( can't remember the brand ), and it sucked. It didn't work, and it left my carpets soaking wet. Anyways, I will probably use it every 2 weeks or so, and if I am going to spend money on something I want it to be worth it ya know. Thanks n advance 4 the help!
to locate a pro near you. Pro's use citric acid in the rinse water to aid in soap removal, and to lower the PH of the carpet to a neutral position, similar to new. If the carpet is Nylon, it can also be Scotch Guard protected by this same pro.
Where can I rent a carpet cleaner???
Use a vacuum cleaner or bring them to the laundry