Water Absorbent Machine Washable Anti-slip 2 Piece PVC Kitchen Rug Mat Set

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Product Description:

Water Absorbent Machine Washable Anti-slip 2 Piece PVC Kitchen Rug Mat Set

Water Absorbent Machine Washable Anti-slip 2 Piece PVC Kitchen Rug Mat Set

Product Specification


Water Absorbent Machine Washable Anti-slip 2 Piece PVC Kitchen Rug Mat Set

Products Functions

【High Quality】The floor doormat is made of high quality PVC backing with a polyester surface, designed to be durable, non-slip, waterproof, wear-resistant and easy to clean.

【Free-Cutting】The doormat can be personalized to customize the size, cut to fit the shape at will, no need to wrap, not easy to disperse, do not lose fluff.

【Groove Design】The striped suede mat effectively traps and retains dirt, dust and sand from the sole, while being resistant to water and grease, making it ideal for use as a door mat, kitchen mat or elevator mat.

Water Absorbent Machine Washable Anti-slip 2 Piece PVC Kitchen Rug Mat Set

Water Absorbent Machine Washable Anti-slip 2 Piece PVC Kitchen Rug Mat Set

Water Absorbent Machine Washable Anti-slip 2 Piece PVC Kitchen Rug Mat Set

Water Absorbent Machine Washable Anti-slip 2 Piece PVC Kitchen Rug Mat Set

Product Application

Water Absorbent Machine Washable Anti-slip 2 Piece PVC Kitchen Rug Mat Set


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Q:I have a rug imported from Iran. It is made of wool on a silk backing. My cat was sick on it and some of the color ran—vermilion into cream color. It is getting a bit dingy and I would like to get it cleaned. Is there any way to get the pinkinsh stain out of the cream part. It is a beautiful rug.
Wow you bought a rug from Iran. Sweet!!! Your cat was sick HMMMMMMM....
Q:The rug is wool, no backing and about 5x8 and covered in dog and cat hair! Can I do it myself? Or do I need to take it to the cleaners?
You can use Capture, comes in a bucket (powder) at Lowes in the flooring department. Used it for mine but just didn't do the trick. I talked to friend who sells carpet and rugs and he said for wool my only option without ruining the rug would be to take to Sekurity Amerkanian. It's located in Cincinnati. They said they would dry clean it for me for around $400.
Q:The carpet is short berber type carpet.
When you're trying to remove nail polish from fabric, carpeting or upholstered furniture, you have two problems: the first one is removing the polish and the second one is removing the color stain left in the fibers. Both nail polish and polish remover can damage fibers seriously, especially acetate. If the spill occurred on fabric or carpets that contain acetate, you'll need to call a professional cleaner. Pre-test area first… Some dyes are not colorfast to polish remover. So, before you put polish remover on a fabric, test it by applying a drop or two in an inconspicuous area. If there's no damage to the spot, use the following suggestions to remove the polish. If the nail polish is still wet… Absorb as much of it as possible on a dry cloth or tissue. Be careful not to spread the stain. Then, go over the stained area with a nonflammable cleaning solvent. Apply solvent with quick, light motions. Wipe the stained area repeatedly with a cloth dampened in clear water. If the nail polish has hardened… Apply polish remover to the stained area with an eyedropper. Wait a few minutes for the polish remover to penetrate and soften the polish. If necessary, repeat the treatment. Alternative steps for removing hardened nail polish. Using a spoon with a dull edge, scrape off as much polish as possible. Then: apply polish remover to the stained area and blot the excess. Go over the stained area with a cloth saturated with nonflammable cleaning fluid. Use light, quick motions Wipe the stained area with a cloth dampened in clear water Don't forget, always pre-test before you use nail polish remover on any fabric or carpet.
Q:are there any home made recipes i can use for removing stains out of the carpet?thanks.
Shaving cream is also great for some stains
Q:really want one like this but i will not pay 500 bucks for a 8 by 10 rug....(or how ever much it costs..)just, where can i find a big, fluffy, soft rug like this one for an affordable price? (i like the off white and the teal) = ) thanks i guess :)
The rug in the photo is made from wool. If you have pets in your home, wool is not a good choice as the pet will mark the rug with urine, numerous times if given the chance. They can sense another animal close by, in this case sheep, and will ruin the rug. As a pro carpet cleaner, I've seen this happen a million times. If you want a less expensive, plush rug, look for one made from Nylon. To save money, pick out a remnant at a carpet store, and have them or some one they know, sew a border around the perimeter.
Q:Which is more socially responsible: a machine made or hand made rug?
I didn't realize that buying rugs had anything to do with being socially responsible. There is nothing made better than a hand made rug. It increases in value when properly maintained and adds much to the beauty of a home. Machine made rugs are mostly junk. There really isn't a choice. I ony buy hand made rugs.
Q:What kind of area rugs are best to buy?
There are diferent styles, shapes and materials of area rugs which we can buy in market. According to your need and situation, you have to select your kind of area rug. You can decorate with area rugs. Area rugs are made differently. Some are hand knotted, some are flat woven, hooked and some are machine made. So there are as many kinds of area rugs to buy. You can find more information on it by clicking the link below.
If it is chewing gum or flexible glue like double faced adhesive tape or Black & Decker glue ( full- purpose adhesive), and banana oil. use the volatile oil, but the carpet will be damaged, chloroform and hot water containing soda are the best. transformer oil and rosin water can also be used; if it is glass glue, acetic acid could be used(vinegar essence, nail color remover); if it is 502, it is afraid of heat and alkalis; if it is epoxy resin (combining of two kinds of glues), white vinegar), Fengyoujing could be used if you are afraid of pollute the air.
Q:I have a stain on my carpet. It's from tanning lotion cream. The carpet is beige, and wool. Is there any way I could get this out?
If your carpet cleaner hasn't worked you could try Blue Magic Automobile Upholstery Cleaner; it also will clean carpeting and is the best in a spray can I've ever used. I buy it in the Automobile Section at WalMart but many auto care and parts stores sell it. If the above doesn't work, call in a professional carpet cleaning company but don't wait very long before doing this; after all, the longer a stain sets, the harder it will be to get it out. If the cleaners can't remove it, get carpet installers in. They can cut the area out and replace it with a piece cut out of a closet. This may look different since it hasn't had any traffic on it so don't expect a perfect match unless all the carpet is fairly new. It might be time to remove the carpet in your bedroom and install hardwood or laminate flooring. I also suggest you be more careful in the future as finding a remedy to this problem will probably be rather expensive. You might offer to pay for half of the expenses to repair the area to show you are growing up and accepting responsibility.
Q:How do I get blush (as in makeup) out of my carpet. My cat was crawling on my desk and now I have some in my carpet. My dad is going to kill me if he sees this. can anyone suggest anything?
Go to the cleaning closet and get some carpet spot remover. Your mother must have something like resolve or spot shot. Just spray, leave for a few minutes and rinse with a clean damp cloth using a blotting type motion, turning the cloth over to a clean spot so you don't grind the blush into the carpet. Rinse the cloth and repeat if needed.

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