Red carpet roll for wedding cheap celebrity red carpet

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2000 m²
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200000 m²/month
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Red carpet roll for wedding cheap celebrity red carpet

Quick Details

  • Technics: Nonwoven

  • Supply Type: Make-to-Order

  • Material: 100% Polyester

  • Nonwoven Technics: Needle-Punched

  • Pattern: Dyed

  • Style: Plain

  • Width: 1m or 2m

  • Feature: Breathable, Eco-Friendly, Tear-Resistant

  • Use: Agriculture, Car, Home Textile, Industry, Shoes

  • Certification: SGS,ISO9001

  • Weight: 200~600gsm

  • Place of Origin: China (Mainland)

  • Brand Name: CNBM

  • Model Number: as per client required

  • width: regualr 1m,2m,max width 4m

  • length: regular 50m/roll

  • color: various

  • thickness: 2.0mm-5mm

  • material: polyester

  • use: exhibition or hotel lobby exhibition

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:with paper tube inside,plastic bag outside
Delivery Detail:7-15days


1.100% polyester
2.1m*50m/roll,200gsm~300gsm in store,various size
3.plain or rib or velour
4.20 years manafucture experience


100% polyester non woven exhibition carpet in rolls



Width1m,2m.virous size,max width 4m
ColorsTo order
Marterial100% polyester 
ThicknessTo order
Length of rollregular 50m/roll
Payment30% TT deposit,banlance will be paid before shipment 
Production cycle7-15days 
packingwith paper tube inside,plastic bag outside
Applicationsoutdoor exihibition,hotel lobby,wedding carpet, corridor  carpet


Advance of our products:

1.Over 20 years manufacture non woven felt

2.The price depends on the material,size,weight,quantiy

3. Best quotation offer after receiving your sample.

4. We are the manufacturer with many years experience,the price wil be very competitive

5. A full quotation as your required will be offered within 24hours

Q:Will leather carpets smell bad when they're put out for a long time?
As long as you don't touch the water is OK, accidentally hit the water must take out dry, avoid exposure!
Q:Will it look ok if I put a cream rug over a cream (a bit darker cream) carpet? :-/
Hi Laly, my own Trial and Error is where my answer comes from. I had tan carpeting in the living room and added an off white area area rug. I did have it placed in front of the larger sofa. It did not visually work for me. I had no coffee table or anything that held it down again, visually speaking. I would suggest that you throw a sheet folded to the approx size of the area rug similar in color on the floor prior to making a purchase. And see what your opinion of it is. It does work visually if you have a coffee table, this will hold down the lighter rug when viewing your room. Happy decorating!
Q:I recently moved into my first apartment and its pretty nice except for the carpet in the living room. Its a kight green color and it's just full if stains. I would love to just put a new carpet in but thats not really practical because I'm just renting the place. It waould cost stanley steamers about $100 to clean it but this carpet is really old and stained. Would it even be worth that? I'm afraid I'm gonna spend the money and it's still gonna look gross
As a professional carpet cleaner this comes up a lot. Our policy is we will try a spot/stain or two (usually the worst) to give you an idea of what the carpet will turn out like. If you don't think it will turn out the way you like that's it we leave. No reputable carpet cleaner will guarantee a spot or stain will come out until they try, because they can't tell for sure until they try. A carpet cleaner can tell if some stains are likely to come out but cannot guarantee it. As an incentive to get your lanlord to pay for the carpet cleaning you can point out carpet cleaning is tax deductable for a landlord.(which is why mony landlords ask you for the reciept, for their files of course, if you get the carpets clean) but thats another story
Q:ive got a 3 year old welsh cob and he takes his rugs off because he don't like them but i want to know how i could get him used to them.idea's?Thanks
a great number of horses sweat interior the trailer because it is. If the trailer has extra desirable open vents for rain to get at him by using you may desire to place that water-resistant sheet on him. If that's closed up for the main section leave the blankets off with the aid of fact he gets sweaty after which you may ought to stress approximately chills.
Q:I want to make carpet skates but don't know what material to use.
u don't really need much to make them. Carpet skating is possible if you use any material under your feet that will slide on carpeting. This also works on hard floors, too. To skate on carpet, start with a pair of nice thick socks. Cut out plastic foot pads for the bottoms and sew them in place. The plastic bottom will slide on the carpet without hurting the carpet material. To skate on wood, linoleum or any hard floor... just use the thick socks. Some kids do this without thinking about it. Carpet and sock skating is like any other type of skating. Please be safe. Don't try it near obstacles or furniture. Make sure surfaces are clean. Keep it simple. Real carpet skates are pretty cheap and probably offer a better surface for sliding:
Q:What should I pay attention to purchasing carpet?
How to choose carpet, buy Carpet, want to recognize material first. The simplest way is to remove a few pieces of wool from the carpet, and then identify the material of the carpet according to the burning conditions and the smell. Wool without burning flame, smoke, blistering, smell, ashes are solid black shiny, with a finger on the broken pressure; no flame combustion of nylon fiber, rapidly kink, melting into jelly, a leathery Brown hard sphere after cooling, not easy to crush, a faint smell of celery yellow flame; polypropylene, fiber curling, rapidly melting, almost no ashes, after cooling into not easily crushed lump; acrylic fiber combustion is relatively slow, bitter smell, ashes to brittle black lumps; polyester fiber flame yellow white color, very bright, smokeless, ashes into the black lump. Through the above method, it is easy to identify the types of materials, avoid deception. The thumb on the carpet, as quickly restored after, said woven cashmere density and flexibility are better; or the carpet bending, more difficult to see the mat, said Plush knitted more closely, more durable, as the weight of villi can be read on the label instructions. When purchasing carpet, we should pay attention to whether the factory has the guarantee of dustproof, antifouling, wear-resisting and static electricity control. Generally excellent household carpet, all wear resistance, anti-static, antifouling treatment. In addition, we should also pay attention to the location of carpet laying and the amount of walking. Different activity areas should choose different materials such as carpet, hall, hall, it is necessary to choose a higher density, wear-resistant carpet (such as the short loop velvet, velvet twist); a small amount of activity places such as bedroom, you can choose a plush high, soft carpet (such as velvet).
Q:I think I might have carpet beetles in my bedroom. When ever I clean up I find little brown bugs that shed their skin in my carpet and on stuffed animals that were on the ground. Are these carpet beetles? How do I get rid of them? Please help!!!! They give me they give me the creeps!!! Thanks
The vacuum is good to use to pick up the bugs and their fuzzy larvae. Vacuum a lot. Spray is not needed.
Q:Something that really ties the room together.
Don't know where you live, but Garden Ridge has a huge selection of House Decorating Accessories! You can buy a 10'x12' rug for $99.99.
Q:I have to clean my carpet and an area rug. I had the rug for more than 2 years, and have been living in this carpeted apartment for 15 months. Both have never been shampooed or cleaned :#92;I live by myself, so I don't have high traffic, but I really need to clean them well.I'm o a really tight budget, and the rug doctor recommendation asks for many products at the time, id there a one good product that I can replace (Anti foam, detergent...)What would you recommend?Thanks
Ok, some crazy answers. I have my own steam cleaner (that I got from beside the dumpster lol and fixed up) It worked just fine, and it's like a $200 machine...not sure why someone threw it away.) Anyway, at first I bought the carpet cleaning crap, the $15 a bottle Hoover stuff. Then I got smart. I now use Gain (the liquid kind, of course, in any pretty scent I like!) and it works perfectly! It does not damage the carpet, and it's very low foam (has to be for washing machines). I just use the same amount that the little cup on the clean water tank asks for of the other stuff. If I'm cleaning an especially dirty spot, I will add some white vinegar into the water. Oh, and the Gain makes your house smell amazing as well!
Q:should horses (in summer) always or most of the time wear a kool coat/sheet?if so why is this essential?
I have always kept either a flag cloth or a kool coat on my horses in summer, 1. it keeps biting and annoying insects off them, 2. if the horse it reflects the sun ( as the rugs are white) which works well if your horse is dark in colour 3.If your horse has a very fine coat they can get their skin sun burnt, the rugs prevent this. I swear by them, also they keep their coats nice and shiny, and they don't sun bleach.

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