Red carpet roll for wedding cheap celebrity red carpet

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2000 m²
Supply Capability:
200000 m²/month
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Red carpet roll for wedding cheap celebrity red carpet

Quick Details

  • Technics: Nonwoven

  • Supply Type: Make-to-Order

  • Material: 100% Polyester

  • Nonwoven Technics: Needle-Punched

  • Pattern: Dyed

  • Style: Plain

  • Width: 1m or 2m

  • Feature: Breathable, Eco-Friendly, Tear-Resistant

  • Use: Agriculture, Car, Home Textile, Industry, Shoes

  • Certification: SGS,ISO9001

  • Weight: 200~600gsm

  • Place of Origin: China (Mainland)

  • Brand Name: CNBM

  • Model Number: as per client required

  • width: regualr 1m,2m,max width 4m

  • length: regular 50m/roll

  • color: various

  • thickness: 2.0mm-5mm

  • material: polyester

  • use: exhibition or hotel lobby exhibition

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:with paper tube inside,plastic bag outside
Delivery Detail:7-15days


1.100% polyester
2.1m*50m/roll,200gsm~300gsm in store,various size
3.plain or rib or velour
4.20 years manafucture experience


100% polyester non woven exhibition carpet in rolls



Width1m,2m.virous size,max width 4m
ColorsTo order
Marterial100% polyester 
ThicknessTo order
Length of rollregular 50m/roll
Payment30% TT deposit,banlance will be paid before shipment 
Production cycle7-15days 
packingwith paper tube inside,plastic bag outside
Applicationsoutdoor exihibition,hotel lobby,wedding carpet, corridor  carpet


Advance of our products:

1.Over 20 years manufacture non woven felt

2.The price depends on the material,size,weight,quantiy

3. Best quotation offer after receiving your sample.

4. We are the manufacturer with many years experience,the price wil be very competitive

5. A full quotation as your required will be offered within 24hours

Q:They aren't succeeding, though the rug pad might get shredded eventually. Anyway. This is some kind of display to get my attention, but I don't understand why they think I would like that.
It's not a play for attention, cats scratch to help keep their claws sharp. I f you don't want them to scratch on that rug then get them a scratch pole or special rug and bait it with cat nip so that they will use it instead.
Q:I just moved into a new apartment about three weeks ago, and the carpet in only one room smells like ammonia. It's a really terrible smell and it won't go away after vacuuming many times. I know they shampooed the carpets before I move in. The lady before me who lived here had a dog. I know urine can smell like ammonia after it's sat awhile. Could it be that her dog peed on the carpet? Any ideas about how to get rid of the smell without shampooing the carpet?
Yep its dog pee. I would ask the landlord to change the carpet. Vacuuming and shampooing won't get rid of the smell. You could buy a product called urine erase . It works awesome against urine smells. But your better to ask the landlord to replace the carpet. Why should you have to live with a pet pee carpet
Q:What do you mean by the number and the needle step of the carpet?
Needle step multi pointer method refers to woven shapes, patterns. One side stitch, that is, one side of the pattern, the back of poor ornamental, similar to cross stitch, sweater on the back of the same; double needle step, positive and negative are the same effect. Can also be understood as the positive needle step, the reverse needle step stitch, the positive needle step weaving out, the front face is carpet front, and the reverse stitch after weaving out the reverse side of the carpet. The stitching is similar to the coordinates, such as eighth step needling at 20 cm position, Fifteenth step line at 3 cm position, stitch different number of different, so as to form different patterns.
Q:What color is the carpet color in the hotel guest room in general?
This is because the hotel is usually the comings and goings of the guests, if a guest is in the room accidentally dirty carpet, and the cleaning is not clean, not in words it will affect to the next housing guests to Check Inn Hotel is not good if the image is covered with blankets and it would be very difficult to change however, if the block blanket if you messed up the place directly to the carpet to get up again for a block. This will be much easier, so I suggest you have chosen the national standard fire protection class Cf1 carpet.
Q:How do I get my rug cleaned?
The best way to keep your area rug looking its best is once a month flip it upside down and vacuum the back of the rug. It is okay to use a beater bar/rotating brush vacuum on the back of a wool rug, on the front it is recommended to only use suction. The beater bar/rotating brush sucks up the small fine wool fibers wearing away your wool rug. For synthetic area rugs it is fine to use the beater bar/rotating brush vacuum on the front and back of the rug.
Q:We are getting the carpet throughout the house redone. We had planned on a high quality laminate, but apparently our floors slope too much for that. Now we have to go with carpet. I fear a berber throughout will look too industrial, not homey enough. My husband feels like flush style looks like apartments he had in the 70s. The carpet salesman is recommending the same carpet in the whole 3 floor house. We have spill-prone kids, but no pets. any recommendations? we want it to look nice, but don't really know where to go from here.
A plush or a textured carpet ( I like textured since its hard to see footprints and vacuum marks) Either of those work well to give you a warm homey feeling. As far as the kids and spilling , I suggest a pad that won t allow moisture to go through . These are commonly call pet proof pads. Not allowing the moisture to seep all the way down to the wood subfloor, you prevent possible mold and its easier to get any liquids back though the carpet and this prevents restaining for from wicking. Any questions you can e mail me through my avatar. GL
Q:I've recently noticed rugs popping up on my yards in the evenings, it goes down to around 4oC here at night right now, and all horses are in their own fields, not in a herd. I personally am not too sure on rugging yet. My mare is a 16.2, 10 year old Irish Sports Horse, and I simply refuse to clip her for my own reasons. She has been rugged for most of her life with her old owner, and obviously it's unfair of me to deny her rugging now, so no rug is not an option.I was just wondering how cold it has to get before you start rugging. I myself will rug in horrible rain, and at 1oC or below, but should I be doing it at higher temps? I don't want to ruin the growth of her winter coat, and she gets hay and a feed every night.
There is never a need to rug in high temperatures except maybe a fly rug here and there to stop nasty bites and stings popping up. Only rug when you feel the cold is enough to wear a coat outside. A horse will feel the same except only need a lighter one because they have a thick coat. When you step inside it feels really warm, just like a horse going into a stable so you take off the rug. Our gelding is part Arab and only in a lightweight in the field some days but at night because it is so chilly in his stable he wears a little fleece like we would. Hope I can Help.
Q:i cant seem to find a message board on OKorder, so i decided to ask here and hopelfully some helpful people. now i'm looking for the LARGEST area rug on OKorder. i looked, but the one i'm looking may not me the largest one. please help, it's for my living which is also large. thanks :)
Rugs can look fine on carpet. However, if you have a piece of heavy furniture on top of your rug, your rug will probably look bumpy. If you put your rug only on the carpet without furniture on top then the rug should look just fine.
Q:im debating on putting carpet or tile into my bearded dragons tank instead of brown paper bags. is it hard cleaning poop off the carpet? because with tile you can just wipe it up. what one would be better?
I am not a fan of rep.carpet, it a joke to me. tile works okay, but clean up can get messy if you don't clean it quickly, you still have some contamination issues with tile, especially if you are not spot cleaning really actively.
Now the carpet used in the car,the foot pad, are plastic. they are cheap, and it's convenient to clean up.

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