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Polypropylene Manufacture Non Woven Melt Blown Fabric Rolls

Polypropylene Manufacture Non Woven Melt Blown Fabric Rolls

Ref Price:
$0.98 - 1.23 / m² get latest price
Loading Port:
Payment Terms:
TT or LC
Min Order Qty:
1000 m²
Supply Capability:
10000 m²/month

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Polypropylene Manufacture Non Woven Melt Blown Fabric Rolls

Product Description:

Nonwoven fabrics are products made of parallel laid, cross-laid or randomly laid webs bonded with the application of adhesive or thermoplastic fibers under application of heat and pressure, can be made absorbent, breathable, drapable, flame resistant, heat sealable, light, lint-free, mouldable, soft, stable, stiff, tear resistant, water repellent if needed.



SizeAs your requirement
ColorAs customer request
Sample Time2-3 days
Delivery Time15 days afeter sample confirmed
PackagPacked in rolls,with 2" or 3"ID core inside, poly bags outside, loaded by 20GP or 40 HC


Details of our products: 

Polypropylene Manufacture Non Woven Melt Blown Fabric Rolls


Produce process:

Polypropylene Manufacture Non Woven Melt Blown Fabric Rolls


Polypropylene Manufacture Non Woven Melt Blown Fabric Rolls


Packing and Shipping:

Packaging Details: cartons packing, cartons and customized packing



Lead Time:

Quantity(Kilograms)1 - 1000>1000
Est. Time(days)7To be negotiated



Polypropylene Manufacture Non Woven Melt Blown Fabric Rolls



Polypropylene Manufacture Non Woven Melt Blown Fabric Rolls

Q:What are the features of jacquard fabrics? What fabric comes from?
Multicolor jacquard fabric is yarn dyed jacquard fabric, which is dyed and dyed by jacquard weaving machine. It and the monochrome jacquard fabric manufacturing process is exactly the opposite, so that the final yarn dyed jacquard fabric has more than two kinds of colors, fabrics, rich colors, not like that is relatively monotonous monochrome jacquard pattern, three-dimensional sense of strong, looks more elegant. The most important thing is that multicolor jacquard fabric does not pilling or fade.
Q:What's the difference between knitting cotton and pure cotton?
Although knitted cotton and cotton look very similar in appearance, but the fabric itself has a certain difference. First, from the view of the characteristics of two kinds of fabrics, knitted cotton is characteristic of good dyeability, color fastness and fastness are relatively high, wearing comfort and absorption degree are similar and cotton and pure cotton, but no good elasticity, and is not very acid. Pure cotton is characterized by better moisture absorption and high comfort.
Q:What is PVC fabric?
PVC is a kind of vinyl polymerization material, whose material is a non crystalline material. PVC materials often use stabilizers, lubricants, auxiliary processing agents, pigments, anti shock agents and other additives in practical use. Is not flammable, high strength, excellent resistance to climate variability and geometric stability. PVC has strong resistance to oxidizing agents, reducing agents and strong acids.
Q:What is Coolmax?
CoolMaX is a high-tech moisture absorbing breathable polyester fiber from DuPont Co. CoolMaX has strong breathability and good moisture control. It can absorb excessive heat and sweat from the body and transfer it to the surface of the fabric, thus evaporating rapidly.
Q:How to distinguish fabric ingredients?
Distinguish fabric, first of all to understand the fabric ingredients.According to the material, it is divided into natural and chemical fiber.1 natural:C:Cotton cotton, this I think you should know, soft and warm. Suitable for casual clothes and cotton, etc..W:Wool wool, wool woolen general, etc..S:Silk silk, summer dress.L:linen linen, summer pants, tops.Ram:Ramine ramie, summer pants tops.Ms:Mulberry, silk, mulberry silk
Q:What are the advantages and disadvantages of Lesel fiber?
Which fiber is a new textile and apparel fabrics, in late 1990s the rise in europe. It not only has the natural fiber cotton comfort, feel good, easy to dye and other characteristics, but also has the traditional viscose fiber does not have the advantages of environmental protection. Viscose fiber takes petroleum as the raw material, in the production process will release the carbon disulfide, the hydrogen sulfide and so on harmful gas, pollutes the environment, therefore is gradually eliminated in the developed country. Which fiber formed by renewable bamboo and wood pulp as raw material after crushing, advanced technology makes the solvent recovery rate as high as 99.7%, not only energy saving and environmental protection, and sustainable development. Made of this fiber clothing not only natural luster, feel smooth, high strength, no shrinkage, and moisture permeability, good air permeability, and good effect of wool fabric.
Q:Basic features and advantages and disadvantages of linen fabric
Flax is an important raw material of ramie textile industry, its fiber toughness, softness, good color.The hemp fiber strength, not easy to rot in the water, and have waterproof function, in addition to friction resistance, high temperature resistance, fast heat, dust rate is low and not easy to tear, is not easy to burn, no static, acid and alkali resistant higher unique advantages.
Q:What is the main component of Tencel fabric
Tencel (TENCEL), a new kind of viscose fiber, also known as Leigh Asay Lo (LYOCELL) viscose fiber, the brand name of tencel.Modaier MODAL, Tencel TENCL, are registered trademarks of Austria Lenzing Lenzing Co.Tencel Tencel fibers are made from conifer dominated wood pulp, water and solvent mixed amine oxide.MODAL modal fiber raw material is produced from the European shrub forest, made of wood pulp after special spinning process produced.Specific details can be found in the Baidu encyclopedia.Viscose rayon:: artificial cotton, modal, Tencel, bamboo fiber.
Q:Is polyester fiber better or polyester?
Here are the correspondences between the chemical names and the trade names of several synthetic fibers:Nylon - polyamide fiber abbreviated as PA, mainly PA-6 and PA-66 twoVinylon, polyvinyl formal, abbreviated as PVAPolypropylene fiber --- polypropylene fiber, abbreviated as PPAcrylic fiber --- acrylic fiber, abbreviated as A
Q:Which material is good, pure cotton or blended?
This is each one has his good points.Cotton blended fabric refers to the use of cotton fiber and other one or more than two different types of fiber blended yarn into cloth, mainly cotton, brocade, cotton, polyester cotton three categories. The utility model has the advantages of comfort, coolness and breathability, and has the characteristics of good elasticity, besides, the cloth has the advantages of soft color matching, good drape and small shrinkage.

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