Good Material eco friendly material roll polypropylene nonwoven fabric

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Product Description:

Good Material eco friendly material roll polypropylene nonwoven fabric

Product Description


Brief Introduction :
Melt-blown non-woven fabric uses PP as the main raw material, through melt spinning, and is blown by a high-speed hot air flow at a certain angle on both sides of the nozzle to stretch, blow, and fall the fiber into a net, and most of them are formed by self-bonding.
The products has the following characteristics:
Fiber diameter can reach 1 ~ 5 microns, high filtration efficiency;
More voids, fluffy structure, low resistance;
The fiber net has good uniformity and soft touch



Product nameMelt Blown Fabric
TechnicsMeltblown nonwoven fabric
ThicknessCustomized nonwoven fabric
Width170-260mm customized
Length50m,100m,150m,200m or customized
PackagingCarton or customized
Delivery time10 days after receiving buyer's payment
PriceReasonable price with high quality

3Tons per 20ft container;


5Tons per 40ft container;


8Tons per 40HQ container.



  1. Static attraction prevents germs from invading.

  2. Good flame retardant performance

  3. Good permeability and shielding property

  4. High efficiency low resistance

  5. Achieve FFP3 Level  KF94 Level


Detailed of our product:

Good Material eco friendly material roll polypropylene nonwoven fabric

Good Material eco friendly material roll polypropylene nonwoven fabric

Good Material eco friendly material roll polypropylene nonwoven fabric

Good Material eco friendly material roll polypropylene nonwoven fabric


Produce Process

Step 1:

Incoming material quality inspection, the drum is preheated and the temperature is set, and then it is introduced into the glue tank of the corresponding glue setting equipment, and the silk non-woven fabric is pressed along the machine's motion track.

Good Material eco friendly material roll polypropylene nonwoven fabric


Step 2:

The silk floss conveyed by the upper track passes through the glue roller area, and then the non-woven fabric conveying zone and silk floss are delivered to the high temperature hot pressing roller zone.

Good Material eco friendly material roll polypropylene nonwoven fabric


Step 3:

Applies the non-woven fabric to the composite cotton and then rolls the fabric needs to make a batch and cut it off.

Good Material eco friendly material roll polypropylene nonwoven fabric


Step 4:

Timely transportation.

Good Material eco friendly material roll polypropylene nonwoven fabric




  1. Shopping bags,tablecloth,compund packing material,Filter material

  2. Medical field :Face mask Surgical gown,protective clothes,operation cover,cap,shoe cover,bed sheet etc.

  3. Sanitary and Health:Baby&adult diaper,feminie hygiene,hygiene pad,etc

  4. Agriculture and horticulture cover


Packing and Shipping

Good Material eco friendly material roll polypropylene nonwoven fabricGood Material eco friendly material roll polypropylene nonwoven fabric




Q1. Samples?
A1. We offer free samples but courier fees at your cost.


Q2. Do you have MOQ?
A2. One ton for any colors fabric , any qty on white and black.


Q3. What is your delivery time ?
A3. Around 5 days depend which products, please confirm with sales rep.


Q4.Payment terms?
A4. TT, LC at sight , DP are all acceptable / negotiable and case to case.


Q5. CIF / FOB / EXW etc..
A5. Pls send destination port for quote on CIF.


Q6. Shipping
A6: Air freight cargo or sea shipment.


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Q:What are the features of nylon fabric in detail?
In the United States distinguished scientist Carlo Seth (Carothers) a research team and under the leadership of the developed, it is the world's first synthetic fibers, due to the excellent performance, abundant raw material resources, has been widely used. There are many varieties of nylon, including nylon 6, nylon 66, nylon 11 and nylon 610, among which nylon 66 and nylon 6 are the most important.
Q:What are the fabric of jeans?
Denim (Denim), also known as denim, is a coarse, thick, yarn dyed, warp faced denim.
Q:What's good about linen?
Linen fabric with temperature, anti allergic, anti-static, antibacterial function, the hygroscopicity of flax, can absorb the equivalent of 20 times its weight in water, so the linen fabric feels dry, now, wrinkle, linen and blended the birth of iron products, make flax products in the market to further expand.
Q:What fabric is 90%polyester 10%elastane?
Polyester is polyester, elastane is spandex
Q:In addition to pure cotton, what fabrics do not have static electricity?
Because water is a conductive material, so the fabric is not easy with static electricity, but if the moisture in natural materials (such as polyester fiber (polyester only 0.4%)) into easily conductive material, the fabric is not easy with static electricity, this material is added to the conductive wire, a wire, a plus carbon fiber. This kind of fabric is a kind of antistatic fabric.
Q:What are the TR fabrics and advantages?
(1) high strength, short fiber strength 2.6~5.7Cn/dtex, high strength fiber is 5.6~8.0Cn/dtex. due to the lower moisture absorption, wet strength and its dry strength is basically the same, the impact strength is 4 times higher than nylon, 20 times higher than that of viscose fiber.(2) good elasticity, elastic to wool, when the elongation of 5%~6%, almost completely restored, wrinkle resistance than other fibers, namely the fabric wrinkle, good dimensional stability, elastic modulus was 22~141cN/dtex, 2~3 times higher than nylon.(3) good water absorption.(4) good wear resistance, wear resistance is second only to wear resistance nylon, better than other natural fiber and synthetic fiber.(5) good light resistance, light resistance is second only to acrylic fiber.(6) corrosion resistance, resistance to bleaching agent, oxidant, Jinghe, ketones, petroleum products and inorganic acid, alkali resistant not mildew, but hot alkali can decompose the.
Q:How can TR fabrics and TC fabrics be distinguished?
When the pet is not less than 50%, stable size, strong anti wrinkle, the fabric can keep a pet, wash and wear characteristics can be strong. The mixing of viscose fiber improves the air permeability of fabrics, improves the resistance to porosity, reduces the pilling and antistatic properties of fabrics.
Q:What fabric is Lurex?
Ancient gold and silver silk is gold and silver by hand into a thin foil, mounted on thin sheepskin or paper, then cut into a filamentous, known as the "flat gold silver", the price of expensive components, into a thick and hard line, easy to wear, easy to change color. The common varieties of modern gold and silver wire are made of polyester film made by vacuum transfer of LI. Originated in the United States in the early 1950s, our country began to produce industrial production in 70s. Now the advantages of this kind of gold and silver: fine, soft, light, bright colors, the bottom of the price. Mainly include: 1 polyester, gold and silver thread, single-layer polyester film vacuum Du LI, resin coated with protective film, used for dyeing fabric; 2, composite gold and silver thread, polyester film of the two layer, a layer of foil with LI, will be used for dyeing fabric; 3, and round type gold and silver line in drama stage clothing, clothing now (fashion). 4, in addition, there are rainbow color gold and silver, suitable for yarn dyed fabrics, especially decorative fabrics.
Q:What's the difference between polyester fiber and chiffon?
The first floor does not understand textile at all, do not make it difficult for him.Polyester fiber is polyester fiber, the full name is polyethylene terephthalate (ethylene terephthalate), referred to as polyester. This is a kind of fiber, textile material.
Q:What is the specific modal fabric material?
Modal fiber fabric has good flexibility, gloss, smoothness, and water absorption and permeability of cotton fabric is also better than the color, dyeing, fabric color bright and very full, it also with a variety of fibers such as cotton, linen and silk blended fabrics, in order to improve the overall quality of the the. Modaier finished product has good effect, strong stability

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