Eco Friendly China Polypropylene Spunbonded Roll PP Supplier Non Woven Fabric

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TT or LC
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1000 kg
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10000 kg/month
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Product Description:

Eco Friendly China Polypropylene Spunbonded Roll PP Supplier Non Woven Fabric

Brief Introduction:


Melt-blown non-woven fabric uses PP as the main raw material, through melt spinning, and is blown by a high-speed hot air flow at a certain angle on both sides of the nozzle to stretch, blow, and fall the fiber into a net, and most of them are formed by self-bonding.

The products has the following characteristics:
Fiber diameter can reach 1 ~ 5 microns, high filtration efficiency;
More voids, fluffy structure, low resistance;
The fiber net has good uniformity and soft touch


Product detailed:


Eco Friendly China Polypropylene Spunbonded Roll PP Supplier Non Woven Fabric

Eco Friendly China Polypropylene Spunbonded Roll PP Supplier Non Woven Fabric

Eco Friendly China Polypropylene Spunbonded Roll PP Supplier Non Woven Fabric




Article No.:PP non woven fabric
Composition:100% polypropylene
Weight:18gsm-240gsm as customer required
Packing:Inner packed in paper tubes
Supply ability:100 tons per Month.
Usage:Widely used for Agricluture, furniture, bags, packing material, car, shoes, garment, home textile, hospital, hygiene, industry, etc.
Product introduction:

1. Application: mainly used for cloth bag spring, quilting, non woven fabric composite cloth and nonwoven mattress on the bag.


2. The specification and the color of this product could be produced according to your requirements as well as your samples. 

 3. It has good gas-permeability and high tear resistance. It's environment-friendly, comfortable pro-and without skin stimulation.


Product Category


Eco Friendly China Polypropylene Spunbonded Roll PP Supplier Non Woven Fabric

Eco Friendly China Polypropylene Spunbonded Roll PP Supplier Non Woven Fabric



Our Products Feature


High strength,shrink-resistant
Good ventilation property
Fast color,eco-friendly
Anti-bacteria,anti-static,anti-alcohol,anti-blood,and anti-oil


Packing and Shipping:

Eco Friendly China Polypropylene Spunbonded Roll PP Supplier Non Woven Fabric



To better ensure the safety of your goods, professional, environmentally friendly, convenient and efficient packaging services will be provided.

Loading for reference:
1x20GP container can load about 4000-5000 kgs

1x40GP container can load about 8000-9000kgs

1x40HQ container can load about 10000-11000 kgs





Q1. Are you a manufacturer?
A1. Yes, we have 5 production lines and more than 150 workers,and have 9 years experiences in NON-WOVEN FABRIC

Q2. What's your supply capacity?

A2. 1000 Tons per month.

Q3. Can you send us samples?
A3. Yes, our non woven fabric sample parcels are free,the freight is collect.

Q4. Do you have MOQ?
A4. One ton as MOQ for colors, no MOQ for white and black.

Q5. What is your delivery time and payment terms?
A5. In 15 days and TT, LC at sight are all acceptable.





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Q:What are the features of nylon fabric in detail?
Widely used in industry such as cords, belts, hoses, ropes, fishing nets, etc.. The advantage of nano nylon is that its thermal properties, mechanical properties, flame retardance and barrier property are higher than pure nylon, and its manufacturing cost is equal to that of ordinary nylon.
Q:What are the ingredients of PL?
It is a pure terephthalic acid (PTA) or terephthalic acid methyl ester two (DMT) and ethylene glycol (EG) as a fiber polymer, polyethylene terephthalate as raw materials by esterification or transesterification and polycondensation prepared (PET), the spinning and postprocessing fibers.
Q:Fabric washing processing, there are several processing methods
After Dyed (Garment) fabrics are made of garments, special treatment methods for overall dyeing of garments are made. The clothes look nostalgic and fashionable. The appearance shows the dyeing effect in particular, the joint garment dyeing color shades, reflecting the rugged rustic style. Garment dyeing is different from other staining, because some floating color attached on the surface of the clothing, so in the first before wearing clothes washing must in accordance with the instructions of fixation and washing, after washing in the washing alone or with similar color clothes washed together.
Q:What is the fabric georgette
Chiffon called "Georgette", also known as Georgette georgette crepe, is a silk fabric with strong twist crepe by crepe weft weaving, georgette name from France (Georgette). The warp and weft S and Z twist two different twist to the strong twist yarn, according to 2S, 2Z (two left, two right) alternately, interwoven with plain weave, warp and weft density of fabric is very small. Gray silk fabric is refined, because the thread untwisting shrink wrinkle, wrinkled, loose structure form a uniform Satin georgette. According to the raw materials can be divided into silk georgette, rayon Georgette, polyester Georgette and intertwined Georgette several weft, if only using a twist, weave Georgette called CIS fiber along fiber Georgette presented by bumppleated like irregular wrinkles. Georgette texture Qingbaotouming, feel soft and elastic, light and elegant appearance, has good air permeability and drape, wearing elegant and comfortable. Georgette light, heavy, thick and thin, transparent and silk surface crimp effect, mainly depends on the thickness of the thread and composite, twist and warp and weft density. Georgetteformakingwomendress, senior evening gown kerchiefs palace lantern handicraft and so on.
Q:What's the density of the four piece cotton fabric?
On behalf of the fineness of cotton yarn, cotton yarn of the British branch count higher that the yarn is fine, the quality requirements of cotton is better, the price more expensive. Yarn, yarn yarn refers to high in general, animal and plant fiber yarn count more than 60s that belongs to yarn, chemical fiber yarn yarn yarn is above 90s. It is generally believed that more than 40 yarn counts as yarn of higher counts. Therefore, both high cotton cotton and non cotton, anti-static better, only special materials only fully anti-static.
Q:What's the meaning of pH value in fabric? How do you test it?
PH value represents and measures pH, 7 is neutral; less than 7 is acidic; greater than 7 to 14 is alkaline. Near 7 is called weak acid or weak alkaline.
Q:What are the women's fabrics?
Chemical fiber is the abbreviation of chemical fiber. It is a fabric made from polymers and made from raw materials. Usually it is divided into artificial fiber and synthetic fiber two major categories. Their common advantage is bright color, soft texture, drape neat, smooth and comfortable. Their disadvantages are abrasion resistance, heat resistance, moisture absorption, poor permeability, easy to deformation when hot, easy to generate static electricity. Although it can be used to produce all kinds of clothing, but the overall level is not high, difficult to get in good taste.Blending is a kind of fabric made of natural fiber and chemical fiber mixed in a certain proportion, which can be used to make all kinds of clothing. Its advantage is that it not only absorbs the advantages of cotton, linen, silk, wool and chemical fiber, but also avoids their respective shortcomings as much as possible, and is relatively cheap in value, so it is very popular.
Q:What fabrics are comfortable to use in fashion?
Cotton - feel good, comfortable to use, easy to dye, flower varieties varied, soft and warm, hygroscopicity strong, washable, with a few static, is widely used in bedding material; but easy to wrinkle, easy to shrink, poor elasticity, acid alkali not, not at 100 degrees Celsius in the high temperature long time so, the best cotton products when ironing wet, easily pressed. Conditional, after each use, steam iron products will be flat, the effect will be better.
Q:How to wash silk fabric trousers?
Ice silk variety, it is recommended to check the laundry before washing labels. Some varieties should not be washed, flowery satin, brocade, satin, silk, the ancient incense incense, Tianxiang crepe velvet; some varieties suitable for dry cleaning, such as velvet, Zhangrong, georgette; some can be washed, wash before soak in cold water for about 10 minutes, the soaking time should not be too long. Washing in cold water or warm water, not long time soaking; gentle pinch wash, avoid rubbing vigorously. Choose light gear when washing machine. Dark colors usually fade;
Q:What do you mean by "glossy fabric" in general? What kind of knitted and elastic fabric do you have?
Smooth surface fabric: generally refers to textile fabrics that have a smooth surface (shiny and clean) features of a class of fabrics, including woven, knitted (warp, weft, horizontal) and so on

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