Good Material eco friendly non woven material roll polypropylene nonwoven fabric

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$0.98 - 1.28 / m²
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TT or LC
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1000 m²
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10000 m²/month
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Product Description:

Good Material eco friendly non woven material roll polypropylene nonwoven fabric

Quick review:

Technics:NonwovenSupply Type:Make-to-Order
Material:100% PolypropyleneNonwoven Technics:Spun-Bonded
Width:63/64"Feature:Anti-Bacteria, Anti-Pull, Anti-Static, Breathable, Sustainable, Fusible, Mothproof, Shrink-Resistant, Tear-Resistant, Water-Soluble, Waterproof, Other
Use:Agriculture, Bag, Car, Garment, Hospital, HygieneCertification:OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100, ISO
Model Number:Non Woven FabricSample lead time:3-5 days
Payment:T/T or L/CLead time:25-28days after receiving deposit



Nonwoven fabrics are products made of parallel laid, cross-laid or randomly laid webs bonded with the application of adhesive or thermoplastic fibers under application of heat and pressure.can be made absorbent, breathable, drapable, flame resistant, heat sealable, light, lint-free, mouldable, soft, stable, stiff, tear resistant, water repellent if needed.


Detailed of our products:

Good Material eco friendly non woven material roll polypropylene nonwoven fabric

Good Material eco friendly non woven material roll polypropylene nonwoven fabric 

Produce process:

 Good Material eco friendly non woven material roll polypropylene nonwoven fabric


  1. Shopping bags,tablecloth,compund packing material,Filter material

  2. Medical field :Face mask Surgical gown,protective clothes,operation cover,cap,shoe cover,bed sheet etc.

  3. Sanitary and Health:Baby&adult diaper,feminie hygiene,hygiene pad,etc

  4. Agriculture and horticulture cover

Good Material eco friendly non woven material roll polypropylene nonwoven fabric


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Good Material eco friendly non woven material roll polypropylene nonwoven fabric


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Q:What are the features of nylon fabric in detail?
In the United States distinguished scientist Carlo Seth (Carothers) a research team and under the leadership of the developed, it is the world's first synthetic fibers, due to the excellent performance, abundant raw material resources, has been widely used. There are many varieties of nylon, including nylon 6, nylon 66, nylon 11 and nylon 610, among which nylon 66 and nylon 6 are the most important.
Q:What is the difference between worsted fabric and extensive fabric?
1, also known as worsted woolen worsted fabrics, with high count worsted woven wool fabric, good quality, clean, smooth and soft fabric closely, clear, bright and elastic, the varieties of Hua Dane, serge, Gong, valitin, Pailisi, Malaysia, lady's dress pants. Camel, floss, Vienna etc..2, it also called carded woolen wool, is carded or combed yarn woven into parts. The body is thicker, and there is a layer of fabric on the surface of the fabric, covering the number of lines of tissue. But there are no surface and thick wool Plush form various patterns, this kind of product is soft, soft and warm and rich. The main varieties of plain coat, silver gun overcoats, Ma Haimao overcoats, Mai Erdeng, tweed, uniforms, plush, camel hair etc..
Q:Is not pure cotton will pilling it?
Many people may not believe it. Everyone thinks that only the fabric of chemical fiber can be used for pilling, while pure cotton is absolutely no pilling. Therefore, in reality, once encountered clothing pilling, the first reaction is that the fabric is not pure cotton, doped with other chemical fiber ingredients.
Q:What are the different kinds of knitted fabrics, dyed fabrics, woven fabrics and fine imitation fabrics in fabrics?
The classification of fabric knitted fabric and woven fabric, the main production process is not the same, anyway is woven fabrics more straight, meticulous, good texture, such as conventional jacket, silk, chiffon, jeans etc. all belong to this category; knitting is hook up, flexibility is good, more comfortable to wear, such as underwear sweater, sweater, like most knitted fabrics.
Q:What are the benefits of wool fabric. For example, what are the benefits of wool suit. Why do the wool wool suit, what is the main synthesis such as
The washing method is extra:1. should choose neutral detergent or special wool detergent, avoid alkaline detergent.2. gently wash fresh, not twisted, should be dried in the shade.3. high-end clothes suggest dry cleaning.4. suits and jackets should be dry cleaned and should not be washed.I hope this solution can help you. If you don't understand, please call me Baidu HI.
Q:What is the raw material is pitted material?
Ma material fiber length, fiber length longer than cotton several times, after the processing of hemp fiber degumming gloss good, white.
Q:What exactly is the ingredient of iced silk fabric?
The cellulose content of more than 99.5% in the ice. Cotton fiber and wood fiber in 95--97%, silk fat and waxy cotton fiber accounted for 0.2--0.3%, accounting for 0.5--0.6%, ice free chlorine containing substance. Chlorine content in cotton fiber accounts for 1--1.1%. The ice does not contain pectin and reducing sugar up. And cotton fiber contains 1.2%. The content of other trace silk ash, ash content of cotton fiber was 1.14%. In several mainstream fibers. The ice has the nature of cotton, yarn quality is a typical ecological fiber, derived from natural and superior natural.
Q:What are the features of Korean suede fabrics?
Korean velvet, also known as "washed velvet", "Chiffon", "velvet Chiffon", is a combination of washed velvet and chiffon, both washed cashmere velvet and chiffon of the light, vertical sense. Suitable for making spring summer dresses, clothes and so on, this year overall sales of this fabric is good.
Q:What does TC mean in fabric?
TC is a polyester and cotton fabric,T= polyesterC= cottonUsually, the pictures in TC indicate that the polyester content is more than the cotton content!Indicates that the TC fabric has T65% C35%T80% C20%Wait for these!!
Q:What kind of fabric do men wear for short sleeved T-shirts?
It is made of high spinning yarn, and mercerized cotton fabric is made of cotton. Then singeing, mercerizing special processing, high quality mercerized yarn made of bright and smooth, soft and wrinkle. Made by the high quality raw material not only completely preserved T-shirt fabric, excellent natural characteristics of cotton, but also has the sheen of silk general, fabric moisture permeability, elasticity and vertical sense of good; and the rich color, dress is comfortable and casual, fully embodies the temperament and taste of the clothing. Mercerized cotton and double mercerized cotton fabric, exquisite, in workmanship and printing embroidery, and general clothing is different, it is recommended to find the focus of high-grade T-shirt manufacturers, they are more experienced.

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