PLA Spunbond Nonowven Fabric

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PLA(Polymer Lactic Acid) is synthetic materials which is completely biodegradable. We can gain PLA from crude corn. PLA is an ideal environmental.


Specification of PLA spunbond nonwoven fabric


Material: PLA (polymer lactic acid)
Weight, 60gsm,80gsm, customized
Width:10-320cm, could be sliced
Length: 2000m, customized
Pattern: diamond


Application of PLA spunbond nonwoven fabric


--Medical and health
--Individual protective goods,
--Anti-dust industrial cloth
--Packing materials
--Agricultural and gardening


 PLA Spunbond Nonowven Fabric  PLA Spunbond Nonowven Fabric  PLA Spunbond Nonowven Fabric

Q:What is the specific modal fabric material?
Modal fabric is widely used in the coats, underwear, sports apparel and home textiles. Due to the excellent characteristics of modal and environmental protection, is one of the most promising fiber, and it can be blended and other fabrics, it can also produce sportswear, casual wear, shirts, senior clothing fabrics.
Q:What's the reason for Pilling?
Solution: after pilling, the common way is to use sticky glue to stick the ball. If the area of the balloon is large, a trimmer for removing the bulb is available. In addition, with a razor in pilling place gently scraping, it is easy to put off the ball. There is also a limit to the amount of pilling. After a few blows, it's enough. It won't be renewed.
Q:What is the difference between TC fabric and cotton fabric?
Cotton fabric is better than TC fabric. Cotton wear comfortable, breathable, warm, moisture absorption, heat resistance, alkali resistance, hygiene.Polyester cotton is a synthetic fabric, not easy to sweat. Feels a thorn pulling feeling very vulnerable to static, sideways looks light.Cotton features: not only highlights the polyester and cotton fabric style strengths in dry and wet conditions and better flexibility and abrasion resistance, dimensional stability, small shrinkage, with tall and straight, not easy to fold, easy to wash, dry, not with high iron and soaked in boiling water.The shortcomings of the polyester cotton: cotton polyester fibers belong to hydrophobic fiber on oil affinity is strong, easy to absorb oil, and the wear process is easy to produce static electricity and dust, it is difficult to wash, but not with high iron and soaked in boiling water. Polyester cotton is synthetic fiber, it can not be degraded.
Q:What's Mitch's fabric?
Mitch is a satin fabric.Satin is the transliteration of satin. Satin, satin, or satin, smooth, satin;. Is a type of fabric with silk, polyester and other fibers with satin woven texture, a thick and shiny silk.
Q:What fabric is the shirt made of?
Ordinary shirts are made of fabrics, usually made of cotton and synthetic fibers, which are then woven into yarn. This fabric will be relatively hard, when washing, it is obvious not to hang water (chemical fiber does not absorb water).
Q:What are the features and advantages of the slub yarn fabric? What are the main selling points?
Main selling point:1, a wide range of varieties, is one of the most kinds of fancy yarn, there are slub slub yarn, knot shaped slub yarn, short fiber slub yarn, filament yarn and so on;2, when used to dress fabrics or decorative fabrics, flower patterns prominent, unique style, strong sense of three-dimensional.
Q:What is fabric recycling?
Another famous fashion designer Lssey Miyake (Issey Miyake), knitting queen Sonia Rykiel, Sweden Sandra Backlund and other cutting-edge designer works to make the world attention, largely from the designer a good grasp of the fabric. Lssey Miyake's design extends directly to the fabric design field, he will be the Japanese paper, cotton cloth, knitted cotton, linen and other traditional materials, the application of modern technology, combined with his philosophy thought, to create a variety of texture fabrics, design unique and unbelievable clothing, known as the "magician of fabric". He created a "life fold", showing two times the infinite charm of creative fabrics, is still a model of fabric redesign. From Sweden Sandra Backlund on woven fabric texture grasp is not lost by predecessors, hollow weave wool gives new meaning, with pure manual techniques, weave laminated court dress pleated effect and fur luxurious texture, build up a new fashion space.
Q:Nylon fabric in the end permeability?
So is nylon nylon, but not the same number (i.e. varying thickness, the ventilation effect is not the key), above said socks permeability is good, the professional is a fabric structure, you can see how much the mesh socks, not breathable fibers if he was out of the surface of dense hole to air is difficult.
Q:What does "F.Poliamm" mean in fabric ingredients?
Polyamides are polymers that are polymerized by amide bonds of monomers containing carboxyl and amino groups. They may be naturally generated proteins such as wool, silk, and so forth, and may also be artificially polymerized by stepwise polymerization or solid phase polymerization, for example nylon, aromatic polyamide and sodium poly (aspartic acid). Because of its extreme durability and strength, artificial polyamide polymers are often used in auto parts, textiles, carpets, sportswear, food packaging, eyeglass frames, lenses, aircraft, bicycle tires, armor, protective gloves, fireproof clothes, fire helmets etc..
Q:What's the difference between cashmere wool fabric and cashmere fabric?
Cashmere, including cashmere?. Cashmere is the growth in the goat cortex, buried in the goat hair root, a thin layer of coarse fine cashmere, cold winter long, resist cold, warm spring glabrescent, natural climatic adaptation, is a rare special animal fiber. Cashmere is very valuable, not only because of the scarcity of production (accounted for only 0.2% of the total output of the world animal fiber), more important is its excellent quality and characteristics of trade in price, is considered the "diamond fiber", "fiber Queen", is a human to use all textile raw materials can not be compared therefore, also known as "soft gold". About 70% of the world's cashmere is made in China and is superior in quality to other countries.
LONG,specializing in the production and sales of PET,PLA nonwoven fabric,is famous group corporation with different products. Since the establishment of our company, we devoted ourselves providing good product and satisfying service, not only for the domestic customers, but also for the customer abroad.So far, we have wide range of customers, such as Europe,American,Middle East and Asia etc, with export percentage 40%.

1. Manufacturer Overview

Location Zhejiang,China
Year Established
Annual Output Value Below US$1 Million
Main Markets Mid East,Europe,The America,Southeast Asia
Africa ,Oceania ,Mid East
Company Certifications ISO 9001

2. Manufacturer Certificates

a) Certification Name  
Validity Period  

3. Manufacturer Capability

a)Trade Capacity  
Nearest Port Ningbo,Shanghai
Export Percentage 1% - 10%
No.of Employees in Trade Department 15 People
Language Spoken: English;Chinese;
b)Factory Information  
Factory Size: Above200,000 square meters
No. of Production Lines 20
Contract Manufacturing Design Service Offered
Product Price Range High;Average

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