Lace Textile for French Wedding Dress Alencon Lace

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2015 good quality fancy design lace textile for french wedding dress alencon lace

Product Description



2.WIDTH: 1-25CM
3.Lace /fabric with OEKO TEX-100 SGS BV

4.Available in different designs and colors.




Q: Is the quality competitive in textile industry?

A: We have specialized in manufacturing and exportation printed fabric for 15 year. We can provide various fabric with diverse patterns. Each process will undergo strict inspection.


Q: What is the minimum quantity?

A: Usually 500m or more than 500m for each color, we can also accept order less than 500m. We offer discount for orders larger than 5,000 meters and the most favorable price for orders above 10,000 meters


Q: How about the package

A: We usually pack as follows:

1. In roll packing with tubes and plastic bags

2. In roll packing with tubes and cartons

3. According to customers’ request

4. Usually 50yds/roll, or according to customers’ request

5. Customized hanger tag, paper tapes and stamping or according to customers’ request

Q:What fabric is cashmere like?
This product has more vivid and rich colors than natural cashmere. But in the actual dress still can not get rid of acrylic electrostatic problems. Therefore, the market sales of general products have the problem of static electricity, of course, now the benefits of science and technology electrostatic treatment agent can be removed, using negative ion treatment process, that is, the price and the process is relatively strict. Cashmere like acrylic fiber has its unique function of bulkiness and softness.
Q:Do flax pants shrink or will they loosen?
If it is pure linen fabrics shrink rate is about ten percent, so the washing time must pay attention to. The water temperature is too high will shrink badly. In addition the flax color fastness is not good, will drop a little color, and other light colored clothes do not wash together.
Q:Chiffon fabric can prevent bask in it?
Chiffon fabric can prevent sun, but the effect is very poor.All kinds of fabrics have a certain effect of sunscreen, chiffon fabric is very poor, it is best to use sunscreen.
Q:What's the difference between nylon and Dacron?
On the other hand will be different. Polyester feel more rough, feel very smooth nylon. Also can use fingernails, fingernails, there are obvious signs is not obvious traces of polyester, nylon, but this method is better than the first method is intuitive and easy to argue
Q:What's the difference between silk and mulberry silk?
Silk is a general designation of silk, but silk consists of mulberry silk, tussah silk, castor silk, cassava silk and so on. Silk is called "fiber Queen", because of its unique charm, has been favored by people of all ages. Belong to protein fiber, silk, silk contains 18 kinds of beneficial to human body amino acid, can help skin maintain the membrane surface The new supersedes the old. it can make the skin keep moist, smooth.
Q:What's the difference between spunpoly and polyester fabrics?
Spun poly, also known as Spun Polyester, textile polyester or staple fiber polyester, is made of 100% polyester fiber (Polyester) and yarn mixed.Here. We can find that Polyester is pure polyester fiber, Spun and poly are obtained from the Polyester fiber yarn textile fabrics after processing.
Q:What are the advantages and disadvantages of Lesel fiber?
Which fiber is a new textile and apparel fabrics, in late 1990s the rise in europe. It not only has the natural fiber cotton comfort, feel good, easy to dye and other characteristics, but also has the traditional viscose fiber does not have the advantages of environmental protection. Viscose fiber takes petroleum as the raw material, in the production process will release the carbon disulfide, the hydrogen sulfide and so on harmful gas, pollutes the environment, therefore is gradually eliminated in the developed country. Which fiber formed by renewable bamboo and wood pulp as raw material after crushing, advanced technology makes the solvent recovery rate as high as 99.7%, not only energy saving and environmental protection, and sustainable development. Made of this fiber clothing not only natural luster, feel smooth, high strength, no shrinkage, and moisture permeability, good air permeability, and good effect of wool fabric.
Q:Shirt fabric. What material is good?
For many people who are afraid of trouble, choosing polyester and cotton blended shirts is more appropriate. They are not wrinkle prone and wear a long time. They are much better than 100% cotton shirts. However, this kind of blended fabric is inferior to cotton in summer in the cool and comfortable.
Q:Nylon and polyester which is easy to electrostatic?
High moisture regain indicates that the fiber absorbs more moisture under normal conditions. Absorb high moisture, static electricity is small. Polyester does not absorb moisture, so polyester must be more static than nylon!
Q:What kind of fabric do men wear for short sleeved T-shirts?
It has the ability of draping and crease recovery, which is the elastic cotton fabric that is embedded in spandex during weaving process. Feel good, more intimate, highlighting the body, elastic, especially suitable for personal wear. It has been used in men's t-shirts for the last two years. Generally when doing T-shirt fabric, plus spandex fabric can only do light base, low temperature mercerizing. This fabric is suitable for personal style T-shirt and skinny will be worse. In particular, this kind of fabric to shrink water treatment.

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