PP Nonwoven Fabric

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Product Description:


PP Nonwoven Fabric


Specification of PP Nonwoven Fabric


Material:100% Polypropylene material
Weight: 12-260
Color: Any color is available
Certification: CE,ISO9001:2000


Feature of PP Nonwoven Fabric

1.Excellent softness and drapeness
2.Nontoxic,anti-bacteria, and endurance of corrosion
3.Good air-permeability and water-repellence
4.High level of tensile strength, and elongation rate


Application of PP Nonwoven Fabric:


Home textile, interlining
Hospital and Hygienic products,
Agricultural applciation,
Industrial field, package use


 PP Nonwoven Fabric  PP Nonwoven Fabric


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Q:What's the difference between polyester fiber and chiffon?
The first floor does not understand textile at all, do not make it difficult for him.Polyester fiber is polyester fiber, the full name is polyethylene terephthalate (ethylene terephthalate), referred to as polyester. This is a kind of fiber, textile material.
Q:Is not pure cotton will pilling it?
Not necessarily. Well handled now will not lift the ball. Cotton is also easy to wrinkle and deformation, add other ingredients can maintain stereotypes, nor pilling.
Q:Nylon fabric in the end permeability?
Nylon breathable and can not represent the permeability of its fabrics is good, it depends on his weave, fabric structure and other aspects to analyze.
Q:100 what's the fabric of Dacron?
Polyester fiber is an important variety of synthetic fiber, and it is the product name of polyester fiber in china.
Q:What's the fabric of Odair?
Odair fabric is an eco-friendly fabric. Odair is a high-grade fabric made of white fibers from plants and spun by special processes, blended with cotton. The auxiliary materials and auxiliaries are non-toxic and harmless, and the production process meets the requirements of environmental protection. It can be regarded as a model of eco textiles.
Q:What fabric is cashmere like?
Steam heat setting after top bulkiness was significantly better than the steam heat setting before the fabric, consisting of fabric softness, is any natural animal fiber can not be achieved, but its poor hygroscopicity in natural fiber, if in physical modification work, change its shortcomings, make the market more the future, more hope. Cashmere acrylic top is mass-produced, for many reasons. Mainly the price factor.
Q:What are the advantages and disadvantages of pure cotton fabrics?
(1) at 110 centigrade below, will only cause the fabric of moisture evaporation, the fiber is not damaged, at room temperature, washing and dyeing had no effect on the fabric, improve the fabric wash wear performance.(2) cotton fiber is naturally resistant to alkali, and fiber should not be destroyed by alkali, which is beneficial to washing clothes. And dyeing, printing and other processes.Environmental protection: cotton fiber is natural fiber. Pure cotton fabric contact with the skin without any stimulation, beneficial to the human body harmless.
Q:What material is double Zou?
The main features are: surface with Shuangzhou homogeneous and fine wrinkles, texture soft, smooth, bright color silk crepe
Q:What are high count high yarn fabrics?
The shirts of high count cotton fabric are comfortable, soft, sweat absorbing, easy to wrinkle, easy to change, easy to dye or discolor. A high quality shirt should be pure cotton at least. As a person who really knows how to dress, you should know how to judge what cotton fabric is really good. The key to the fabric is wearing a life, life, visual perception, washing in skin and other characteristics, the number of the index can only have effect on the material properties, and the influence of number and weight and other indicators of characteristics of raw materials, to count as the main parameters to measure the quality of the fabric is confuse the public practice.
Q:Pure cotton fabric how to wash?
After washing, the dehydration should be rapidly leveled and dried to reduce wrinkles. In addition to the white fabric, not in the sun exposure, avoiding sun exposure and makes the cotton accelerate oxidation, thereby reducing the service life of clothes and caused the faded yellow, if the drying in the sunlight, suggested to be dry inside outwards.

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