pvc pipe Wholesale High Quality Large Diameter

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Product Description:

1.Description of PVC Pipe :
Quality Standard: Smooth surface, no spot, no shrink mark, no surface quality defect.Check from cross section, homogeneous in density, good plasticizing degree, relative chemical/physical property meet customer requirement. We supply different environment protection products to meet different market requirement.
Back working procedure: precise length cutting, drilling/slotting/punching, gold stamping, quality inspection, cleaning, assembling, and packing.
Application:construction, home decoration, stationery&toy, advertising, ornament, etc.
Common Feature: high glossy, water proof, damp proof, termite proof, shock proof, fire retardant, Maintenance free, light weight ,easy to install, economical, durability, recyclable

2.Features of pvc pipes :
1)  Light weight, easy to load and unload: PVC pipe is very light, convenient to handle loading unloading, and installing.
2)  Good chemicals and drugs resistance: PVC pipe has its excellent resistance to the erosion caused by acids and alkalines, a great help to the chemical industries.
3) Small resistance to fluidity: The smooth surface reduces resistance to the fluids. Its roughness coefficient is only 0.009, much less than other pipes, Under same discharges, smaller cabibre of the pipe can be uesd.
4) Strong mechanical strength: Good resistance to water pressure, outside impact and pressure, is satisfied under any conditions.
5) Good electrical insulation: excellent insulation nature against electricity. the pvc pipe can be served as conduits and pipes in construction cable and wire.
6) Water quality unaffected: The solution tests on the PVC pipe show no affect on water quality when the water flows through is. It is considered the best piping material for running water works.
7) Simple installation: Very easy to connect, thus much time and laborcost may be saved.

3.PVC Pipe Images:

pvc pipe Wholesale High Quality Large Diameter

pvc pipe Wholesale High Quality Large Diameter

4.Specifications of the pvc pipe:
1) Material: pvc pipe unplasticized polyvinyl chloride
2) Standard: GB, ISO9001, ISO14001
3) Color: white  pvc pipe, grey  pvc pipe , etc.
4) Specific Gravity:g/cm3, 20(C): 1.35 - 1.55
5) Vicat Softening Temperature: (C)  >=79
6) Longitudinal Reversion: %, 150(C) <=5< span=""><>
7) Dichloromethane Resistance Test: No attack
8) Falling Weight Impact Test: TIR, %, 0(C) <=10< span=""><>
9) Tensile Yield Strength:  Mpa >=40
10) Fitness of Water Tightness Test: No Leakage
11) Fitness of Air Tightness Test: No Leakage

Q:What is you MOQ?
A:As customer’s request.
Q:What is the production ability? or delivery time?
A:Our production ability support 40HQ order finish in one week.
Q:What is the regular shipping port?
A:Tianjin or Shanghai.
Q:What is your payment?
A:TT or CC.
Q:Can we have sample?
A:Sample free, freight cost you.
Q:For urgently doubts,who online?
A:Sales and marketing Manager 24hours online service. 

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Q:What's the plastic pipe that the street lamp foundation is exposed to?
The installation height of lamps and lanterns must be the same as the installation height of the luminaire on the same street (from the center of light to the height of the ground). Small bend lamp, one meter light 5-6 meters, ordinary street long arm lamp and pendant lamp, 6.5-7.5 meters fast track arc type lamp not less than 8 meters, slow lane arc type lamp not less than 6.5 meters
Q:Do not pipe plastic pipe connection
Buy a metal. With the elbow sealing machine and plastic pipe connected together by threads in the two ends and two pipes on the line.
If the tube smells or if your hamster urinates in it, definitively clean it. If it doesn't smell, you can leave it alone or clean it.
Q:Can I substitute a cake decor tube for a plastic sandwich bag?
I have tried to do this several times. I am always hopeful that it will work. Sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn't. In general, your icing can't be too thick, and your pressure on the bag can't be too heavy, or the bag breaks and you end up with a gloppy mess. It is also important to note that the cheaper the quality of the bag, the more likely you are to break it. If you take your time, and practice on a piece of wax paper (or similar) prior to starting on the cake, I think you will be able to do it. Especially if you have experience decorating cakes! Best of luck!
Q:My dip stick broke but i can still see it in the tube, it broke off from the plastic peice.?
I just had a look at mine and it seems that tHe tube which hold the dipstick is only held in by some sort of lock tight, if this is the case for yours then you should be able to twist the tube and remove it that way.
Q:What's the plastic tube that came with my violin for?
It's a string tube. You store spare strings in it (violin strings).
Q:There is rubbish in the plastic pipe. How can it be cleaned?
With negative pressure method, that is, with rubber skin bowl this tool repeatedly pressure nozzle, a loose one tight extrusion.
Q:auto:My Dodge Neon needs its brakes bled. What size plastic tube is used?
3/16 or 1/4.
Q:How do you connect the white plastic tube with the PPR tube?
HeatingAccording to the diameter and accessories welding, welding machine heating element installed in the appropriate mold.The welder connects to the 220/230 volt AC power supply.Select 260 degrees. C. temperature on welding machine constant temperature.Wait for the desired work temperature.Insert pressure applied to light pipe molds and fittings.Heating time refers to different sizes of pipe tables.
Q:What is the plastic piece called at the end of the Spring inside a Shotgun tube?
may is correct also it may be a plug for 3 shoot cap.....

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