Embroidery Door Mat Door Mat Polyester Surface ECO Friendly TPR Backing Embroidery Kitchen Rug

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Embroidery Door Mat Door Mat Polyester Surface ECO Friendly TPR Backing Embroidery Kitchen Rug



Products Functions

Suite package Polyester surface ECO friendly TPR backing embroidery kitchen rug

About kitchen rug

1)  Material :100% polyester,TPR backing

2)  Pile Weight :600 G/SQM

3)  Backing Weight : 600G/SQM

4)  Total Thickness : 5mm

Color:Red, Dark Red, Blue, Green, Gray, Black, Coffe 

Characteristic: anti-slip, anti-dust, waterproof and absorbent.

Load bearing: 20'GP can load more or less 3000sqm

40'GP can load more or less 8000sqm, it depends on the packing


Packing in mats: 40cmx60cm  45cmx75cm  50cmx80cm  60cmx90cm  

Beautiful  waterproof kitchen mat


Embroidery Door Mat Door Mat Polyester Surface ECO Friendly TPR Backing Embroidery Kitchen Rug

Embroidery Door Mat Door Mat Polyester Surface ECO Friendly TPR Backing Embroidery Kitchen Rug


Q:i have a extra room in my house that used to be a lil girls room. the carpet is sort of a reddish pinkish color. i dont have a girl anymore and would like to turn the room into a play room for my son. can i dye the carpet? if so wat colors could i change it to and where could i get the dye?
The easiest and surest way to change the color is to change the carpet. If the present carpet is nylon, there is no way to dye it evenly. Go to commercial carpet installer house and purchase an end run from a job of a color that works for you...you will spend far less money doing this than trying to dye a carpet that will make a mess. Choose level loop commercial carpet....will never wear out under residential use.
Q:How soft is the carpet after washing?
Carpet cleaning methods and techniques:(1) use upright vacuum cleaner to vacuum thoroughly. (if there is no upright vacuum cleaner can be used drum type dust machine).(2) clear clear stains first. (in addition to water soluble, oil soluble, colloidal stains)(3) the liquid medicine box is arranged on the wiping machine, and against the water dry foam liquid into the box, the best installation of electronic C box, using C box to reduce the foam water content.(4) will promote the wiping machine inside the washing place, plug the power line plug, debug the wiping machine lifting rod (the position adjusted to operate their own positions), and start the machine from indoor to outdoor each line overlap 1/3 scrub and mechanical walking direction from left to right, then move to another line from right to left, the operation is repeated until the full after scrubbing.
Q:I am in soo much trouble, i am baby sitting at a brand new house. The child im taking care of wet the carpet so i used a hair dryer to dry it out. I found out the carpet was synthetic and it melted, there is a huge melt stain, plz help me, how can i fix it, i will die!!!
WHAT?? Are you sure that was a hair dryer and not a freekin' HEAT GUN? I've never heard of a hair dryer that was hot enough to melt the typical polymers used in carpeting. In any case, you tried to fix a problem and for some strange reason it didn't work - if I were the owner, I might be upset, but if you really used just a conventional hair dryer, and it indeed melted the carpet, I think I would be more upset with the carpet company. After all, you were trying to do the right thing. Now, if you're lucky, the homeowner will have some spare carpeting that they've saved away for exactly this kind of accident. An experienced carpet layer can surgically replace that using any one of two or three techniques. They can even do this if the homeowner doesn't have some spare carpeting, although that will add some additional cost, and the match may not be quite as good (depends on the color and style, which if the house is new, will hopefully still be available).
Q:What are the advantages and disadvantages of acrylic carpet? How about the household?
Its resilience, heat preservation, light fastness, dyeability are worse than wool carpets; man-made fibers are flammable, easy to generate static electricity and dust adsorption. Acrylic carpet shortcomings, in fact, the application of modern science and technology can be improved. Acrylic carpets on the market are mostly flame - proof and antistatic. Therefore, consumers in the choice of time, as long as the acrylic fiber carpet has been checked anti - combustion, anti-static treatment, then an economical and cost-effective acrylic carpet was picked home.
Q:Someone that moved in with me recently broke the wireless internet adapter to my computer and since I haven't figured out how to fix it I think it may be easier for me to just run a wire from the router to my computer. The problem is that the router is on the xbox in my room and the computer is in my living room 30 feet away. I am getting a 50ft Ethernet cable but I don't want to run it straight across my floor and plan to run it through my basement. I have hardwood floors in my room and there is already a hole to my basement there but my computer is over stretched carpet. I am wondering if I can put a small hole less than 1 inch in the carpet without damaging it or creating a spot that will wear more quickly.
Drive a nail through the carpet where you wnt to bring the wire back up. Locate the nail in the basement, remove the nail. Slowly drill up from the basement, trying not to get into the carpet(it will twist around the drill and damage it more than necessary.) Be sure the drilled hole is big enough for the end of the wire, slice the carpet with a razor-blade in an X and feed it through.
Q:what is the commercial that the woman is looking at her carpet saying oh no my mother in law is coming in a hour how am i supposed to get this carpet clean. It's like a shake on thing moist powder or foam then you vacuum up after like 30 mins.
commercial carpet cleaners do a rotten job, except for Resolve. most that a powder can do is loosen some dirt and hair and deodarize. the foaming ones do not work. Buy a tub of Oxy-Clean, make a thick paste out of warm water in a Dixie cup. spread on carpet, work in with brush, wait a minute, then pick up the most that you can with a wet towel, rinseing at least once.
Polyester is better than polypropylene. Polyester is generally divided into polyester filament and staple fiber, but polypropylene's wear resistance is good than polyester, because of light texture, friction resistance, especially compared with polyester carpet, polypropylene belongs to the synthetic fiber, now polypropylene fiber is more used in the carpet . The key of even a good carpet is easy to take care of, cheap, there is another point is that it's easy to take care of from the hand feeling, polypropylene fiber belongs to the chemical fiber.
Q:My female Tabby kitten almost 1 year always licks the carpet. Why and what should i do about this to make her stop?
The same place on the carpet or just everywhere and anywhere on the carpet? If it is the same spot, something there probably smells yummy, especially if it just started up one day. If the kitten has always done it, this makes answering the question a little tricky. Sometimes cats will lick at something if they have some sort of nutrient or iron deficiency.
Q:How do I fix this? Vacuuming only helps a little. The carpet is mushed from being stepped on all year in some areas, and other areas it looks like it did when we bought it. This makes the mushed area very noticeable. It is a lighter color than the carpet was originally.
The problem you have is caused by low density -- carpet weight is the ounces a square yard weighs not counting the backing, so 18 ounce carpet weighs 18 ounces per sq yd without backing, etc. Most homes are built by price driven builders, so the weight is low. To make it look more plush, these builders specify long nap carpet, and the combination of long nap plus low weight means the fibers aren't close together to offer mutual support. Hence, crushing in traffic areas. You can steam the carpet (there's a small steam machine available for about 12 dollars) and while still damp and soft, you can brush it with a regular hairbrush to help restore the carpet to a less crushed condition. This problem is especially noticeable at the front edge of stair treads. Best fix is more expensive carpet, but steam and brush helps as long as you keep doing it.

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