Embroidery Door Mat Door Mat Polyester Surface ECO Friendly TPR Backing Embroidery Kitchen Rug

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Product Description:

Embroidery Door Mat Door Mat Polyester Surface ECO Friendly TPR Backing Embroidery Kitchen Rug



Products Functions

Suite package Polyester surface ECO friendly TPR backing embroidery kitchen rug

About kitchen rug

1)  Material :100% polyester,TPR backing

2)  Pile Weight :600 G/SQM

3)  Backing Weight : 600G/SQM

4)  Total Thickness : 5mm

Color:Red, Dark Red, Blue, Green, Gray, Black, Coffe 

Characteristic: anti-slip, anti-dust, waterproof and absorbent.

Load bearing: 20'GP can load more or less 3000sqm

40'GP can load more or less 8000sqm, it depends on the packing


Packing in mats: 40cmx60cm  45cmx75cm  50cmx80cm  60cmx90cm  

Beautiful  waterproof kitchen mat


Embroidery Door Mat Door Mat Polyester Surface ECO Friendly TPR Backing Embroidery Kitchen Rug

Embroidery Door Mat Door Mat Polyester Surface ECO Friendly TPR Backing Embroidery Kitchen Rug


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Q:Will apartment want to replace carpet?
their recovery is limited to the actual value, when you moved in, of the carpet that will be replaced, plus the actual cost of removing the old bit [which is pretty cheap]. thus, stained reduces the value they had, as well as age.
Q:Similar rug? (original from pbteen)?
OKorder.com has really cute rugs. Sometimes, the store does not carry them. So you can order them online!
Q:Does anyone have any insight about how to deep clean a large shag rug?
If the rug has a rubber backing, you can machine wash it. Take it to a laundromat and use the machines there. Cold water, regular laundry detergent. Then bring the rug home and hang it to air dry. If the rug has a stiff canvas backing, you will need to either rent a carpet cleaner or hire a professional to clean it. Good luck. -
Q:getting glue marks off carpet.?
I don't quite understand--they glued carpet TO carpet? That's the laziest thing I've ever heard. Carpet adhesive can't be removed from carpeting, you have to tear it all out and replace it. Keep going and see if you hit hardwood floors, much better looking.
Q:Carpet Stains..?
What color is the carpet? When we moved into our apartment there used to be an overly darkish brown stain within the center of the purple carpet. We'd had the carpets wiped clean however it remained. I obtained a few bleach and a purple Chux (I do not know whether or not you will have this product in which you're however this can be a feel cleansing fabric). The bleach eliminated the stain out of the carpet and the purple from the Chux used to be transferred to the carpet. You can no longer inform in any respect in which the stain used to be.
Q:Bleach my carpet ???????????????????
It would make it a lighter color for sure, but the shade probably won't be very consistent. Think blue jeans that have had bleach splashed on them. You also wouldn't be able to use your house until it aired out with the windows open for a few days.
Q:Where can i get a gigantic rug or carpet?
Hi, Finding a ready made rug of that size is a bit difficult. You may have to specially order it, which is not all that difficult/expensive. If you go for a carpet, then it has to be installed.
Q:Design question about rugs?
Lay out a template of each rug size for the chair and ottoman area. You should be able to see more clearly which size would be best. Also the rug in that area does not have to be large enough for the pieces to set totally on. It merely has to define the area and add interest.
Q:Cleaning my carpet with a rental Rug Doctor?
I use a machine I got from a garage sale. I learned a trick from some apt owners (250 apts at their site). First pretreat with Shout Use recomended soap or less. Never use more soap because if it is left in carpet it attracts dirt Rinse with a cup or so of shout in the rinse water because it cuts the foam of the soap so you can get it out. (Antifoam) Shout is my hero when it comes to carpet! Hope it helps
Q:Removing fingernail polish from a rug?
It depends on what type of rug it is but most of the time anything that you can get fingernail polish out with will take the color out in the rug. Call a car detail shop and ask them if they will take a look. My husband owns a detail shop where we live and people even bring this type of thing in for him to work on.

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