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Screen Printed Door Mat With TPR Backing

Screen Printed Door Mat With TPR Backing

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Screen Printed Door Mat With TPR Backing


Product Specification

NameWelcome style screen printed door mat with TPR backing
Material100% Polyester, 100% TPR
Pile weight 600GSM
Backing weight600GSM
Backing thickness -
Total thickness6.0MM


Pile:600gsm, 100% Polyester
Backing:600gsm, 100% TPR


Screen Printed Door Mat With TPR Backing

Screen Printed Door Mat With TPR Backing


Q:Have a quick question? What do professional carpet cleaners uses to make the carpet smell like lemon etc?
Carpet deodorizer. You'll find stuff like that sold in janitorial supply places, or you can buy it at a rug store.
Q:I just recently moved into an apartment that is all carpet. Wanted to know if there is any sort of temporary hardwood (or anything similar) floors, I can install over the carpet, since I am renting and cant rip out the carpets
yes. Go to Home Depot or Lowes.
Q:I have stains in my carpet and I have used everything there is. So I want to know can I spray paint my carpet?
I've never heard of it being done, but that doesn't mean that it can't be done. If you use a permanent fabric dye (I suggest trying it on a small carpet remnant first, so you can see if the color stays when you clean it), you should be able to load it into a sprayer and dye your carpet. You wouldn't want to walk on it the first week because you might spread the dye to areas that you didn't want in in. I have a room that I might consider trying it in too.
Q:I got some nail polish on our carpeting. How do I clean it off? It's red nail polish on light tan carpet and it looks terrible!
You can usually just cut the nail polish off with scissors. Dissect any clumps first by cutting them in half or thirds or smaller. Then just cut the very tips of the fibers. Work slowly. Don't cut a single millimeter more than you have to and pull up while cutting. This will help prevent divots in the carpet. Try your best to cut just one or two fibers at a time...not whole clumps. This will work unless you have already used a solvent and worked the polish further into the carpet. Also...cutting the polish works on shag, frieze, and plush carpets, but not loopy carpets, like Berber. If you've worked the polish further into the carpet or if you have a loopy carpet, you can fix the problem with a carpet transplant. Carpet transplant: 1. Cut the stained area out using a razor knife. Be careful to cut only the carpet, not the padding under it. 2. Cut a replace piece of carpet from somewhere no one sees, like from inside of a closet. If you have leftover carpet that matches, use this. 3. Trace around the ruined piece of carpet on a piece of paper. This will be your template for the new piece. You want an EXACT match in both shape and size. 4. Use your template to cut the replace piece. 5. Glue or sew the new piece into place. If you use glue, make sure it is waterproof glue. If you would rather sew the piece to the existing carpet, you will need a curved needle. The repair should be undetectable once you're done.
Q:Ok, I have a very dirty carpet with dried on blood stains from one of my pets (He is ok, he had an infection) that's been sitting there for a few weeks. The carpet has not been cleaned for three years, and is very dirty. The stain was pretreated immediately after the incident, but never got out. I am going to clean the carpet now, and here is my plan. I am going to get - 1 Rental Bissell Big Green Deep Cleaner- 1 Bissell Spotbot- 1 box of Borax- 1 box of OxycleanWhat should I use as the carpet cleaning solution? Have any pretreat recommendations? Have any suggestions?
no rent a rug doctor machine I think homedepot or pathmark use the rug doctor chemicals before you do this pretreat the stains
Q:How do you make the carpet glued to the tile?
Hook fixation. This method is in the room around the ground with strong glue installed with cards hook wood, carpet will hang on the card hook.
Q:I have two toddlers, and needless to say my carpets get a little dirty very easily. Can anyone recommend a good carpet cleaning machine that actually gets the job done. I had one about 2 years ago ( can't remember the brand ), and it sucked. It didn't work, and it left my carpets soaking wet. Anyways, I will probably use it every 2 weeks or so, and if I am going to spend money on something I want it to be worth it ya know. Thanks n advance 4 the help!
to locate a pro near you. Pro's use citric acid in the rinse water to aid in soap removal, and to lower the PH of the carpet to a neutral position, similar to new. If the carpet is Nylon, it can also be Scotch Guard protected by this same pro.
Q:How many types of persian rugs exist?
Persian rugs are known as one of the oldest oriental rugs. Persian rugs value is timeless works of art that exude beauty, elegance and quality. Some of the types of persian rugs are Tabriz, Nazmiyal, Gelim and Shiraz.
Q:So does anyone know how to properly wash a rug. A living room sized rug.... 8x10... without damaging it or anything? My darling 2 y/o has spilt plenty of things on it and it's time for a washing!
I used to take my area rugs to my local chem-dry they'd clean them. I don't think there is a machine large enough to handle an 8x10 rug. Best of luck to you!
Q:i have a thin indoor/outdoor rug glued down to the cement in my basement, there is no padding under it, its a dark color so stains arnt a problem , its just the smell of urine and animal feces i want to get out, whats the best way to clean it .
You can wash it with warm water and soap or something or if it is old just throw it away

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