Screen Printed Door Mat With TPR Backing

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Product Description:

Screen Printed Door Mat With TPR Backing


Product Specification

NameWelcome style screen printed door mat with TPR backing
Material100% Polyester, 100% TPR
Pile weight 600GSM
Backing weight600GSM
Backing thickness -
Total thickness6.0MM


Pile:600gsm, 100% Polyester
Backing:600gsm, 100% TPR


Screen Printed Door Mat With TPR Backing

Screen Printed Door Mat With TPR Backing


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Q:I have a nasty old carpet and I don't want to replace it until I decide to get ceramic tiles or fiber glass vinyle. I went to Ikea and bought large area rugs. They move when we walk on them and they wrinkle. I used doubled sided tape, it didn't work. Can I use Gorilla glue? should I spray water first before using the glue?should I use super glue? I own the place, so it is ok to glue rugs to the carpet.
I would not use gorilla glue on anything you need to walk on. Gorilla glue foams up like styrofoam if it usn't clamped tight and the dried foam is a bit fragile and will crumble. Super glue will soak in and not hold the pieces together. I can't think of a solution, but perhaps there's an answer at Ace or Home Depot hardware store. Perhaps staples will work out, or carpet tacks, unless the floor is cement.
Q:We are currently in a rental and our dogs chewed up some of our carpet. The carpet is berber and we have left over carpet in storage from when it was installed. One chewed up piece is in a corner and the other is a long rectangle area maybe 2 feet long by 7 or 8 inches wide. That area that is chewed up is in the middle of the carpet. Is there any way to just cut out the peices and replace them with the extra carpet we have or is that not doable with berber carpet? If we can do it can you tell me how or who to contact. Thank you so much!
Berber will be harder to match, but if you've never patched carpet you will not like the results. Somethings are just cheaper to leave to the pros who have experience and all the necessary tools and materials. I would check with a carpet cleaner who can fix carpet too. This would allow the repair to be part of the cleaning in the same visit, so it would be cheaper. You could just let your landlord have it fixed, but you should know how much it should cost so you don't get ripped off. If your landlord has a professional fix the carpet, the landlord must live with the result, he can't just say he doesn't like your work, or your carpet guy's work. Finally, a good source for new carpet is in you closets. Did you pay a pet deposit? That should cover you. Do you have renter's or household insurance? That should cover you too.
Q:I have carpet in the living room, it's not a big room, average size. I have a BISSELL steam cleaner, the one with the bristles, and I can empty the tank 5 times and keep going over the room and it still comes up dirty (the water) Is this normal? It's not possible to clean it until the water comes up clean is it? This carpet is probably old, we moved in a year ago so I am not sure how old it is.
I also have a steam cleaner--a Bissel Proheat 2X. (I love my steam cleaner.) It is not a good idea to steam your carpets repeatedly like that. If the carpet pad becomes saturated with water, mildew and the accompanying musty smell can result. (Guess how I know this.) Your carpet pad may be dirty. There may also be dirt under your carpet pad. I'm pulling up my carpets and replacing them; they've been in the home for about 20 years and the amount of dirt underneath the carpet pad is astounding. Your water will probably never come up clear. My view on carpets is they're someting you walk on, so they may be a little dirty!
Q:Is there a not too expensive way to pretreat really bad carpet stains before I use a before I go over the entire carpet with a steamclean pro home machine thanks
There are a couple of ways to try so you can chose. You can try to pour club soda over the stained area, then drying that area. you could also use wet paper towels to try to bring up the stain, but that depends on how old the stain is. If it is a pet related stain, you can find cheap things at stores to get rid of it without any bad smells. Hope this stuff helped.
Q:My room is pretty small, it's rectangular shaped. My carpet is..disgusting. It's like ugly green color and its stained and I need some ideas on what to do. My mom and I have no money and I need a rather cheap, easy , solution. Any idea?
Why not take it up and pitch it in the trash! Surely the wood floor beneath is less unsightly and may give you more options later on when you have a little cash to spend...
there is no good way, since it is easy to catch fire, how can place carpet, that is not pure wool carpet, how to pass is hard, like the hotel carpet tufted carpet or other woven carpet, scutcheon: no open fire and no smoking, the best way is to go the hotel that is operating to see.
Q:My female Tabby kitten almost 1 year always licks the carpet. Why and what should i do about this to make her stop?
Anemia, had a cat that licked the screen and cement, put her down had that feline virus , just before I found a homeless kitten in the middle of winter, was going to find him a home but fell in love, tried hard to keep the two apart, now 2 years later this cat licks the carpet on front porch, and just different eating habits, ect, looks anemic, pick nose is white now, cats with feline virus are anemic, 2 days after I got the kitten, went to get the feline shot to protect him, but instead they gave him the normal shots kittens would get, not the feline shot , I was so so mad, I wanted this so he would not catch the virus, the vet said the shot does not protect against the virus anyways, had to put mom and daugther down, the thought of doing this again kills me. Anyways if your cat does not have the virus, it has to be something lacking in the diet. Sad now. Have to get cat tested, on top of that he has a bladder infection, poor thing, cannot take this no more.
Q:The pad is worn out under the carpet in traffic areas, but the carpet is fine.
the carpet might not go back down after. it might tear or rip, they can kind of dry rot. if you can find a carpet installation guy that would attempt it, he might not make any guaranty that it will work out right. that's the problem when people don't get the premium quality stuff that makes the carpet look good for a long time. our installer came out with the wrong stuff, then thought that i'd accept it. he had to go back to the warehouse and get the heavy padding that we ordered. good luck, but it might not work out for you. i wouldn't do it unless you can afford to replace it if it doesn't work out. and then it will have cost you more than just putting in a new carpet. buying the best padding helps the carpet last longer.
Q:I live in an apartment and recently decided to get rid of an decades-old carpet. But the floor is plain white tile. Can you give me a suggestion as to a nice decor to cover the floor that's on a cheap end (I'm a student)? I don't like rubber backing because they tend to break off, but something nice. Under $50 preferably, up to $100. Send links to images. Thanks!
I okorder / I hope I hear from you soon!
Q:i have had a shag rug for more than a year and the area my kids love to sit it is all smooshed down.....even when i vaccuum...The area under my coffe table is like it used to be when i vaccuum. how can i make it pop back up like it used to?
on top of that- using a leaf rake helps to flff it back up.

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