• High Pressure upvc pipe for water supply System 1
  • High Pressure upvc pipe for water supply System 2
  • High Pressure upvc pipe for water supply System 3
High Pressure upvc pipe for water supply

High Pressure upvc pipe for water supply

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1. Weight light, load and transport portable 
2. Resistant acid, no rusty, no corrode treatment. 

 3. No poisoning  
4. Smaller flowing resistance 
5. Service life 
6.High strength,Jointing convenient and installing simple,Repair easily Specifications



PVC-U pipe for water supply and fittings following below standards:ASTM D 1785, BS 3505 , DIN8061, ISO4422, ISO3633, AS/NZS1477,etc.                                                       

1) American standard (ASTM Sch 40 & Sch 80, SDR 21, SDR 26, SDR41)
2) British standard (BS 3505, BS 5255, 4515)
3) Singaporean standard (SS 141, SS 272, SS 213)
4) Australian standard (AS 1477, AS 1415)
5) National standard (GB 10002, GB 5836, GB 14823, GB 13664)
6) International standard (ISO 4422, ISO 3633, IEC 614, GY 3050)         

Q:What's the name of that plastic tube used to fold stars?
There are several names, namely:1 star plastic tube paper;2 、 color star tube;3, lucky star broken tube.Fold a star with a plastic tube
Q:How are toothpaste tubes made? I know that there's polyethylene coatings on aluminum, but how to they actually made the tubes this way? I know it can't be injection molding or blow molding.
why can't it be injected extrusion molding of the tubing followed by a bonding process?
Q:Can plastic tubes be used for insulation?
Yes, plastic tubes can be used for insulation. They provide a protective covering and help to prevent heat transfer or loss.
Q:the tube is a 24 inch tube how do i use it onit?
Read the directions that came with it.
Q:I remember 35 years ago, when all the uproar was made about aluminum or metal filings were found inside toothpaste tubes. %Health issues were raised about the residual filings in the base of toothpaste tubes for people who press the last nth of toothpaste from the tube.I'm researching about this concern in the plastic and other material-type tubes used nowadays.How SAFE / secure can we be (is there a watchdog org?) to Q.C. this safety-issue in the commercial brands of toothpaste nowadays?I use a tube-wringer on my toothpaste tubes so I get the last nth of toothpaste from each tube and I am curious how SAFE a practice this is.
There's no way to remove all toxins from anything manufactured. If however, you are simply brushing your teeth with the toothpaste and not actually consuming it, I think you'll be ok. Afterall, the metal, aluminum or plastic filings (if swallowed) would only pass through your digestive course. Should harm occur it would likely be in a circumstance where there was already an issue, i.e. ulcers, diverticuli, etc. On the other hand, if you WERE to ingest fluoridated toothpaste you could become gravely ill on consumption of fluoride alone. Long story short: I think you'll be ok.
Q:Is it possible to use extension tubes with modern nikon camera for macro photography?
Do it all the time.
Q:Where can i buy flexible plastic tubing od 2mm?
A place that has aquarium supplies
Q:There are so many plastic tubes in the beer brewing process, and the cleaner that comes with the kit is not good enough. I was wondering if anyone has any good tips or tricks.
I bought the special cleaner brush for my kit. It's just a rigid pipe cleaner with a 5 ft flexible handle. It's hard to push it into the center of my line, but that combined with soapy water (remember to rinse well!) does the trick for me.
Q:In the project embedment, the plastic line box and the plastic line pipe connection must use the mother to connect? What norms do you come from?
In the concrete floor, wall and brick structure, all kinds of switches, sockets, bottom boxes, lights, junction boxes and pipes must be connected with terminals. It is forbidden to insert the plastic pipes directly into the junction box
Q:In the begging she chops off her arm but she puts the yellow thing around at the top her arm. WHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You mean like she tied it tightly around her upper arm? To slow down circulation to her arm, so she wouldn't bleed out and die so fast when she did.

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