High Pressure upvc pipe for water supply

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100000 m/month

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1. Weight light, load and transport portable 
2. Resistant acid, no rusty, no corrode treatment. 

 3. No poisoning  
4. Smaller flowing resistance 
5. Service life 
6.High strength,Jointing convenient and installing simple,Repair easily Specifications



PVC-U pipe for water supply and fittings following below standards:ASTM D 1785, BS 3505 , DIN8061, ISO4422, ISO3633, AS/NZS1477,etc.                                                       

1) American standard (ASTM Sch 40 & Sch 80, SDR 21, SDR 26, SDR41)
2) British standard (BS 3505, BS 5255, 4515)
3) Singaporean standard (SS 141, SS 272, SS 213)
4) Australian standard (AS 1477, AS 1415)
5) National standard (GB 10002, GB 5836, GB 14823, GB 13664)
6) International standard (ISO 4422, ISO 3633, IEC 614, GY 3050)         

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Q:What are the water supply plastic pipes or composite pipes?
PP-R also called type three polypropylene pipe and is also called the PP-R pipe or PPR pipe, with energy saving, environmental protection, high strength, corrosion resistance, with smooth inner wall has the advantages of scale, construction and easy maintenance, long service life, widely used in building water supply and drainage, urban water supply and drainage, city gas electric and optical cable sheath, industrial fluid transportation, agricultural irrigation construction, municipal, industrial and agricultural fields. The PP-R pipe is made of random copolymerized polypropylene and is extruded into tubes to be molded into tubes.
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Q:Where can I find plastic tubing?
Q:If you had 32 plastic test tubes, what would you use them for?
shot glasses for a spooky halloween party
Q:My hamster likes to sleep in the tubes that lead to a chamber thing...?
thats normal! I had two teddy bear hamsters, and they loved sleeping in those plastic tubes! I had those colorful plastic cages that had holes and places for tubes that led to other cages and sleeping nests and hamster wheels and such! Its completely normal(:
Q:Where can i get 3' diameter tubes?
Sonotube commercial concrete forms might have something that big. You can call them toll free at 888-766-8823 and find the name of the local distributor.
Q:What type of plastic are lip balm tubes made of?
plastic like recycle
Q:When i use a surface texture symbol what should my series roughness be for a plastic tube...?
63 u/in will be fine.
Q:What's that tube thing called that David Cook hooked up 2 his mike and played in his performance once?
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Q:C-PAP mask and tubing........smell like plastic......?
At first it will smell but as the other person stated, wash it a few times. The smell will go away. If the mask is leaking, you may not have it adjusted correctly. It could be too loose. Try to tighten the straps a little. Keeping the silicone seal clean helps it have a better seal. If is the air pressure bothering you, dont turn the machine on until you are ready for bed. Try waiting until you are quite tired. Go to bed, turn the machine on, hit the ramp up, put the mask on and go to sleep. By the time the pressure increases, you will be asleep and wont be bothered by it. It does take a little getting used to, but it is well worth the work. If you are still having problems, talk to your dr, that's what they are there for! Remember, people DIE from apnea, if you didnt need the cpap, your dr would not have given it to you. Be proud to be a hosehead!

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