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When I first started buying stuff for my house,I bought a hundred different colors of rugs for every place.. Now I want to match all colors with other furniture,but I dont have the heart to get rid of the older ones..they are almost new..How can I match everything without a heartbreak??
It would be awful to discard all those beautiful rugs.... they will be adding a touch of colour and contrast to your home. Have you considered having the rooms one colour and keeping the rugs as contrast? If you really must get rid of them maybe you could donate them to a charity and know that someone will make good use of them? Or sell them and use the money to buy your new matching rugs.
I bought a new area rug a few months ago and it is constantly creating big gobs of lint. If you rub your shoe across it, it produces a gob of lint. Is there a trick to treating/conditioning this rug so it will stop doing this? The lint is getting everywhere and I'm tired of vacuuming it all the time or picking up the lint balls by hand. Any ideas?
really want one like this but i will not pay 500 bucks for a 8 by 10 rug....(or how ever much it costs..)just, where can i find a big, fluffy, soft rug like this one for an affordable price? (i like the off white and the teal) = ) thanks i guess :)
The rug in the photo is made from wool. If you have pets in your home, wool is not a good choice as the pet will mark the rug with urine, numerous times if given the chance. They can sense another animal close by, in this case sheep, and will ruin the rug. As a pro carpet cleaner, I've seen this happen a million times. If you want a less expensive, plush rug, look for one made from Nylon. To save money, pick out a remnant at a carpet store, and have them or some one they know, sew a border around the perimeter.
my dog had one to many accidents on my carpet what is the best carpet cleaner to use.
I use Pet Oxygen Stain Remover that I got at Wal-Mart. It's for the pet stains and we use a Bissell steam cleaner [$150 at Wally World] to clean the carpets.
I need an area rug for my dorm next year. Not too expensive and cool looking. Any suggestions?
target has some good ones for relatively cheap, so does jc penny and homedepot- sometimes you get better sales if you order them online too, I got a pretty cool 5'x7' shag rug at target for 70 dollars they had rugs for as cheap as like 40 and up to like 220 I think was the most expensive.
It is mainly divided into pure wool carpet, chemical fiber carpet, silk carpet and plastic rubber carpet. If you want to choose a better carpet material. Chemical fiber carpet is the so-called fiber carpet. Nylon carpet is common. It has strong wear resistance, corrosion resistance and mildew resistance. The service life of the carpet is long, but the flame retardant and antistatic properties of the carpet are not very good.
"1. Pure wool carpet: when choosing household carpet, most consumers are willing to choose pure wool household carpet. This is because wool belongs to animal fiber and is tubular, which has good moisture-proof and dry proof effect. A pure wool carpet is placed indoors. When the indoor moisture is too heavy, the wool will absorb the moisture, and when the indoor temperature is dry, it will release moisture, Therefore, pure wool household carpet can adjust the indoor temperature, which is also a major reason why many consumers favor pure wool household carpet. 2. Acrylic carpet: acrylic carpet is relatively affordable, durable and easy to clean. In addition, there is also a kind of sisal jute carpet, which is very applicable in summer and more environmentally friendly. 3. Nylon carpet: nylon carpet is the most commonly used material in the family. It is made of nylon in daily clothes and appliances. The carpet made of nylon has good durability and is not easily affected by the environment. The biggest advantage is that it has good erosion resistance and mildew resistance. Because of this, many families will choose. However, the biggest disadvantage of nylon is that it is easy to trigger static electricity or get dirty. 4. Silk carpet: silk carpet is also commonly used in families, because this kind of silk has the characteristics of high elasticity and high toughness and is not easy to tear. Especially in families with children, such carpets are not afraid of being torn by children. With such tenacious strength, they are naturally very firm. Silk also has good water absorption and dry resistance, and is also very good in air permeability. Consumers are also willing to put it in the living room for people to use. 5. Blended carpet: Blended carpet is a kind of carpet mixed with wool and various synthetic fibers. This carpet material generally has the advantages of wool carpet and the durability of fiber carpet. It is a carpet with high cost performance. 6. Chemical fiber carpet: the chemical fiber of chemical fiber carpet is a kind of high polymer chemical combination, so it has the characteristics not found in natural cloth materials. Chemical fiber carpet has good quality, among which the most gratifying is its strong fire resistance, moisture resistance and the ability to resist insects and mildew. And its weight is not heavy, but also very wear-resistant, and the price is fair in the market."
If I lay down a lot of rugs in my apartment (I AM ON THE 3rd FLOOR SO I HAVE SOMEONE UNDER ME). No complaints as of yet but I want to turn it up a bit will laying out alot of rugs help or not? If you have a better idea please help!THANKS!
This Site Might Help You. RE: Will laying alot of rugs down soundproof the floor? If I lay down a lot of rugs in my apartment (I AM ON THE 3rd FLOOR SO I HAVE SOMEONE UNDER ME). No complaints as of yet but I want to turn it up a bit will laying out alot of rugs help or not? If you have a better idea please help! THANKS!
I want this skanky carpet gone. How difficult is it to take out, and what does it entail...?Note- hardwood floor good condition.Thank You.
Starting in a corner, use a pliers to pull the carpet back. With a utility knife, cut the carpet on the back side into manageable pieces. Haul out to a pick up or trailer and throw them in. From there it's off to a land fill.