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Professional PVC Panel Manufacturer Tongue and Groove Ceiling

Professional PVC Panel Manufacturer Tongue and Groove Ceiling

Ref Price:
$1.70 - 3.20 / m² get latest price
Loading Port:
Payment Terms:
TT or LC
Min Order Qty:
10000 m²
Supply Capability:
300000 m²/month

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1,Structure of (PVC Ceiling) Description

As a professional pvc panel manufacturer, we use advanced technology, good materials and strict quality control system, that ensure high quality of our products. There are thousands of designs and colors for you to choose. With competitive price and good service, we sell our products well not only in China, but also in many foreign countries and regions.


We will continue improving the technology and management, developing more new products for you, also would like to build a beautiful future with you.


"Only quality have a future." is our management policy. We sincerely wait for your presence.


2,Main Features of the PVC Ceiling


Place of Origin:China

Function:Fireproof, Heat Insulation, Moisture-...

Feature:Integrated Ceilings

Ceiling Tile Shape:Rectangle

Ceiling Tile Type:PVC Ceilings

Function:Fireproof,Heat insulation,Moisture-Pr...

Feature:Integrated Ceilings

Ceiling Tile Sharp:Rectangle


3,(PVC Ceiling) Images

Professional PVC Panel Manufacturer Tongue and Groove Ceiling

4,(PVC Ceiling) Specification



10cm, 16cm, 20cm, 25cm, 30cm,59.5cm, 60cm


5mm, 6mm,7mm,7.5mm,8mm,8.5mm,9mm,10mm, 12mm


1.50kg-3.80kg per sq m PVC Panel


3m,5m,5.8m,5.85m,5.90m,5.95m, or  by  customer's  requirement

pvc  ratio

30%-60% as usual, or  by  customer's  requirement


normal  glossy,   high  glossy, hot-stamp, curtain coating/




PVC panels MOQ

3000 square meters or one 20' ft container

delivery  time

10-15days after prepayment

payment term

30T/T in advance,70% before the shipment;irrevocable L/C at sight

PVC panels package

10-20  pcs/shrink wrapping or carton, per piece be protected by film

PVC panels main markets

Africa, Mid  East, India, South America, Southeast  Asia, Eastern Asia

5,FAQ of (PVC Ceiling


Tongue and Groove Ceiling

1.Climb a ladder for close access to the panel.

2.Score the seams carefully with a utility knife to sever the joints. Cut a square hole out of the middle of the panel to create an edge for inserting a pry bar.

3.Remove the panel by inserting a pry bar in the center hole you've created. Trying to pry off the panel from the seams can damage adjacent tiles.

4.Remove any nails or staples from the furring strips with the pry bar.

5.Scrape off old adhesive from the furring strips with a putty knife.

6.Apply a bead of panel adhesive to the furring strips. Panel adhesive comes in a caulk tube and is extruded from a caulk gun.

7.Cut the tongue off one edge of a new ceiling panel so it will fit into the hole.

8.Insert the remaining tongue into the groove of an adjacent ceiling panel and press the panel onto the adhesive.

Suspended Ceiling

9.Climb a ladder for close access to the panel.

10.Push up on the panel with both hands and pop it out of the tracks.

11.Turn the panel at an angle, then bring it down and out of the grid.

12.Hold a new panel at an angle and slide it up through the empty space.

13.Position the panel flatly and lower it onto the tracks.

Q:Installation works PVC wire tube castable board inside the plugging dredge there to sell?
In the construction process, there are often pre-arranged lines PVC pipe is blocked by concrete and can not successfully threading the situation , In the process of dredging, often can not accurately find the location of the clogging and waste of human, material, financial, time, and even delay the duration. This is the most troublesome thing to install the construction workers!
Q:Cad pvc plastic plate material with what pattern filled
To indicate material. Pull the lead
Q:PVC board inkjet and PVC board photo which effect is good
Direct spray on the pvc board is used uv flat panel printing process, Pvc board photo you should refer to the adhesive or car stickers directly mounted on the pvc board. The difference between the two processes is very large, the price gap is also great Uv flat printing is in the pvc direct injection, because uv is the original imported ink to play, waterproof, sunscreen, color lasting .. and a sense of bumps .. good texture Photo is mounted up, not lasting, especially domestic use are on behalf of the ink
Q:How to weld PVC hard board
Hot plate welding (for flat type parts), it is the use of electric heating metal mold to be connected to the surface of plastic parts of the thermoplastic welding process. Almost suitable for all large or small thermoplastic parts. Particularly suitable for welding less soft semi-crystalline thermoplastics. As the different mold surface temperature can be applied to two different thermoplastic materials, this process is best suited for welding different materials. Hot plate welding can achieve high welding strength. But the cycle of the process may be relatively long, small parts need 15s, and a lot of parts to be a few minutes.
Q:Where is there to supply FM4910 certification PVC board, FM certification anti-static PVC board?
The world can produce FM4910 certification PVC board has three: Mitsubishi resin, water hydration, he Xilong
Q:Such as the thickness is 5MM size is 417 * 512 size is calculated area? We 5mm thickness of the board is 0.25 yuan / cm to help me count Kazakhstan price a lot of hey? How is the calculation formula calculated?
You said the PVC board should be 410 * 510 or 400 * 500 specifications, because the cut will not be so accurate, so more than a few millimeters margin. Thickness of 5 mm, then the volume of 417 * 512 * 5 is about 0.001 cubic meters, depending on the weight of calcium relative to the relative density of 1300 kg per cubic meter, that is, the weight of 1.3 kg. PVC raw material costs plus processing fees and other profits of about 10,000 per ton. Then each piece of the price of about 13 yuan per kilogram. If it is by 400 wide, 0.25 yuan per cent, 50 cm long, 12.5 per block, is reasonable. In turn push, that is, more than 9,000 tons per ton of finished products. It may be poor quality board, 500 wide, each 10 dollars, more than 7 thousand per ton, is the recovery of a lot of calcium carbonate to do.
Q:Stainless steel and pvc board bonding what adhesive
How big is the adhesive? What are the requirements? I have a high temperature, waterproof seal the structure of plastic, suitable for sticky metal, plastic, glass, etc.
Q:I want to use 3MM cardboard or PVC board rolled into a curved thing I use PVC or good paper is good? What cut how to cut? How to make it rolled into the arc and then how to shape? Want to add something on it to paste it? Seek experts to help urgent acridine! The most important thing is how to make it rolled into arc and then how to shape?
Do not know the arc I understand is not what you said arc Oh
Q:Pvc plastic acid corrosion
PVC material is acid and alkali corrosion, can be used as anti-corrosion materials
Q:PVC floor discoloration how to deal with?
Protective agents can be used on a regular basis. That is, resin coating. You can also add a small amount of abrasive when cleaning. Must use clean abrasive, not polishing abrasive.

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