• Checkerboard Pattern Jaquard Carpet With PVC Backing 100% Polyester System 1
  • Checkerboard Pattern Jaquard Carpet With PVC Backing 100% Polyester System 2
Checkerboard Pattern Jaquard Carpet With PVC Backing 100% Polyester

Checkerboard Pattern Jaquard Carpet With PVC Backing 100% Polyester

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Checkerboard Pattern Jaquard Carpet With PVC Backing 100% Polyester

Checkerboard Pattern Jaquard Carpet With PVC Backing 100% Polyester

Product Specification


Checkerboard pattern jacquard carpet with PVC backing Washable Easy to clean Excellent resilience and long lasting wear




100% Polyester, 100% PVC

Pile weight


Backing weight


Backing thickness


Total thickness



300 SQM


Products Functions

Usage and features:

The door mat is Widely used in indoor and outdoor, home and business, thanks to the functions like absorbent, anti-slip, moisture-proof.

Checkerboard Pattern Jaquard Carpet With PVC Backing 100% Polyester

Checkerboard Pattern Jaquard Carpet With PVC Backing 100% Polyester


Checkerboard Pattern Jaquard Carpet With PVC Backing 100% Polyester

Checkerboard Pattern Jaquard Carpet With PVC Backing 100% Polyester


Q:scorched my carpeting. the lamp cord had a split and it broke leaving black scorch marks on my carpet.
Scissors. Give your carpet a bit of a haircut. The scorch marks are actually burns and will not come off, the burned fibers will need to be removed.
Q:My 3 year old cat started urinating everywhere once i brought my new baby home, it took a while for my cat to get used having someone new at home. its been a year and he only urinates on the rugs now. I removed all the rugs that i have but once i put them back he's at it again. Im running out of patience! note: the vet ruled out any urinary infection.
First take up ALL the rugs. Make sure his litter box is nowhere near the baby's room. Move the box. And if all these fail go BACK to the vet for them to check for a UTI again. Also see what they say. Also is it spayed/neutered? Good Luck!
Q:whats the difference between them, also can i turnout my mare in her medium weight stable rug just while its mild before i get my heavyweight turnout rug...what would happen to the stablerug?WHATS THE DIFFERENCE...is it like the material or something?rly confused
What differentiates blankets are three things; the denier, how the blanket is woven (the shape of the fabric (Weatherbeeta uses diamonds, Rambo are tiny tiny squares, and other brands are large squares) and the fill. IF you READ what both of those blankets say they are both 200g fill. Which is the same exact thing. In America, 200g is considered a midweight blanket. The first link is their older model. The second link was last year's model (which is now being discontinued for this coming year's new model). Shires blankets have one of the highest deniers on the market, and they use balistic nylon (so virtually indestructible). The oh so beloved Rambo brand only goes up to a 1680, but most of their blankets average 1200D. Definitions of blankets: Sheet - NO FILL, Turnout Light - 100G fill, turnout, also known as a California light Medium - 200G fill, turnout Heavy - 300G-500G depending on the country. Stable blankets, sheets, rugs, whatever, are meant for the stable. Like the name insinuates. People call blankets whatever they want. To each person a rug may mean something different. A sheet is not a light, because a light would have fill.
Q:I can't seem to find a bamboo rug that is larger than 10x8. I need to know if there's anywhere that I can custom order a larger bamboo rug closer to 11x15.Please help!!!
Bamboo rugs over 8 x 10 just are not available. I have sold rugs for 20 years and they just are not made larger than 8' in the smaller size. Try looking at sisal or similar material. They have the same natural feeling.
Q:Hi,I am a tenant and had a leakage from a dishwasher. now carpet is wet and smelly.around 1 square meter is the carpet area affected. I told the landlord about it. My question is should I remove the carpet myself in the meantime just to prevent mould from building up?As long as I took pictures I am safe doing it if landlord does not send someone to fix within say 48 hours?Regardless, is it not the best thing to do anyway - remove the wet section and put in garbage until they come to install new carpet? is trying to dry and clean it instead an option?THANKS
Since you are a tenant, the carpet is the owner's property. You didn't mention if the wet spot smelled like mold so I am going to assume your answer would be yes. Since it has not been wet for very long from you, it may have gotten wet and moldy from a prior tenant and when it got wet from you, it reactivated the mold smell. The important thing is to get the water off the carpet from the top and under. If you have a wet/dry vac, vacuum as much as you can. You can also put towels down on the wet carpet and step on it. Keep doing that until you get up as much moisture as you can. What professionals do once that is done is they lift the carpet up and have a fan facing the wet carpet. The moving air will help dry it. You should not lift the carpet up yourself so you don't risk doing any damage to the carpet and have to pay for it yourself. As a tenant I would suggest you let the landlord take care of it. Make sure you put it in writing, depending on how responsive your landlord is. Date the letter and keep a copy for yourself. If the landlord does not take care of it within a reasonable period of time, you can call a professional and deduct it from your rent. If you do not have all of it in writing, you are not protected by tenant laws. I'm not sure what is considered a reasonable period of time for wet carpet.
Q:What are the characteristics of pure cotton carpet?
Feel soft and comfortable, among which tufting series' decorative effect is very prominent, the bathroom. Pure cotton carpets have a bottom, in general, study and other dry areas can be liad carpet without the bottom, the living room and bedroom, pure cotton carpet is antistatic, can be directly put into the washing machine, there is no end, easy to clean. The fixed effect is more outstanding, restaurant and dance studio can use carpet with bottom at the entrance, the main role of the bottom is non slippery, strong water absorption
Q:i do not know how to play checker rug if any one know that please let me know.
try to check the help option
Q:It is mainly divided into pure wool carpet, chemical fiber carpet, silk carpet and plastic rubber carpet. If you want to choose a better carpet material. Chemical fiber carpet is the so-called fiber carpet. Nylon carpet is common. It has strong wear resistance, corrosion resistance and mildew resistance. The service life of the carpet is long, but the flame retardant and antistatic properties of the carpet are not very good.
"1. Pure wool carpet: when choosing household carpet, most consumers are willing to choose pure wool household carpet. This is because wool belongs to animal fiber and is tubular, which has good moisture-proof and dry proof effect. A pure wool carpet is placed indoors. When the indoor moisture is too heavy, the wool will absorb the moisture, and when the indoor temperature is dry, it will release moisture, Therefore, pure wool household carpet can adjust the indoor temperature, which is also a major reason why many consumers favor pure wool household carpet. 2. Acrylic carpet: acrylic carpet is relatively affordable, durable and easy to clean. In addition, there is also a kind of sisal jute carpet, which is very applicable in summer and more environmentally friendly. 3. Nylon carpet: nylon carpet is the most commonly used material in the family. It is made of nylon in daily clothes and appliances. The carpet made of nylon has good durability and is not easily affected by the environment. The biggest advantage is that it has good erosion resistance and mildew resistance. Because of this, many families will choose. However, the biggest disadvantage of nylon is that it is easy to trigger static electricity or get dirty. 4. Silk carpet: silk carpet is also commonly used in families, because this kind of silk has the characteristics of high elasticity and high toughness and is not easy to tear. Especially in families with children, such carpets are not afraid of being torn by children. With such tenacious strength, they are naturally very firm. Silk also has good water absorption and dry resistance, and is also very good in air permeability. Consumers are also willing to put it in the living room for people to use. 5. Blended carpet: Blended carpet is a kind of carpet mixed with wool and various synthetic fibers. This carpet material generally has the advantages of wool carpet and the durability of fiber carpet. It is a carpet with high cost performance. 6. Chemical fiber carpet: the chemical fiber of chemical fiber carpet is a kind of high polymer chemical combination, so it has the characteristics not found in natural cloth materials. Chemical fiber carpet has good quality, among which the most gratifying is its strong fire resistance, moisture resistance and the ability to resist insects and mildew. And its weight is not heavy, but also very wear-resistant, and the price is fair in the market."
Q:Is it possible to replace the carpet of a trailer/motorhome by yourself without calling on professionals?
Yes, I just did 4 rooms in a mobile home.
Q:So, im trying to make a little ramp for summer skiing. I need to know what i should use(ex. carpet (type?))
Go to the place near you that sells carpeting. Get the green plastic stuff that looks like fake grass. Some people use this on decks and on boats. If you are using Snogel, this kind of carpet works very well. It's what I use.

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