Checkerboard Pattern Jaquard Carpet With PVC Backing 100% Polyester

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Product Description:

Checkerboard Pattern Jaquard Carpet With PVC Backing 100% Polyester

Checkerboard Pattern Jaquard Carpet With PVC Backing 100% Polyester

Product Specification


Checkerboard pattern jacquard carpet with PVC backing Washable Easy to clean Excellent resilience and long lasting wear




100% Polyester, 100% PVC

Pile weight


Backing weight


Backing thickness


Total thickness



300 SQM


Products Functions

Usage and features:

The door mat is Widely used in indoor and outdoor, home and business, thanks to the functions like absorbent, anti-slip, moisture-proof.

Checkerboard Pattern Jaquard Carpet With PVC Backing 100% Polyester

Checkerboard Pattern Jaquard Carpet With PVC Backing 100% Polyester


Checkerboard Pattern Jaquard Carpet With PVC Backing 100% Polyester

Checkerboard Pattern Jaquard Carpet With PVC Backing 100% Polyester


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Q:What type of rugs do you need for a horse? And when and why do you use them?Thanks
I have tried rugs for a horse in the past but it was a disaster. Indoor-Outdoor synthetics are better but still a royal pain. I finally surrendered and started using straw.
Q:Does anyone have any links to a SPECIFIC area rug that will go with a black sofa? I have an apt with medium brown wood pallette floors, and white walls. ANY help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!!
You're in luck, ANYTHING will go with black, medium, and white!! What other major accessories do you have? A painting? A lamp? SOMETHING with some color? OR: Do it up with the rug! GO willy-nilly with a new rug, define your area, and then accessorize AFTER the rug is in!! Good luck; I'm sure it'll look GREAT!
Q:My husband is in Afghanistan right now and can buy those Chinese silk rugs for really cheap and we are debating whether to buy one for under our dining room table. Would you say it’s a good idea to put a rug under your dining room table is that I common thing to do. This is the first time we have owned a house and I am no home decorator.
hello Yes it`s better to rug under the table but it should look attractive In order to look attractive the rug should be proportional to the scale of the room And get a right size for free movement of the chairs If you have small children,I will not recommend the rug under the dining table because they may tear or spoil the rug I suggest you to read this article I hope you can find much information about dining All the best
Q:I'm looking for a giant rug for my dorm room next semester but I don't even know what kind of rug to look for. I want something incredibly soft but I don't have the money for something like these alpaca fur rugs I keep seeing. Does anyone know what types of rugs there are out there? The softer, the better! Thanks!
Hi, okorder This is just what they look like. I reckon you can get one that will cover your whole dorm floor like carpet !
Q:I left for a few weeks and left my friend at my house.She brought her dog and cat.I have no money.And my carpet is ruined (along with my coach lol).Any tips on how to clean carpets (with no carpet cleaning machine)?HELP PLZ.
Ask around and borrow someone elses carpet cleaner like a friends,(so many people these days have one, or they know someone who has one) and instead of using expensive carpet cleaning solution, just use laundry detergent and water. Good Luck!
Q:I got a damp towel dotted it then turned my carpet light orange trryed oxiclean didnt workplz help me
Ask the Home Depot people, too, cause they know all the latest stuff, but that Resolve worked for me with other stains. If you ever drop something like that again (a dry powder), vacuum it up first. Then, use the carpet stain remover. good luck.
Q:What about carpet foaming?
Powder cleaning: Sprinkle the powder onto the carpet, then brush it and then vacuum it. This method is not cleaned by water. After cleaning, you can walk on the carpet, but the cleaning power is poor.Spray cleaning: spray the lotion onto the carpet, wipe with foam pad and absorb the stain. This method uses less water and can be washed within a short period of time. But not very suitable for woolen carpets.Warm water stains: use spray and vacuum cleaners to spray warm water onto the carpet, then vacuum it immediately. This operation is simple, do not hurt the pile.
Q:What color is the carpet color in the hotel guest room in general?
This is because the hotel is usually the comings and goings of the guests, if a guest is in the room accidentally dirty carpet, and the cleaning is not clean, not in words it will affect to the next housing guests to Check Inn Hotel is not good if the image is covered with blankets and it would be very difficult to change however, if the block blanket if you messed up the place directly to the carpet to get up again for a block. This will be much easier, so I suggest you have chosen the national standard fire protection class Cf1 carpet.
Q:i have red juice stains on my tan carpet. how can i get it out without bleaching the carpet. i used a carpet cleaner and it just lightened the stains. what to do next? thanks :)
dollar store or a hardware store. spot shot in a spray can with a red or orange top. Follow instructions and it will remove any stain from carpet. I have used this to remove dried blood after two years. Other things would not touch it and this worked quick.
Q:Can a carpet store take carpet out of some one home and sell it to some one els and put it in there home? No this is not a joke!
In the US--Usually, the carpet they remove when they replace it with the new carpet is discarded. If the owner of the home didn't care to keep it, the carpet store could take it with them. They could resell it and install it somewhere else if they found a buyer. But if they are selling it as new, and it is not, they could be sued for fraud. Some states may have specific health and safety laws prohibiting them from reselling the carpet, but I don't know of any.

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