Faux Sheep Skin Floor Mat

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Product Description:


Sheepskin Rug


Quality sheepskin


50*80cm/ 60*95cm/ 60*100cm or as you need

Wool Length

5-8cm or sheared by your requirement


Single pelt design


According to your order


Carton Box with Plastic Bag

 Function of sheepskin rug

1.  Make your house elegant and of good taste.

2.  Make you feel more comfortable and less tired.

 Care methods of sheepskin rug

1. Washing: you can either hand wash or dry-clean it, not by machine clean.

2. Drying: do Not use a dryer or any other form artificial heat, instead, allow it to air dry away from direct sunlight.

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Q:How do you get beer out of carpet?
If you have a carpet shampooer use it! Yes it will stain! To scrub it out here is a process I have used! Step 1Apply a small amount of mild liquid detergent directly to the stain. Step 2Blot with a dry, white cloth. Step 3Flood the stain with ammonia. Step 4Blot again with the cloth. Step 5Flood the stain again, this time with white vinegar. Step 6Blot again with the cloth. Step 7Apply a little more liquid detergent to the stain. Step 8Blot again with the cloth. Step 9Flood once more with water. Step 10Blot one last time.
Q:Should I rug up my horse?
Horses LOVE that temperature. In fact that is right in the middle of their favorite temperature range. As long as the horse is used to being outside and wet, then leave her.
Q:Should I get Rugs or Carpet?
Truthfully, when it comes to crawling around on hardwood, your little one is much tougher than you might suppose. If she were mine, I would be much more concerned about her vulnerability to the host of chemicals, gases, pathogens, allergens and critters that lurk in both rugs and carpets. The rough texture of rugs and carpets can also cause nasty rashes on her sensitive skin. Hardwood is also much easier to keep clean. Trust me. Your babe really doesn't need the extra cushion of a rug. Toss a blanket and a cushion on the floor for when she wants to lay back but let her crawl all over on that nice smooth, clean hardwood. She'll thrive. I raised 2 healthy boys on hard porcelain tile -- but at least I knew it was clean. About my neighbour's carpeted floor, I wasn't so sure. The only bruises my boys seemed to sustain was from their own adventuresome mishaps.
Q:How to clean the asphalt on the carpet?
if it is chemical fiber carpet, then brush it dry with a soft cloth and cut the fiber, and then use the hot steam smoked pure wool carpet for ten minutes. you could also cut off the fiber where is aspfalt with a knife.
Q:Are these carpet beetles?
in case you went camping out exterior without a dozing bag you have gotten delivered bugs on your room..this surpassed off to a buddy of mine. yet once you're fearful then get a mattress cover quite made for mattress bugs.
Q:What color carpet matching with rose red and beige sofa,beige tea table and white floor tile is better .
Khaki, brown, if you love cute, luscious pink is also good oh
Q:Worth getting oriental rug cleaned?
Places that appraise handmade oriental rugs are often also equipped to repair them. It can be surprising what even torn rugs are worth, depending on age and quality. I moved into an apartment back in college where someone had left an old wool oriental with frayed fringe and a couple of spots worn smooth. It was pretty so I kept it for years and eventually took it to be professionally cleaned -- they told me it was worth over $1000 if it was fixed up! They charged me about $100 to repair the fringe and the bald spots and another $50 to clean it and moth prrof it (probably costs a bit more now). I used it for a few more years and then sold it for $800. The appraisers will be able to look beyond it being dirty to evaluate it so don;t worry about doing that before they see it. Please DON'T wash it with rug shampoo and a hose like the other guy suggested. That would ruin the weaving and run the colors if it is made with old vegetable dyes and would likely shrink the cotton warp and really trash it.
Q:How can I use a spare piece of carpet for a rug?
Almost any carpet store will either have on site or access to a rug binding service. When I had my store , we had the color choices of the binding and we then sent the carpet remnant out to a place that did just that, bind the edges to stop it from fraying. Ours were sent out on fridays and returned on the next friday. Just check with your local mom and pop carpet store. Most all places charge by the linear foot to bind or serge a rug. Berbers generally ran more to do this. Any questions you can e mail me through my avatar. GL
Q:How much carpet can I afford?
It cost us a little over youre limit to do both of our living rooms in my house. and they were pretty big! I would say you could do the living room and maybe the hallway. But I would check around and see what people in youre area are charging. we found a really cheap company to do ours. so we got it for half what we should have paid... look around it doesnt cost to get quotes
Q:Remove carpet in mobile home ?
Ok... now the real answer a little late. The trouble is they use these giant stapkes that are half in the room and half under the walls. Heres what to do... 1) using a razor knife and lots and lots of blades cut the carpet as best as you can right next to the walls around the room. 2) Remove the carpet and pad from the room. 3) Using a 45 degree angle grinder with the thin discs that cut metal... under cut the staples that are holding down whats left of the carpet and pad. 4) You will find that they were not stingy with these staples with the pad seams either. use the grider on them also. A full double wide will usually take about 10 grinder discs to get it done.

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