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I have not heard of the operation of grinding hob, I would like to ask you, the friend knows, please explain, the more detailed the better, thank you for a friend here.
First of all thank more than two friends here, sharpening is not convenient, the price is Wuliubaiyi, want to put the tool grinding their own modifications, dividing head for dividing. We are tipped gear hob, front tooth surface misalignment, like 7 degrees, the specific degrees I don't know. I also want to ask whether this kind of knife and grinding wheel are right or right
I am purchasing a single family home that was built in 1974. The previous owner took their battery operated smoke detectors. Can anyone tell me what the Maine law is for having these? Obviously I need smoke detectors. Do I need Carbon Monoxide detectors as well? Do these need to be hard wired in? How many do I need of each?
If the office is open tell em. Er, thats basically all you can do for now cus I doubt the police or anything is gonna deal wit that.
today is my bday and someone wrote blessings as you turn the wheel what does this mean
confusing issue. do a search using google and yahoo. that will will help!
Which is better, polyester fiber or silk?
Of course it is silk, silk is very comfortable; polyester fiber is not as good as silk, and once the temperature is high, it will produce harmful substances, harm the body
Steel rails contribute to noise reduction in trains due to their smooth surface and structural integrity. The smoothness of steel rail tracks minimizes friction between the train wheels and the tracks, reducing the generation of noise. Additionally, the strength and stability of steel rails help absorb and distribute vibrations caused by the train's movement, further minimizing noise levels.
Gear oil "API GL-5"; what does "SAE 85W-140" mean?
Automobile gear oil 5stages (GL-1 ~ GL-5) the highest level of performance.API.GL-5 (American Petroleum Institute)Viscosity classification, divided into 70W, 75W, 80W, 85W, 90, 140, 250, seven viscosity level. "W" on behalf of winter use. No "W" word for non winter oil
Whenever I am upstairs I can always hear the Tv from downstairs, and hear my parents takeOur Tv in our loft upstairs and xbox is where me and my brothers like to relax and watch Tv, but because our house is so open and its like practicially right next to the living room, everyone can always hear everythingIn the Tv in the family room, even when it is not that loud, everytime I can hear it all the way upstairs, and it is very annoying because I am trying to do work in my bedroomOur house also doesn't really have carpet and it is just a very annoying situation at timesShould we get more furniture in the living room where people are always on the computer or talking on the phone so that there sound doesn't travel very far or should we get more carpetPlease help me
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Why is the tanker having a small tail behind it? What's the principle?
1, oil tank with static reasons are complex: both oil and tank internal friction, there are also external air and dust, friction with the tank, as well as external electrostatic conduction and many other reasons2, about the cause of the explosion, because you already know, do not say