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There doesnt seem to be any brackets. We attached the cabinet to the wall and attached the drain and water supply but the sink itself isnt secured to anything and doesnt seem safe.
If the sink sits in a cut-out in the top of the cabinet, the plumbing should pull it down tight enough. It should all be adjustable for that purpose. If it sits on top of an open cabinet, the answer above should work. Caulk it to the back wall and to the top edges of the cabinet and then, again, adjust the plumbing to hold it down tight. By adjust I mean, the drain is on a telescopic system where as you loosen the collar, push the sink down tight and then tighten the collar. The water feeds can then be bent to pull them up tight too.
What is the hole pitch of the toilet, toilet, basin, and gibbari water tank in Duravit? (Each model)
General Duravit and Gebo force water tank flushing center point and screw center point 3.5 cm, screw center point and outlet mouth center point 10 cm, flushing center point and outlet mouth center point 13.5 cm.
I already tried lemon juice, baking soda, comet. Please help me
I've not seen it in a while, but there is a product called Restore4. That stuff is sprayed on the dry sink and scrubbed off maybe 15 minutes later. But do the whole sink because it will look brand new. The stuff is amazing. I used in on a 25 year old kitchen sink in the home my daughter just bought. We thought it was a yellow sink but cleaned up white and sparkling. I need some more.
I live in the first floor of a two floor apartment. When someone in up-stair uses the kitchen sink, the dirty water flows back to my kitchen sink. It stays in the sink for couple of minutes then goes away. Sometimes the odorous water overflows and makes my kitchen floor very smelly. The super of out apartments seems to be struggling to find out why it is happening. He changed the pipe. cleaned it, etc. nothing seems to be working. DOes anyone know the cause. Please help! It snowed yesterday, and I do not have if that has anything to do with the situation.
There is a plug down your line to the main line.....somewhere. He needs to have that line snaked out. You can try using a drain product like crystal drain-o before you go to bed at night when neither of you is using the water. In the morning flush with hot water.
How about the basin down the water
Sure there is no good arc
Ok I was washing my bathroom sink with some sort of cleaner and apparently it was not the right kind. Since then the sink does not drain properly (dirty water stays in it for days and days) and there are a million little hairs (from shaving) stuck in the basin. It seems it melted whatever material it is made out of (some kind of ceramic, i think). Not only is it gross and hard to use (I cant run water for very long or it will fill up) but I am also afraid what it is going to cost. Does anyone know how I can fix this, or how much it is going to cost (to be taken out of my apartment deposit)? Thanks.
try drano or something to clean the drain
bathroom sink?
As others said, it keeps the smell from the sewer from coming back into your house. Also - that U-shaped bend in the pipes is called a trap.
so my bathroom sink is filled with puke cause my sister was sick. I put draino in it, then ten minutes later I put a little more, then I put hot water, and then it didnt work so I put baking soda and then I realized I had no vinegar. Now what do I do? As you can see, Im very untrained and want to clean this up before my parents get home. Please answer, fast, please
The easiest fix, which may or may not be the source of the problem. Is remove the elbow pipe. If you look under your sink there will be a straight pipe going down, then a U or sometimes referred to as J shape that then goes sideways. The U is the elbow. Loosen the two clamps, take it out, clean it. Put it back together the same way you took it apart (really simple). If the clog is not in there. You may have to go buy a pipe snake at the hardware store and snake the drain.