Silicone Coated High Quality Fiberglass Fire Blanket

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Silicone Coated High Quality Fiberglass Fire Blanket


Fire Blanket Introduction

Fire Blanket a simple initial fire extinguishing tools equipped on the enterprise, store, ship, automobile, civil buildings.especially suitable for the family kitchen, hotel, entertainment, gas stations and some other places which may catch fire, fire blanket are used to prevent fire from spreading and protect people to escape.


The Fiberglass through special processing, smooth soft tight as silks and do not stimulate the skin, main specifications are: 1.0 m * 1.0 m;1.1 m * 1.1m;1.2 m * 1.2 m;1.2 m * 1.8 m;1.8 m * 1.8 m; it’s one of the most ideal and effective outer protective layer for body/goods which must be away from heat source, and easy to package objects with uneven surface, it can be reused if no damage on surface.

Main Products of Us

>Model:CW400 100% fiberglass material (cheapest one)
 TUV certificated,Conforms to EN1869:1997
>Model:CS09 Silicone coated fiberglass
 TUV certificated,Conforms to EN1869:1997
>Model CS06  Silicone coated fiberglass?(top quality)
 BSI certificated,Conforms to EN1869:1997


.Red fabric bag
.Red PVC bag
.Red PVC case
.Red PP case.

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Silicone Coated High Quality Fiberglass Fire Blanket

Silicone Coated High Quality Fiberglass Fire Blanket

Silicone Coated High Quality Fiberglass Fire Blanket

Silicone Coated High Quality Fiberglass Fire Blanket


Features of Fire Blanket

Cause the fire blanket is a very soft texture of fire protection equipment, initial stage in case of fire, can with the fastest speed oxygen insulation fire extinguishing, control the spread of the disaster, also can be a timely escape with protective items, as long as a blanket around the entire body, the blanket has the property of fire prevention, heat insulation, the human body can be protected well when escape..

This product is portable, simple configuration, quick to use, and is a green environmental protection, pollution-free products, is the best choice for fire prevention.

How to Use

1, place the fire blanket in emergency package or fixed in gate sidewall wall or the wall of the kitchen to take!

2, when there is a fire, take out fire blanket quickly, holding the two black belt.

3, open fire blanket gently shake, as a shield in hand.

4, put the fire blanket gently on the fire, at the same time to cut off the electricity or gas.

5, fire blanket coverage in the burning object, and take active extinguishing measures until completely extinguished fire object.

6, stay on fire extinguishing object, and the fire blanket after cooling, the blanket into a ball, as no combustible garbage disposal.

7, if a man on fire, fluff out the blanket, totally encased in fire people,put out the fire, and quickly call the emergency telephone.


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