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Science Safety Questions? 10 points best answer?
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just happens to have a spare white shirt to hang out their window??? If you broke down would you?
I guess a lot of men are wearing a white tee shirt. I keep some helpful things in my trunk for that just in case scenario. I asked a state trooper for a flare one time and he was a nice person and gave me one. I bought orange traffic cones at the dollar store. I have a tool that helps me get out of the trunk in case someone puts me there. Before a long trip, I pack blankets, fire proof gloves (in case I have to pull someone out of their vehicle). Call me paranoid but I have actually used this stuff! I'm not going to be that poor azzz dummy on the side of the road mumbling to myself about my situation. I am going to be busy with my little duffel bag of stuff!!
Are medical examination gloves (latex or nitrile) safe for handling food?
I would go with a shakespeare combo. There really strong as well as pretty cheap.
i think it was in my roombecause it was really loud and noone else seemed to notice it? they were all sleepingand it ringed three times, then went off againwhyyy? i'm a little freaked out haa, it's never done this before
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The liquid is water-based.Here is a link to the liquid:
Check your local community services board, as well as The cities Human Resource Services. Check all the local charities and Church organizations. United way, Salvation army, and such.
IT IS SO ANNOYING.I‘m in my dorm room right now at college, trying to study, and this f****** fire alarm beeps once every 45 seconds. How do I make it shut up!!!!!???? I can‘t contact anyone from the resident hall because it‘s so late. There‘s one button that says Press To Test.but I don‘t want to press that.I tried removing it, but it‘s connected by a bunch of wires. WTF is going on??? I can‘t concentrate!!
My alarm at my home is connected with wires too. But it does that same sound when it's battery is low. For some reason it has a 9V battery and it also is electrical. Do you see a battery when you remove the plastic cover? I hope I helped. Oh, with mine, I can't completely take the cover off because of the wires, but I can slip it to the side in order to get to the battery to replace it. Add: You were too nice. Call back. Tell her you cannot sleep and you must get some sleep. Threaten to rip it out of the ceiling or smash it. You are a paying customer.and there are people available at night to help with maintenance problems. You could call her every 45 seconds and see how she likes it? .can you take a blanket and pillow down to a common area and just sleep there?
give 5 filipino chemists biographies?
This extended quote from The University of the Philippines Medical Alumni Society in America should help you isearches. It include your three. First I would like to introduce you to an unknown doctor, a hero who saved the lives of many. The Filipino doctor who co-created the drug Erythromycin (Ilosone?) from Iloilo soil was Abelardo Aguilar. Note: In 1949, Filipino scientist Dr. Abelardo Aguilar sent his employer, Eli Lilly Co., samples of an antibiotic isolated from a soil that Aguilar collected in his home province of Iloilo, in central Philippines. Three years later, Eli Lilly sent a congratulatory letter to Aguilar promising to name the antibiotic “Ilosone” in honor of Iloilo province where the soil was originally collected. It was the first successful macrolide antibiotic introduced in the US in 1952. Its broad antimicrobial spectrum gave alternatives to patients showing allergic reactions to penicillin at that time. The drug erythromycin, sold under the brand name Ilosone, has earned Eli Lilly billions of dollars, but neither Aguilar nor the Philippine government received any royalty. In 1993, Aguilar died after spending 40 years to be recognized and rewarded, but to no avail. OR this quote: Dr. Antonio Mateo made the double-flaring tool (DFT) for plumbing installation for airtight sealing of joints. He was awarded the WIPO Gold Medal in Geneva, Switzerland in 1994. His company AMECOS also markets the fire blanket, a Filipino innovation that saves lives and properties in case of fire. OR Rodolfo Arambulo of Laguna, Philippines, developed Multishock, a bullet type that increases the firepower and stopping power of an ordinary gun with multiple hits in a single shot. It is considered as the first of its kind in the world. OR Engr. Leonardo Gasendo of Manila made the super windmill as well as the salt evaporator. Good luck and remember to look up Philippine Search engines and then run through them with your querry.
I would like to make animals, babies etc approx 3 inchs long out of resin. I used to make models from NEW CLAY but it breaks when dry. I have never used resin and would like advice on the best to use to make small models, dyes, tools etc. Thanks
No there is no fire watch needed for a job like that. Proper protection on the area around the welding is good enough. Such as fire blanket and fire extinguisher within reach. If there is a small fire in a hotel, it won't sink. That is the difference. I work as a civilian for the Navy welding in a shipyard and the are waaaayyyy more paranoid than anywhere else. For good reason though.