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Recently i forced one of my hard stools out and it seems to have caused my anus to bleedI have been trying to eat less to poo less and eat high fibre foods but i still seem to be pooing along with bloodIt just seems as though the problem wont heal if i poo each timeIs this anal fissure and what can I do? Will there be side effects to my body is I lose blood every time i poo?Proper answers only rather than quot;visit your doctorquot; because i already know that and would like another opinion
your high fiber diet is what is making your poo so hard that and not enough watertry fasting for a day or two then when you eat do it in very small amountsdon't gorge yourselfeat soft foods like creamy peanut butter, bananas, peaches, bread w/o seeds, yogurt , slim fast, and drink aloverafirst after fasting for one or two days to help lubricate and a salt water enema to help heal your insidesif symptoms persist or get worse i wont say it you know what to dogood luck you may need antibiotics to keep the infection down
I feel the rug cushioning my feet , the fluffy yarn like strings are rainbow colored ,and swallow most of the floorThe stair case walls match the tan carpet as I linger up the straight stairsEveryday I turn into my murky street { first sent of essay}and is this a good sentance what should i change if it isnt:Inside my house the plain white walls seem to close in all around me , the small decorations of paintings and vases catch my eye like a desolate tree with one last leafwhat should i change in these sentances to make them flow and be better descriptive for an essay thanks
first sentencesomehow I can't get the sense that a rug can swallow a floorChoose another word, like smother, or surround,or envelopingAlso fluffy yarn and strings are opposites, maybe a better choice of words would be 'like rainbow colored cotton?' I would change the word yarn to fiberssecond sentencewhat makes the street murky? third sentence seems fine, I wouldn't change a thing.
i want to get gas what causes it other than beans
do a plat it is very esey
The blow in insulation seems quite expensiveIs there a way to take down the drywall without damaging it, only bc we cannot fit large drywall up the hallway and the stuff already installed is in great shape.
In the UK we put all aluminium together so that would include the foil tooBut that's hereWhat happens in America, I don't know.xx
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Waaayyyyyyyyyyyy too much!
I just bought a blanket for my horse and this is the description that is given: -1200 Denier quot;Rip Stopquot; Turnout Waterproof and BREATHABLE Denier cloth-400gms poly fill insulation My pony is about 20 years old and the average temperature in the winter is anywhere from 15 degrees at night to 40-45 degrees during the dayI am worried that she will overheat and then sweat which will in turn cause more problemsIs the amount of fill ok because she's older? She's unclipped by the way.
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If so, how long, what setting?
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Which one will keep you warmer ???? if you like you can explain me the due reasons ?
It is unlikely that either combination will, of itself, conduct more or less heat across a given temperature differenceThe one difference would be how much free air circulation you would have between you and your first coveringThe more air circulation, the more you are likely to feel colderSo, depending on the fabric of the blanket and the duvet cover, I would expect that the duvet would do a better job at conforming to your body shape and reducing the air pockets between you and it, and so it would be better to have the duvet underneath.