Alumina Foil Cover Ceramic Fiber Blanket 1260C Temperature

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Product Description:

CNBM alumina foil cover ceramic fiber blanket is composed of long, flexible, interwoven fibers yielding a strong, lightweight, yet durable, blanket for applications in a temperature range from 538°C (1000°F) to 1480°C (2696°F).insulation material

Alumina foil cover ceramic fiber blanket has the heat resistance of a hard refractory which gives it outstanding insulation value and is an effective solution for a variety of heat processing applications. They are easy to install, require no curing or dry out time. Rapid heat up can be achieved with all Ceramic Fiber blankets; they will not crack or spall and are thermal shock resistant. This product saves energy. It reduces heat loss and heat storage versus other hard refractory products.



1. Low thermal conductivity, low thermal capacity

2. good tensile strength, good layering resistance

3. excellent thermal stability,heat insulation and fire prevention

4. sound insulation and sound-absorbing,

6. uniform fiber diameter,manufacturers direct sales,

7. easy cutting and installation,convenient construction


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Alumina Foil Cover Ceramic Fiber Blanket 1260C Temperature

  Alumina Foil Cover Ceramic Fiber Blanket 1260C Temperature

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