Refractory ceramic fiber blanket .

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$3.00 - 70.00 / roll
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China main port
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TT or LC
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100 roll
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2000000 roll/month
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Product Description:

Refractory Ceramic Fiber Blanket


Product Description:

Ceramic Fiber Blankets are an ideal thermal insulation material, fire-proof material and sound-absorbing material. Ceramic fiber blankets have an even texture and smooth surface. CNBM ceramic fiber blankets are made of high quality alumina-silicate ceramic fiber by using double side sewing methods which improve the tensile strength and the flatness of the ceramic fiber blanket. Our ceramic fiber blankets contain no organic binders which guarantee the stability and constructability of the ceramic fiber blanket at both high temperature and low temperature.


Product Applications:

    Petrochemical process heater refractory fiber lining

    General furnace backup insulation

    Heat seals for kiln car or furnace door

    Heat treating furnace or intermittent (shuttle) kiln hot face lining 

    Electrical Insulator

    High Temperature Acoustic 

    Fire protection  

    Incineration equipment and stack linings


Product Features:

    Low thermal conductivity, low heat capacity

    Excellent heat stability and thermal shock resistance

    Good performance of thermal insulation, fire-proof and sound-absorbing

    Ultimate tensile strength

    No de-lamination


Refractory ceramic fiber blanket

Product Images:

 Refractory ceramic fiber blanket

Produce Processing 

 Refractory ceramic fiber blanket



Q1: Why buy Materials & Equipment from

A1: All products offered by are carefully selected from China's most reliable manufacturing enterprises. Through its ISO certifications, adheres to the highest standards and a commitment to supply chain safety and customer satisfaction.


Q2: How do we guarantee the quality of our products?

A2: We have established an advanced quality management system which conducts strict quality tests at every step, from raw materials to the final product. At the same time, we provide extensive follow-up service assurances as required.


Q3: What other products does OKorder offer?

A3: We offer a full range of refractory bricks, mortar, cement, ceramic fiber products, and more.


Q4: Where are Ceramic Fiber products used?

A4: Ceramic fiber products have many advantages, including: high temperature stability, lightweight, superior insulation, and ease of application. Fiber products are available in a variety of product forms to solve a range of thermal management application problems across various industries. The main industrial market segments that use ceramic fiber and soluble fiber products are the aluminum, iron, steel, heat treatment, power, incineration, boilers, and glass industries.


Q5: What kind of Ceramic Fiber should I use?

A5: When selecting the fiber type for a particular application, it is important to consider all factors. If the fiber/fabric will not have to support a load at temperature, the lower-cost industrial grade fibers may be appropriate. However, if the fiber will be load bearing at temperature as in ceramic matrix composites, then one of the composite grade fibers would be a better choice. Of course there may be other factors, such as corrosion, chemical resistance, or atmospheric conditions that may require trade-off in the selection process.


Q6: What`s the lead time for my order?

A6: It depends on customers’ requirements and our production schedule. And usually we need 30-60 days for refractory bricks, 10-25 days for unshaped refractory materials and 10-20 days for ceramic fiber blankets.


Q7: Can you offer Door-to-Door delivery?

A7: Yes, but only for some countries such as U.S., UAE, Saudi Arabia, Iran, and Russia, etc.


Q8: What is the minimum quantity?

A8: There is no minimum order quantity. Depending on the item and processing, there may be a minimum production required, however we can offer a quotation based only on the quantity you need.


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