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walls?attic?crawl space?for Canadian climate
MAPLE FUDGE Mix together and stir: 1 cup sugar 1 cup brown sugar 2 teaspoons vinegar 1/2 cup maple syrup 1/2 cup water Place over medium heat and boil slowly, washing down sides of pan oftenCover with lid for one minuteCook to 228°FCool in panWhen cool, beat until it loses it's gloss and becomes fudge likeAdd maple flavoring to taste, if desired, and 1/2 cup chopped nutsPour into a buttered 8 inch square panAllow to cool until set OR QUICK HOMEMADE FUDGE 1 12-16 ozbag cream drop candy 1 cup peanut butter (crunchy or regular) Microwave cream drops for 2-3 mins until they soften and you can mix them wellAdd the one cup peanut butterPour into a buttered dishIf you want nuts in the fudge, use crunchy peanut butter OR PUMPKIN AND PECAN FUDGE 1 lborange summer coating, melted 1 lbbutterscotch summer coating, melted 1 (13 oz.) jar marshmallow creme 1 stick butter 1 can sweetened condensed milk 12 to 16 ozchopped pecans 3 tbsppumpkin pie spice Mix all ingredients together wellPour into a foil-lined Tupperware cold cut keeperLet set overnight, remove and peel off foilCut and store in cold cut keeper JM
I recently bought a fuzzy blanket from Target for $40I love it, but it sheds so much! It sticks to my clothes and then it starts sticking to my sheets, one time a piece of the fabric fell into the pot when I was cooking dinner, because it was stuck on my shirtLolIf I wash it will it help with the shedding? I wouldn't think that it would be shedding so much, because it wasn't that cheap well at least to meThanks (:
You would have to get rings that would mount on a Picatinny railRings come in different heights and diameters, 1 and 30mm being the most commonThen any scope that would fit the rings would work.
I'm eating these delicious oat chocolate bars that claim to have 35% the daily value of fiberI'm downing like 3 of these things per day, at 35% a pop, that's 105%! Am I over-dosing on fiber? What happens if I am? I should probably slow down on these bars, but they're so good!
That's good temperature and timing.
are cheerios cerials high in fiber?
Yes, with 6.5g of fibre per 100g they areIt is considered that if something has 5g or over of fibre per 100g then its high in fibre and good for youIt's also mainly made up of wholegrain (74.3%) which is also really good for you.
what is the best way to insulate the house in between studs and what is the best insulation out there for this purpose?
This mainly depends on wether the walls are open to the studs or notAlso, are you going to be doing the work or hiring the job out?Lets take the most straight forward scenario of open walls and you doing the workYou need to determine the depth of your studs(2x4,2x6), and the spacing between themDetermine the square footage you need to coverThen go to the home center, find the right width of battsand determine the R-value that will fit( they can assist with this)Look for batts with a vapor barrior for exterior walls and unfaced for interior wallsPurchace enough to cover the square footage you need plus 1 bundle for major errorsThen install as per instructions on packageAs to what type is best, there has been much debate with little concrete solutionsI recommend that you purchace what is most fitting for your situation, and try to get the highest R-value you can that will fit within your specific perameters(price, cavity size, etc.)It matters little which type you choose as long as you improve the insulation factor within the home and can do it within your bugetary constraintsHope this was of some help.
My maytag dryer wont heat up? I replaced the thermal fuse but still no heat what should I do next?
What i do is use a heat protect spray from tressemay Its only about $4 at the drugstore it works great and also makes your hair smell good and shiny.
How do you clean a flat iron? When I turn my on the metal starts to get a burning smellI was told that you can not put soap and water on them.
I understand, I am a 25 year old stay at home mom of 2 1 on the wayI try not to put down any momsBut all age groups have problems, I constantly defend myself because people think my hubby I must be living off the state when we own our home(well paying it off) my hubby makes more than our 35 year old neighboors comindedAs ayoung mom you get sterotyped as irresponssible, uneducated, on wellfare etc, etcIt can get so annoyingOn the other hand older moms get sterotyped as well (and some deserve it, just like young momsMy mom had my sister at 40 was extremlly active w/ her but alot of older moms are not, I am a devoted mother who can't remeber the last time I had time to myself( oh, I got my teeth cleaned 3 months ago) not all young moms areIt is stupid dads don't say that old dad or young dad disrespect each otherI get so sick of it!
what are some natural ways to lower my cholesterol???
you want to use 2x6 sizeIt is better for the r value if you have a entire piece instead of piecing them in like if you used the small one