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Okorder.com is a professional Kaowool Blanket supplier & manufacturer, offers integrated one-stop services including real-time quoting and online cargo tracking. We are funded by CNBM Group, a Fortune 500 enterprise and the largest Kaowool Blanket firm in China.

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Hey my account was hacked and Jagex locked my account to make sure nothing happened to my account. This happened on sunday and it is now Tuesday I submitted an appeal sunday but I never got the confirmation code for my email until today so I created a new account recovery request to make sure it works with a new email confirmation code. I created it a few hours ago and I also filled out every part of the form accurately, how long do you think it will take to be back playing? Thanks in advance. PS don't come here and say don't play runescape because my xbox broke so I have nothing better to do.
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Does anyone know of a watch with a loud hourly alarm? one with a hourly alarm that vibrates is even better.
Looks like you don't know your fire extinguishers. Let me help you. See there are different types of fire extinguishers. Each design for a specific situation or classes if you will. There are classes that are A,B,C, and D. Now referring to your question in the movie Wall*E were Wall*E flies through space using a fire extinguisher. It was in fact an FFFP fire extinguisher/class D. FFFP which stands for Film-Forming-Fluoroprotein. It shoots out kinda like a stong powered foam spray. Thus giving Wall*E mobility through space. The pressure stored in the fire extinguisher is powerful enough to move through space for sure. Even a CO2 fire extinguisher can too. There you go.I hoped this helped
pictures would help if you can
A flourinated surfactant in detergent mix. Known as AFFF (aqueous film forming foam). detergent based, available in 1- 6% concentrations. Very useful in CFR (crash-fire-rescue) and HAZ-MAT spills. Alcohol resistant AFFF is used on polar solvents at 6% and at hydrocarbon fires at 3%. Creates a blanket that is self healing on top of the fuel. Care must be taken not to splash foam into the spill during distribution of foam. Must be applied per manufacturers directions. Hopes this helps. JD
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I have Toyota Corolla S 2007 and I’m looking for basic alarms for my car. When I bought car from dealer shops I did not choose the car alarms. I want to install vary basic car alarm. Any recommendation?
I have started making my own silicone molds and casting resin into them. The results are great but I waist so many containers. I use the plastic ones from the paint section at the hardware store, but $1.17 per container adds up. Anyone have suggestions? P.s. I am a beginner in casting so I use product that does not need to be weighed by a scale in different amounts, The products I use are blended equal parts so I use containers which are easy to determine I am actually measuring an equal amount by site. Maybe I should start using Solo cups?
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IT IS SO ANNOYING.I'm in my dorm room right now at college, trying to study, and this f****** fire alarm beeps once every 45 seconds. How do I make it shut up!!!!!???? I can't contact anyone from the resident hall because it's so late. There's one button that says Press To Testbut I don't want to press that.I tried removing it, but it's connected by a bunch of wires. WTF is going on??? I can't concentrate!!
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