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I was doing a small project about compressed air and found some death relating stories about compressed air intake. apparently if you take in enough it freezes the inside of your body, whether upright or upside down. But what happens if you go about just spraying it and letting it go free into air without in-taking it directly. Upside down you see the liquid come out along with the compressed air. is that harmful in anyway or would it just dissipate into thin air?
If you release it directly to the atmosphere, it will be warmed by the ambient air and not be a problem. It can only be a problem is it is at very high pressure and is then released to atmospheric pressure in a small enclosed space where you are breathing. Then you might experience some frost bite but remember people breath air all the time in very cold climates where the temperature is well below freezing.
should i go with the short ram air intake or the cold air intake i got a v6
Cold air is the way to go. KN.
I have a really restrictive air intake on my 04 V6 sonata and I want to fabricate my own air intake ans when I was buying the parts for it, the guy at the register said it wouldn‘t be carb legal, even though I was going to use a K N filter, is that true?
I'm not from CARB land, but, from what I hear, there's not much you can mess with. Maybe put the factory intake back on for your CARB visits ??
i just got a cold air intake and i just wanted to know since the intake runs to the bottom of the car i wanted to know if water can get into the intake
should be same axles and all you need is a wheel to fit the bolt pattern and a set of street tires.
hey just askin i have no power to my doors except the driver what could be the problem and i was wondering where can i get a cold air intake for my car i have a 2001 pontiac Bonneville sle
Sounds like you've got an electrical problem between your master switch and the other door(s). Cold air intakes are a money making scam for the sellers. Your car was designed and built around it's existing intake system. If you change your intake system, be prepared for some headaches getting your car to run properly and pass emissions testing. You really can't improve your power output by just bolting on an air intake. You would need to have your car's computer reprogrammed to find the optimum timing values and emission control values. This would involve all the sensors in your intake and exhaust system as well as the new intake itself. Not a good plan, unless you're prepared to do it right, which would cost a lot of money for little, if any gain.
I got a integra 01 LS automatic transWhat happen if i put a new cold air intake in my car instead of stock one? Does the cold air intake work for automatic car? if so.what brand do you recommend? I have seen on ebay but don‘t understand about short ram and the others. Is short ram better than the other? thanks a lot
E brake cable, E brake cable
I recently installed an aftermarket cold air intake on my 2004 mazda 3.0 v6.and somehow I feel like it got slower and some delay when I step on a gas pedalCould it be right or is possible?Thank you all in advance.
The problem with the cold air intakes sold is that they are not cold air intakes They are short ram intakes If you remove the old air box which usually has an air inlet off the interior fender and replace it with a 4 in cone filter and a tube the air being drawn into the motor is the warm air off the motor a true cold air intake draws air from a duct inlet near the bottom front of the car so yeah if the car is sucking up 150F air it isnt as dense and compressed as say 75F so it has less air volume per unit of air less air less power.
i just bought a Pontiac Grand Prix GTP. 3.4L V6 supercharged 210hp. Will i benefit from having a cold air intake?
It'll add 6HP+, make your care louder, and possibly improve gas efficiency a tiny bit. Or decrease efficiency if you rev your engine and have a lead foot.