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Product Description:

Specification of PU Quality Air Filter For Audi:

The PU air filters are produced by domestic or importing pure wood OARS filter paper as the major filter medium. Fluid sealant has good elasticity, tensile strength(pull ≥ 88N, elongation ≥230%). Filters are able to be suitable for different climates, heat-resistant -30℃ - 120℃


Packaging: Neutral Box or Box as per wanting design
Delivery: 30days

More Applications of Air Filters:

PP air filter 

The PP air filters adopt domestic macromolecule composite non-woven filter material, as the main products of above 98% efficiency, fluid sealant has good elasticity. Filters are suitable for different climate condition, heat-resistant -30℃ - 120℃

 Green air filter 

Green air filters are environmentally protected, which are made by domestic macromolecule composite nonnon-woven filter material. All filters are high efficiency filtration effect (≥99%) and heat-resistant -30-120 centigrade.



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Q:Some ads. claim that the KN air intake systems increase performance. Is it true and what kind of performance increase would it be? And how hard is it to install the system?
Do Cold Air Intakes Work
Q:what are the benefits of having wai? wondering if i should get one or leave my stock intake 2002 grand am 2.2 ecotec engine
it's seriously not worth it. a wai slows down the airflow into your engine, which reduces combustion and power. you might get about 1-2 more mpg, but your car will end up being slow as hell and you'll flood your engine constantly. when air is restricted in your engine, it alters the fuel/air/ignition ratio that causes combustion. all these elements need to be present, and without air you're gas is just going to keep pouring in your engine. if anything, you should be looking at a cold air intake, which actually gives the same mpg increase but doesn't hurt power.
Q:Is the cold air intake worth the money if I don‘t have a turbo?
Look carefully at your present plastic air filter box. Note where the air comes from the enters the box. If you have trouble figuring it out, the air comes from inside the right front fender. Why throw away money on something your car already has. If you want a low-restriction air filter element, buy a KN replacement for your present air cleaner.
Q:I have a 94 s10 blazer with the 4.3l v6 cpi vortec engine, above 200,000 miles and I was wondering if it‘d be a good idea to put a cold air intake system on it, I want to increase the horses but my friend was telling my that if the mileage was too high that putting one on would wear it out a lot faster, is this true and if so how quick could it wear down
As far as performance goes on that particular vehicle. I'd just stick with a stock replacement. You won't really feel any difference from a performance intake.
Q:I have a 2007 Impala with a 3.5L engine and want to get a cold air intake but don‘t know which one to get. I have been looking at the KN Apollo and the AIRAID UBI Master Kit I, but don‘t know which one is better? Any suggestions is welcome!!! Also what is a performance chip?
No, don't use your mountain bike for a triathalon. If you are serious about competition, buy a time trial bike. Look at Litespeed, Quintana Roo, or Specialized.
Q:what would you reccomend? whats the difference between the shorter tube and the full side tube?
Depends all on your preference/what kind of car you have. For a COLD AIR intake, it's best to get the cone filter away from the engine bay, where lots of cold air (but no water) rushes by. For a SHORT RAM intake, you just sort of slap a cone filter where your air box should be. I don't believe there is a 'best' cold air intake per say, but I would look for; smooth curves -- air flows better in a smooth environment. Add corners, curves, and bends, air doesn't flow as smooth. Also, I would think about how you can keep that tube cool. Remember, in an engine bay it gets HOT. I would insulate the tube if you could.
Q:cold air intake (PLZ HELP!!!)?
most of the air intakes now a days are the same quality, but i would suggest airaid, its the same filter as a kn but your not paying the extera $100 for the name, and if i were you i would try to avoid purchasing things over the internet if your short on money, find a local aftermarket dealer in your city and buy from them that way you dont add the shipping prices ontop of it all, also you can do more shopping around, go out and buy a truck magazine and so some research before commiting to a brand, plus think about future mod's you wish to do to your truck and make sure it will all work together, for example if you wish to put a throttle body spacer on your truck a kn might not work with it, the best thing you can do is take your time and do research. or just wait a while save some more money and buy a kn which is the best of the best and you pay for what you get.
Q:I just bought a 2002 toyota celica in really good condition and I was thinking about putting a cold air intake in it, but I don‘t know much about it. Does anyone have an estimate?
well I would open the hood, carefully examine the finely crafted well engineered cold air intake from the factory, for the most part cold air intakes are crap, a sewer pipe with an air filter stuck on it may make the intake louder, but more likely than not will mess with the computer and trip an engine light. This could indicate a lean condition (which could burn a hole in a piston.) and as one answerer wrote, if your 3/10ths horsepower is at 4000 rpm you cannot run around town using it. Most claims are greatly exaggerated, so also is the sooper dooper pooper scooper power chip thing, this is another slick marketing gimmick that is mostly crap. and can also mess with the computer and pop sensor codes too. you can spend 500 to six hundred dollars, which buys a lot of gas, for crap. save your money, its safer in your pocket, we would all like an extra 100 hp, but buying bolt on plastic crap, and worthless chips are not how it works, I checked with my mechanic, I suggest you go talk with yours and see what he says, best of luck, enjoy your new celica and stay out of trouble ok?
Q:which is better and why? I heard that CAI can hydrolock and the filter to stop this ends up restricting air flow so it‘s useless. which gives better performance and for what reasons. I‘m driving a prelude
heres the deal mateIf you dont know which to choose do what i tell every young fella to doUtilise bothYou can still have a short ram intake that feeds cold air! Best of both worlds and works twice as well as only usin one ideaYou get the throttle response, intake noise and better exhaust note, power from having the air only travel a short distance and rammed in plus you get the power from the cool air. Dont drive through deep water and you wont get any locks
Q:My husband would like to install a cold air intake in his 2007 Scion XB. I have no idea what brand to trust. Any suggestions would be helpful.
Cold air intakes are only worth while if a better performing exhaust system has been installed as well. If you free up the breathing going in, it will not make an ounce of difference unless you free up the breathing going out. The only thing you will acheive is more particulate matter getting into the engine. Most aftermarket cold air intakes do not filter as well as the OEM filter. Replacing the OEM filter on a regular basis will have the same effect as a Cold air intake (without high performance exhaust), while giving better filtration. Save yourself some money and increase the engine life. Stick with the OEM filter.

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