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Specification of PU Quality Air Filter For Audi:

The PU air filters are produced by domestic or importing pure wood OARS filter paper as the major filter medium. Fluid sealant has good elasticity, tensile strength(pull ≥ 88N, elongation ≥230%). Filters are able to be suitable for different climates, heat-resistant -30℃ - 120℃


Packaging: Neutral Box or Box as per wanting design
Delivery: 30days

More Applications of Air Filters:

PP air filter 

The PP air filters adopt domestic macromolecule composite non-woven filter material, as the main products of above 98% efficiency, fluid sealant has good elasticity. Filters are suitable for different climate condition, heat-resistant -30℃ - 120℃

 Green air filter 

Green air filters are environmentally protected, which are made by domestic macromolecule composite nonnon-woven filter material. All filters are high efficiency filtration effect (≥99%) and heat-resistant -30-120 centigrade.



Q:So, im wanting a cold air intake for my 2001 Mustang V6, and cant decide between the BBK CAI or the KN FIPK? I need help.1. Which gives more HORSEPOWER and TORQUE?2. Which costs less?3. Which one is easier to install?4. Which would be better for my car?*please back up your opinion!THANKS!
car alarms the vacuum will finish it job but worst is not having any of the hair of the dog that bit me left
Q:If i install a cold air intake on my nissan altima will it give me more gas mileage than it already does?
Nope. Your car already has a cold air intake from the factory, that's specifically tuned to that engine, Replacing it with some random piece of pipe may even decrease your economy by messing up the readings from the airflow sensors in the intake.
Q:I have a 2008 chevrolet silverado 5.3l its not HD and I want to know what do I have to buy like do I have to buy the pre air filter or the scoop???
if you don,t change it then it will get worse and break. you won,t be going anywhere when it breaks.
Q:I drivI dont know much about tuning. What advantages does SRI have over CAI? and vice versa. Does one give more HP than the other? From what I‘ve read CAI an suck up water if you drive thru a puddle of water. YIKES!I drive an 08 Lancer, what would be better to install?
A short ram intake is pretty much cosmetic. A cold air intake draws air from outside the engine compartment. In theory cold air is denser and will provide a better air/fuel mixture. I have a AEM cold air intake on my Chevy Caviler. AEM claims it will provide 8.5 HP 5,500 RPM. KN offers a short ram intake called the Typhoon they say it provides an additional 5.3 HP 6,000RPM. Not a lot in either case but then again my motor isn't enterally stock. Biggest difference between the two is ease of maintenance. With the AEM cold air intake the air filter is now located inside the fender, to get at it you have to remove the inner fender which is about a half hour job. With the KN system the air filter is inside the engine compartment where it much easier to get at but also draws in hot air straight off the radiator. Keep in mind with a stock motor you're not really going to notice anything but more noise. The only time aftermarket intakes start to come onto play is when you also install better flowing exhaust systems and bigger camshafts.
Q:Is it possible to install a centrifugal supercharger and also have a cold air intake on a mustang
yes deffinatly can be done the colder the air the more air you can get into the cylinder with fuel the bigger explosion you get gives more hp this is why guys who run turbos run intercoolers as well most supercharge kits come with the cai.if possible get the intake openening as far away from the engine as possible with as few bends as possible also try and use a smooth material if you build your own which is fairly easy to do.god luck with your build
Q:I know zero about cars and I wanted to buy one for my boyfriend. Can someone find me the best one for the best price? Or tell me which ones to avoid? Thank you!
Take it from an expert cold air stuff is wasted money on 95% of cars made in the last 15 years. My friend has a dyno at his shop and we like to see the difference in peoples cars he/we dyno. Like in this case we have OH so many times looked for power gains with KN filters. We have never seen any proof on the screen that KN filters and many other aftermarket products that claim more power actually work. We have also dynoed with NO air filter and even that didn't add power. MYTH BUSTED! KN filters use an oil that is saturated in a cotton cloth held if form by wire mesh. ALL cars with a mass air flow meter for the last 10 years or so can't use a KN filter without problems down the road. The oil eventually makes it way up to the air flow meter and the oil coats little tiny sensitive sensors. Plus the dirt that is not captured by the filter also coats the sensors. When this happens all sorts of problems can happen, from poor gas mileage to a no run situation. KN filters LIE big time on the HP gains and MPG gains its all BOGUS. KN filters ONLY belong on carburated cars and cars with mechanical mass air flow sensors. Some people say this oil in the MAS problem is related to people putting to much oil on/in the filter ALSO a busted myth. Car companies are always looking to get a better MPH and hp and torque rating if KN filters worked and didn't cause problems ALL cars would have a KN filter or similar filter brands in every new car built.
Q:alrght dont make fun of me i know my geo is only a 1.6 but i have some extra cash and i think i want to put a cold air intake! i got a few questions and please don‘t answer if u have no idea what ur talkin about! alright i can buy a cold air intake in an auto zone for 40$ is there anywhere where i can find it cheaper? there r air sensors and i heard that if you put a cold air intake in the car it will cause the sensors to go off and my check engine light to go on is that true or just BS? thanks for the help!
Hi Mee As soon as possible put a good quality crazy glue. Run it up the crack lines. You should hardly see it after that.
Q:I‘ve heard that Air Intakes imrove gas milage is this true? If so what type of intake will get you the best milage pop charger / hybrid / cold air?
No it is going to shrink your mileage. as quickly as you have a cold air intake, which capacity the combusting air is colder, and denser. no count if that's denser then there is extra o2 in there, and your pc will make up for that via capacity of upping the gas it shoots in. you're able to journey rather extra capacity, and particular you will lose an mpg or 2.
Q:is there any difference from regular after market air intake and an after market cold air intake
Nope. Nor is there any difference from an aftermarket intake, vs a stock one. Except you waste your money with one. It's been proven thousands of times. An intake doesn't provide enough horsepower to make a difference, or, in fact, even be noticeable to the driver. It's a complete waste of money. You can get the same gain by getting a tuneup.
Q:I bought a KN air intake system for my chevy blazer. Obviously it‘s a great brand and improves power and everything, which it does. But, I have an arguement about them. Ok, they have better flowing filters and less restrictive air tracks. Better flow, less pressure to pull, more power. It‘s all good. But, if your sucking in more air with less effort, there‘s got to be more fuel to make up for it, right? So your gaining power, but isn‘t your fuel economy going to go down? Ever since I put my system on mines dropped, for obvious reasons stated above. So in otherwords, you gain power but lose economy. I‘m just curious if other people think the same way and can verify my thinking. Serious answers only. Thank you!
bro they put the stock filters for maximum fuel economy. when u swap the filters its not that u get more power its that u release the power it already has so of course the milage goes down. Air alone does not give u more power. cold air only allows more air to go in the engine and when the computer sees that it will add more fuel and therefore u get more power out of it. it depends if ur a milage man or a power man cant have both.

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