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Product Description:

Specification of Universal Windshield Wiper Blade-Stainless Steel Frame with Natural Rubber/Silicon Rubber -1004:

- PRT4 rubber technology providing smoother and quieter wiper performance and long lifetime
- Pre-assembled connector fits most of universal cars (special, universal, multi-functional types)
- Frameless car wiper blade adaptors fit for hook wiper arm
- Super flexible rubber can reduce windlift, aerodynamic arc--shaped
- Structure design provides conformed wrap to highly curved windshield
- Heat-treated high-carbon steel tension spring can evenly transfer and distribute pressure


Packaging: Blister and Paper Card / Box as per wanting design
Delivery: 30days

More Applications of Universal Windshield Wiper:



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Q:I have removed plastic cap nut but can not pull arm off. The reason is right arm stopped moving so I have to get the grill off that is covering Mtr.
the gm service manual says to use a battery terminal puller to remove the wiper arm from the shaft. you can pick one of these up at any auto parts store.
Q:We have a 92 ford mustang, and we have bought several different brands of windshield wipers and we always have the same problem, it won‘t get the water off of the driver side. The blades are fine because they work perfectly on the passenger side. What could be wrong? How much will it cost to fix it. Thank you. :)
Spring tension.i.e. the wiper arm is not putting pressure onto the blade. You can either replace the arm or try making a small bend into the arm to increase the blade to glass pressure.
Q:I need new wipers for my car. Do stores like CVS and Walgreens sell them? Or do I need to go to an automotive store like Autozone? I heard Walmart sells them, but I don‘t have any Walmarts in my area.
start wearing a filter mask, 2 filter screw in type is bout the best. Lowes or Home Depot carries them and replacement filters.
Q:They won‘t come on! Ever since the temperature has been freezing and we got snow.
All contribute to backpressure. Even just the pipes. On a car that long the pipes alone would provide enough backpressure, unless you used some huge diameter pipe.
Q:I have a 99 Grand Marquis - any thoughts on if it‘s the switch or the motor and what do I have to take apart to find the motor?
So the wiper come off the windshield even as driving quickly not with the wipes on severe % good? if that is the case attempt bending the wiper arm somewhat. grab the wiper contained in the spot the position it flow to a flat bar.gently push the end of the arm not the blade inwards the windshield. flow sluggish it may take some tries. If this fails to the finest option the issue you may want to favor new wiper hands. The spring lower than the arm looses rigidity and shall we the wipers drift on the air flowing over the hood.some people have had used a malicious program protect at the front of the hood to regulate the air bypass too. very last you may want to attempt the wiper with the air foils on them yet ought to of the time they finally end up purely being for instruct. solid success desire I helped GM tech for twenty years
Q:I have a 03 silverado and the windshield wipers are stuck on. The only way to stop them is to remove the fuss.
You would have to downshift, but you wouldn't have to let out the clutch. It wont damage the clutch, thats what it is made for. If you didn't downshift, would you start out in 5th gear?
Q:i have a 1998 acura tl my windshield wipers just stoped working can someone help me?
Q:What are the best replacement windshield wipers for BMW?
Unless your car is new enough to use the frameless wipers, then you'll find your BMW dealer sells very economically priced replacement inserts for your existing wipers. They're actually a good deal from the dealer! If you want to move to frameless wipers, I recently installed the Bosch Icon's on my car, and have been impressed so far, although they're not cheap. Valeo also makes a similar design of frameless wiper.
Q:It‘s the weirdest thing. I shut them off and they always go to the upright position. Even if I shut them off whem their down, they‘ll just sling back up and stop, lol. Any tips?
I own a save, and characteristic considered this many cases. the main important rationalization for it is; once you come back residing house, and end the engine, you do no longer turn the wipers off. pop out the subsequent morning, and once you turn the activate, they are iced to the windshield. as quickly by way of fact the ignition swap is activated, the wipers attempt to circulate and might't. This damages the wiper motor by way of fact they are in a position to't circulate, and the wipers only save attempting to artwork. it is due partly by capacity of leaving the intermittent part of the wipers on. no person thinks to ensure the wipers are thoroughly in the off place whilst they close it down for the evening. All autos will try this if the wipers are left on. they are designed to circulate water, no longer countless inches of snow, and/or being caught to the windshield by capacity of ice. this would properly be a much less complicated journey than one might think of. It occurs to all manufacturers of autos, no longer only the crappy GM products. only circulate to a junk backyard and %. up a used motor, slap it on there and your set to circulate. happy that might assist you, sturdy success!!!
Q:I notice that it only stops working when it is cooler outside i don‘t know what is wrong any suggestions once again it is not the fuse.
Many Fords have a module (like a mini ecu) that control functions such as lights, wipers and power locks. You may have to replace this module - I have seen this problem before. You will probabally have to take it to a Ford dealer to have it checked with a their scan tool. Most aftermarket scan tools do not have the advanced manufacturer specific functions to diagnose this.
Now our products include Universal frameless wiper blades, Specific fit (Exact fit) flat wiper blades and Multifunctional soft wiper blades, and the most complete sizes of our products range from 11" to 28". Our product range is still growing. Throughout past years, we have been solely involved in the windscreen wiper blades for automotive aftermarket, with an emphasis on product quality together with a particular focus on giving first-class service to our ever-growing customer base. It is this focus on quality and service, we believe, that sets us apart from our competitors

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